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Troubled Ben runs for cover

Oh Phil, shouldn't you have learned by now to be careful what you wish for? After all those months of urging Ben to toughen up, this week the mechanic discovers his son took his advice and attacked Jordan with a spanner, then left him for dead in the Arches.

When the unconscious lad is eventually discovered and rushed to hospital, Phil tries to cover up his son's involvement, claiming it's all poor old Minty's fault for inadvertently locking Jordan in the garage overnight - and then tells Ben he'd better pray his former friend never wakes up to contradict their story.

However, Denise and Lucas soon become suspicious after receiving an anonymous apologetic email, and the increasingly deranged preacher decides to interrogate Ben.

It seems it's all too much for the troubled teen but how will Phil react when his son makes a public confession?


Could Viv stand by her man?

The truth will out, they say, and even though it's been quite some time since Bob cheated on Viv with Gennie it didn't stop his wife from finding out about it.

With all the drama we've had in the intervening period you would be forgiven for not remembering that Bob spent the night with Gennie just before Viv was released from prison, wrongly believing his wife was planning to give up on their marriage and divorce him.

Bob's moment of recklessness was pushed under the carpet and even his son Jamie was able to forgive and forget, but it only lasted until recently when Jamie saw them in a harmless embrace. His stony face spoke volumes and Viv quickly put two and two together.

Now Jamie has gone and Bob is trying to cope with the fallout. He hopes he still has a chance to save his marriage when he senses that Viv still cares for him despite being hurt.

However, when the peeved postmistress bumps into Gennie she gives her a sharp slap and resolves to get shot of cheating Bob. Needless to say, he's just heartbroken when she tells him that she's filing for divorce. Is this truly the end for Viv and Bob?


In Home & Away, Alf and Marilyn decide to wind up interfering Colleen by pretending to be engaged, but the plan backfires with awkward consequences. Gina and John are far from love's young dream, but Ruby admits that she has feelings for Liam. Well, ever ybody else has had a fling with him at some point.


Party pooper

We've always known that Paul Robinson was a loose cannon, somebody who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

It seems his son Andrew is a chip off the old block. He's trampled over everybody since his arrival back in Erinsborough, and this week throws Summer's kindness back in her face by wrecking Steph's house when his friend organises a party in his honour. Rebecca is horrified by her stepson's activities, and with Paul away decides to report his behaviour to his mother instead, but what she discovers during the call makes her see Andrew in a whole new light.

Meanwhile, Donna's search for the father she's never met seems set to draw to a close when she comes face to face with Nick. Is he really her dad, and if so, will their relationship blossom?

Sibling rivalries


She's out. Yes, Theresa's no longer a jailbird. Instead, she's holed up in Molly's flat.

Before she can break the news, Scarlett calls round - and they come face to face. Suffice to say, it's not exactly a warm reunion. Scarlett tries to pay Theresa to leave town, but she refuses. Instead, she systematically introduces herself to all and sundry and decides she'd quite like to make a go on things in Shieldinch. Later, Jimmy sticks his nose in where it's not wanted. He tells Scarlett she should trust him (yeah, as if that's going to happen) and demands to know why she gave Theresa money.

But Scarlett isn't telling. Instead, she reports her arch enemy for selling dodgy goods, but the police find nothing incriminating.

However, Theresa won't allow that betrayal go easily, and she begins plotting her revenge. Watch this space..


Reunited at last

Hugo remains at the centre of events on the Bay. His presence is even managing to have an effect on people who have not laid eyes on him, with the hunt for the people smuggler drawing Angelo and Charlie closer together.

The reunited pair continue their pursuit, but they're the least of Hugo's worries as his underworld enemies close in on him.

Elsewhere, Romeo must be realising that no matter how crazy his life used to be, moving to Summer Bay means your existence becomes a good deal more hectic.

His mum has arrived in town and she has proved to be every bit as eccentric and embarrassing as he remembers, but when she offers him an inheritance he doesn't know what to think. Can he bring himself to accept her cash?

Elsewhere, Leah breaks up with Elijah after a spot of confusion forces them apart. But thanks to Marilyn, the two reconcile, and Elijah pops the question. Will she accept?




NEIGHBOURS: Kate asks Zeke to help Declan settle in at university by finding him a suitable club to join.

EASTENDERS: Stacey is already bored with maternity leave, and Ryan and Janine compete to win their bet. Whitney plans a surprise for Billie.

CORRIE: Hayley is upset by Roy's lack of sensitivity, while a leaky roof causes trouble at the factory. Graeme and Tina share a moment when she realises he passed up a date with Rosie for her sake.

HOME & AWAY: Liam ruins poor Xavier's hopes of romance by choosing exactly the wrong time to ask Ruby if she wants to star work on their duet. Gina feels the pressure of knowing where fugitive Hugo is hiding out.


NEIGHBOURS: Steph's new impulse purchase could cost her dear if Libby puts two and two together.

EASTENDERS: Whitney and Leon find some common ground, but is he misreading his new friend's signals?

