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Declan gets the kiss off

How long has it been since Natasha buried Mark after bumping him off herself? It's true that they weren't on the best of terms at the end, but who would have thought that Natasha might find new romance so soon?

New business partner Declan seems to be the answer to her prayers, helping her to stave off bankruptcy - and it doesn't hurt that he's also incredibly charming, handsome and self-assured. He's had his eye on her for some time and finally makes his move this week, but as he moves in for a kiss, Natasha says she'd prefer for them to take things a little slower. Are her emotions still in a jumble after killing her husband, or does she just not trust the smooth-operating businessman yet?

Meanwhile, John finally gives into Eve's flirting, but Cain sees everything and threatens to tell Moira unless the farmer settles the garage bill.


Pregnant pause for market job

She may be heavily pregnant, keeping two huge secrets, and grieving for Bradley, but so far Stacey hasn't let any of that stop her selling T-shirts in all weathers.

However, that changes on Monday when she fears she's going into labour. It turns out to be a false alarm, but the stallholder decides it's probably a sign to start her maternity leave. She's not the only one thinking about the baby, as Max tells his daughterin-law that he would like to help out financially.

Even Ryan makes a generous contribution to a whip-round for Stacey, but he gets the chance to make the money back as Janine bets him pounds 10 that he can't kiss the mum-to-be. Would she be encouraging him to toy with Stacey's affections if she knew who really fathered the baby?

Elsewhere, Phil finally realises that the sibling rivalry between his kids has got out of control when he spots the burns on Louise's arm. The outraged dad lashes out at his son, but Ben claims he's also being bullied - by Jordan. Phil is all for thumping Lucas, but Denise suggests the lads can settle their differences by working together at the Arches. Sadly, it seems the bridgebuilding exercise could make everything 10 times worse.


In Home & Away, Tony and John have been winding each other up for weeks and it seems that neither is capable of being the bigger man and offering the hand of friendship. Their boxing bout gets rescheduled when further bickering pushes Tony to the limit. Seconds out, it's round two.


Bumpy ride

Toadie struggles to keep his feelings for Sonya under wraps, so when they bump into each other, he almost lets the truth slip.

An emergency call from Steph saves him - she's had another funny turn and he rushes her to the hospital. She also has her first scan and Toadie is as excited as she is to see the baby for the first time. But will he be regretting his decision to act as the child's father when he sees Sonya again, who declares her undying love for him?

Later, Callum finds the DVD from the scan and almost rumbles them - especially after realising that Toadie and Steph sleep separately. They manage to persuade him everything is okay, but surely it's only a matter of time before the truth comes out?

Too close for comfort


Cutting the apron strings can be tricky for some parents and children, but not for Scarlett.

She can't wait to get rid of Molly, but is horrified when she realises her mum isn't leaving town - she's merely moving next door. They end up bickering on the doorstep, and wee Bob has to sort them out. Eventually, the pair find themselves bonding over photographs of happier times - although an unexpected visitor's arrival could throw a spanner in the works.

Meanwhile, Deek tries to convince everyone he's fine as he copes with his mother's death. His real state of mind is revealed when he goes berserk after finding a mistake on the memorial cards he's had printed.

Deek asks Stella to fix the misprints, but her efforts are less than professional, enraging him even further. Later, he storms out of the wake and hits the bottle.


Wherever Hugo...

When he rode off into the sunset having faked his own death, it didn't seem that Hugo would be back so quickly. But Summer Bay is rocking with the repercussions of his return.

Xavier, still worried about his brother, goes in search of him, while Martha and Hugo come face to face for the first time since his disappearance and she tries to convince him they can run away.

Elsewhere. Angelo and Charlie prepare to interrogate Gina about her fugitive son. When the family is unco-operative, Angelo sets off on a solo surveillance mission.

Across the Bay, Miles is shocked when he discovers that he must go before a board of parents to plead for his job. Still, it's hardly surprising given recent actions, even if he did save the lives of most of his friends.

Meanwhile, just as he was about to give up on her, Romeo's mother Jill appears on his doorstep and her erratic behaviour soon becomes the talk of the town.




NEIGHBOURS: An old photo leads Donna to believe that she may have finally found her father, and she goes in search of solid proof.

EASTENDERS: Masood tries to persuade Syed to come home, but Zainab refuses to play happy families.

EMMERDALE: Aaron is surprised when Holly visits him at the garage to tell him she is proud of him, while Gennie and Jamie plan a new life together.

CORRIE: Roy apologises to Hayley, but doesn't get why she is so upset by his unromantic proposal, and eventually concedes getting officially married might be a bad idea.

HOME & AWAY: Hugo is back, and Gina struggles to forgive him for everything he has put the family through.


NEIGHBOURS: Inspired by Donna's search for her father, Andrew decides to patch things up with Paul.

EASTENDERS: Zainab swallows her pride and apologises to Syed.