RIVER CITY: Ruth steps in to save Gabriella's hen night, but the bride is less than grateful as she questions her rescuer's motives.

EMMERDALE: John and Moira can't understand why Holly's work isn't on display at the college exhibition -until they discover she's been kicked out for dealing drugs.

HOME & AWAY: Rachel and Tony become the latest Summer Bay residents to discover Hugo is still alive, and John begs Gina to forgive and forget after his kiss with Jill.


NEIGHBOURS: Libby has to take charge of the football team, leading Ben to make a surprising revelation.

EMMERDALE: Adam tries to cheer Aaron up by offering to take him to a gay bar. Natasha is pleased to learn Declan will be moving to the village.

CORRIE: Trevor is forced to pose as Carla's deputy in the interests of impressing a client. Roy is stunned when Hayley decides their relationship is so bad she'd rather live with Anna (and Eddie) Windass.

HOME & AWAY: Charlie and Angelo aren't sure how much to read into their kiss, but decide they may as well arrange a date anyway. Colleen somehow manages to convince herself that Marilyn and Alf are engaged.


NEIGHBOURS: Donna tries to help Kate feel sexy. Ben seems to be reluctant to go to his dance classes.

EASTENDERS: Janine raises the stakes of her bet with Ryan. Whitney tells Leon to stick to wooing Zsa Zsa.

EMMERDALE: Aaron claims that he pretended to be gay in order to get a light sentence as he starts his community payback.

CORRIE: Tactless Eddie tells Cheryl that Lloyd prefers his women on the more mature side, while tempers - and the electrics - spark at struggling Underworld.

HOME & AWAY: Ruby's commitment to Xavier is tested as she spends ever more time with Liam, and Marilyn decides to teach local gossip Colleen a lesson.


NEIGHBOURS: Zeke isn't best pleased to learn that Karl has been urging Susan to take classes at uni.

EASTENDERS: Libby finally starts to realise that Lucas may be a bit unhinged. Will Denise listen to her?

EMMERDALE: Declan continues to wind up Cain, while jobless Leyla puts on a brave face and enrols on a management course.

CORRIE: Leanne plays Cupid for Cheryl and Lloyd, but it seems there's something the exotic dancer hasn't been telling him. Hayley breaks down with the stress of being away from Roy, and Ken and Deirdre doubt Tracy's word.

HOME & AWAY: Hugo's many enemies start to close in on him and Martha, while Alf and Marilyn announce their engagement - but it seems it's all for Colleen's benefit.

A tough act to follow

Underworld veteran Tony is back - but has he really changed his ways?


When it comes to classic Corrie villains, few in recent years have held a candle to Gray O'Brien's Tony Gordon.

Okay, there have been plenty of killers in the district of Weatherfield over the decades, from Alan Bradley to Richard Hillman, but Gordon's remorse for killing Liam was the stuff of TV gold.

Millions of fans have been wondering if Tony would make a return to the show, and this week they get their answer as the ruthless Underworld veteran shows up once more. This time we spot him in the prison chapel, which begs the question - has he turned over a new leaf or is he using religion as a mask for more dirty deeds?

Well no doubt the answer will be revealed in the coming weeks, but for now we see him say farewell to his cellmate Robbie.

Fellow murderous prisoner Tracy is also a key player in this week's events. Still mourning the loss of Blanche, Ken and Deirdre go to visit her behind bars, and the toxic minx realises they have come to visit to see if she's telling the truth about Gail. (Wake up and smell the hotpot Barlows - this is Tracy. The only time she tells the truth is when asked what her name is.)

Meanwhile, an increasingly desperate Nick and David try to persuade Anka to be a witness in the hope that she could hold the key to Gail's release.

Alas, things aren't looking too good for Nick this week as Carla is furious with him for losing a crucial Underworld order.

There's no shortage of romantic complications for many of the other Street regulars.

An understandably frustrated Jason confronts Tina and Graeme in the hope they will tell him what's really going on.

By the end of the week Tina shows some signs of softening toward her ex and requests that he stay with her.

And Lloyd is in for a shock when he meets Cheryl's son, Russ.

It won't be dull so don't miss an episode.


Alan Fletcher claims he and Jackie Woodburne (pictured) love filming saucy scenes in Neighbours: "It's very funny. For Karl and Susan, those sort of things aren't particularly raunchy. It's based more on innuendo."

Watch out for ex-Corrie landlady Julie Goodyear in a series of World Cup-inspired ads for a well known brand of crisps. You'll be stunned by her new look.


EMAIL... Denise ATTACK... Ben and Phil BLOW-BY-BLOW ACCOUNT... A bitter Viv slaps Gennie in retaliation for her affair with Bob KICK BACK... Andrew and Summer SO SHOCKED... Scarlett GROWING CLOSER... Angelo and Charlie are drawn together SEEING THE LIGHT... Tony spends time in the prison chapel. Tracy doubts Ken and Deirdre's motives in visiting her, top, while Jason confronts Graeme and Tina, above
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