RIVER CITY: Charlie is suspicious of Lee's intentions and believes that he holds a dark secret in his past.

EMMERDALE: Aaron relaxes and finds he can accept his true sexuality when Victoria teases him about having turned him gay in the first place. Bob plans a leaving party for Jamie and Gennie when they receive some good news.

HOME & AWAY: Nicole struggles to accept her split with Aden, despite Miles and Ruby's efforts to cheer her up. Angelo goes in search of Hugo at the Austin house.


NEIGHBOURS: Sophie and Harry become sick of sharing a room with Declan and India, forcing Kate to intervene. Meanwhile, Karl and Susan do battle on the golf course.

EMMERDALE: Gennie and Bob discuss her and Jamie's move. There is a brief awkward moment between the pair, but they ignore it and Bob admits that she and Jamie are doing the right thing. Hannah discovers Holly has been thrown out of college.

HOME & AWAY: Miles is shocked to learn he must plead his case before a board of parents, and Gina is unsure that her son will be able to convince them that he is fit to teach again. However, Romeo and Nicole come up with a plan that they think will be able to help him.


NEIGHBOURS: Rebecca tells Declan she thinks he should help Kate have some fun, but his plan for a night out hits money trouble.

EASTENDERS: Ronnie becomes suspicious of Danny, while Syed contacts a man he hopes can help him get over his feelings for Christian.

EMMERDALE: Things go sour at the party when Viv learns Bob slept with Gennie, while Moira asks John to explain his kiss with Eve to his children.

CORRIE: Kirk makes some last-minute preparations before his big job interview at the Underworld factory.

HOME & AWAY: Tony is determined to go ahead with the boxing match, despite Rachel's hope he will call it off.


NEIGHBOURS: Summer and Harry try to get Andrew to stay in Erinsborough by helping him to get along better with his neighbours.

EASTENDERS: Janine sets Ryan a devious challenge, while Zainab and Masood are delighted with the progress that Syed has made.

EMMERDALE: Andy offers to buy Adele a drink after he nearly runs her over in the street, but she is disappointed when Lisa says he isn't worth her time.

CORRIE: David considers drastic measures as Tracy's statement looks set to have Gail locked up for good.

HOME & AWAY: Jill tries to make amends with Romeo, who is bitter about her absence and lack of contact, while Elijah has a big surprise for Leah.

Mother of all brawls

Becky and Tracy come to blows following their dispute over Amy


Where would Corrie be without a good old-fashioned catfight? Can you imagine how dull life on the cobbles would be without Audrey giving Rita a slap, or Eileen occasionally smacking Gail?

Well, Weatherfield's latest answer to Rumble in the Jungle is the fiery tiff between Tracy and Becky.

The former has proved that she has a bit of a temper over the years, and while the latter is certainly no angel, at least she has never gone as far as beating her cheating lover to death with an ornament.

This week the bickering pair come to blows when Tracy tries to use Amy as a bargaining chip (though the strange thing is neither seems concerned by the fact that Amy has turned into a completely different girl).

Meanwhile, the penny finally drops for Gail days after the rest of the country began shouting "Don't trust Tracy!" at their TVs.

The case against her looks solid enough to see her sent down for life, and she's reeling from the fact that her toxic cellmate set her up. With Gail's far-from-speedy powers of deduction in full flight, whatever will she discover next? That Ena Sharples has died?

Back on the Street, it looks like David is back to his bad old ways. More than a year after going on a similar rampage, he's ready to put another window through. This time it's the Barlows', but Peter and Graeme managed to stop him.

The brilliant Mr Proctor fares less well when he tries to apologise to Rosie for his latest misdemeanour.

His grovelling is met by a door being slammed in his face.

Elsewhere, Lloyd wonders if his romance with Cheryl is over before it began as she gives him the brush off.

There's no shortage of candidates looking for a job at Underworld. While Kirk isn't exactly what Nick and Carla are looking for, it seems outspoken Izzy has the right stuff and she is soon offered the job.

Elsewhere, Hayley tries on a salsa dress at her class, but she is embarrassed when Gerard flirts with her.


Ex-Home and Away starlet Kate Bell is joining Neighbours as Ringo Brown's new, unstable love interest Naomi Lord. That boy sure knows how to pick em! Kate Ford will only be back for a short time as Corrie's Tracy Barlow. But don't worry - she'll be returning to filming in Weatherfield in December, and can't wait to get her teeth into new storylines.


MAN-EATER ....Eve finally lures married farmer John into her arms JUST BUSINESS?... Natasha PANIC...Stacey has a false alarm on her market stall SCAN-DAL...Steph and Toadie see baby STAYING MUM...Scarlett CONCERNED...Romeo finds Jill passed out on the couch STREET FIGHTS...Gail learns the extent of her plight, top, and David has to be restrained by his neighbours, above.
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