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Soap stories.


John is driven to despair

Most people in the village know better than to get on the wrong side of Cain Dingle, but John Barton isn't easily intimidated and is furious when his Land Rover comes back from the garage with more problems than it went in with.

While most people would cut their losses and decide that a vicious thumping from the ber-Dingle isn't what they need, John has different ideas.

Indeed John refuses to settle the bill until the job is done properly, though Eve and Andy tell him not to rile Cain. His attempt to stand up to the so-called mechanic only leads him to sabotage the vehicle further, but the farmer is stubborn and refuses to be rattled as Cain pushes him to see how far he will go before he snaps.

John leaves, still refusing to pay the bill, leaving Cain livid that he will be out of pocket. John also faces a struggle to resist stunning Eve's flirty advances.


Meddling wife's red letter day

Putting up with the autocratic and mouthy Zainab can't be a picnic at the best of times. Over the last few weeks, she has pushed Masood too far.

He was horrified his wife encouraged Syed to go through with the wedding knowing he was gay, but eventually agreed to give her a second chance.

However, when Tamwar picks exactly the wrong moment to tell his outraged mum that he's not going to university, Masood decides to kick his wife out, just as Syed elects to return.

Elsewhere, Ben continues to show that losing your mum at an early age, moving in with the gangster father you've never met and then being tortured by his psychotic wife-to-be, can have a lasting effect on a youngster.

His descent into badness continues as he encourages Jordan to join him in drinking whisky. Will Phil really be able to criticise? In need of a new job, Syed approaches Mr Lister about the possibility of setting up his own market stall.

Later, Zainab is furious to find Jane and Mas working happily together after insisting that both families stay clear of each other, even in their joint business.

Meanwhile, Tamwar is shocked and confused to discover that Mas is planning a trip away - without him and Zainab.

Also this week...

Aaron has his day in court and is stunned when Jackson turns up to watch in Emmerdale. As he faces a prison sentence, the troubled teenager must decide whether to reveal the real reason he attacked Jackson and admit his homosexuality, or stay in the closet and go to jail.


Step too far

The storylines are a mile a minute this week, but at the forefront of things are Declan and Andrew.

The stepbrothers continue to be at each other's throats, so much so that Declan and India move in with Kate and co.

Andrew revels in the attention from Paul over the Neighbour Day ideas he stole from Declan, especially when the event itself goes down a treat with the locals.

However, Andrew accidentally sends an offensive email to every corporate Lassister's client, potentially costing the company millions of dollars.

Later, Zeke and Donna get their hands on her mother's diary. Sadly, their search for her biological father heats up - literally - when she somehow manages to set the tome alight.

How will she find her dad now?

Eileen's Ray of hope


Two's company, three's a crowd - and Eileen certainly feels that's the case at the moment.

She's so tired of playing gooseberry to Gina and Murray that she decides to move into the Tall Ship with Raymond. But, surprise, surprise, he's got more on his mind than just sitting in front of the telly every evening.

Maybe that thought puts her off fostering with him, because when the social worker calls round, she manages to blurt out everything he'd hoped they could keep quiet about their past parenting 'skills'.

Meanwhile, over at Murdoch Mansions, Amber struggles to cope without her parents, so her friends rally round and turn up, armed with bottles of wine and a karaoke machine.

Alas, the attention gets too much, so she asks them to leave - and that's when Lee rings the doorbell.


Still rabbiting on

It's fast becoming clear that the one thing Home & Away has been lacking has been a spooky little girl called Rabbit. Ever since she first appeared the show has been terrific, and now that Hugo is back on the scene, there are plenty of reasons to tune in.

Her influence over Miles becomes clear when another of her predictions sees him convinced that Elijah and Leah are in danger and he sets off to save them.

Martha turns up at the police station looking for answers, then begins to struggle with a dilemma of her own. Eventually, she tells the Austins that Hugo is still alive.

Xavier is elated, but the rest of the family is more pragmatic - they could all be in danger if Hugo's old associates hear the news. Xavier goes in search of his brother, but is it too late? Has Hugo been bumped off by his associates?

Finally, Tony agrees to call off the fight after the news about Hugo hits Gina hard.




NEIGHBOURS: Harry plots to use Renee to get closer to Summer - until Kate manages to ruin his plans.

EASTENDERS: Max warns Ronnie that the insurance company may not pay out on the highly-suspicious fire.

EMMERDALE: Diane and Charlie continue to get closer - much to Doug's chagrin. Adam asks Jackson to drop the charges.

CORRIE: Norris is disturbed to spot Mary at Blanche's funeral, and becomes convinced she is stalking him. Anna and Eddie try to put on a united front for the social worker.

HOME & AWAY: Liam hopes to get Romeo in touch with his creative side, while Martha visits the police station to see if Charlie and Angelo can answer her questions.


NEIGHBOURS: Rebecca informs Paul that unless Declan comes home soon, she'll be packing her bags too.

EASTENDERS: Ben's attempts to impress Jordan backfire, and Ronnie considers betraying Billy for money.

RIVER CITY: Deek is so angry at being snubbed by Stella he refuses to answer his phone - which could be a huge mistake.

EMMERDALE: Bob feels guilty when social services descend on Nicola over the biting incident, while Leyla suggests that David makes Pollard an offer on the cottage.

HOME & AWAY: Justin makes plans to leave the Bay, which include telling Nicole that she's holding Aden back. Leah and Elijah's camping trip is hit by inclement weather.


NEIGHBOURS: Lucas hatches another cunning plan to split up Toadie and Steph - this one involves befriending the lawyer so he can weaken their relationship. However, Sonya has some grave misgivings.

EMMERDALE: Bob lies to get out of a dinner date with Viv, but it seems the romance is definitely hotting up between Charlie and Diane - as Doug discovers when he interrupts the couple during an intimate moment. Paddy and Chas beg Aaron to come clean about being gay.

HOME & AWAY: Justin's comments have given poor Nicole plenty of food for thought, and she makes a difficult decision about Aden. Meanwhile, Miles still can't see any reason why he should stop talking to his late daughter.


NEIGHBOURS: A lonely Lyn hopes volunteering at the hospital will help take her mind off her problems.

EASTENDERS: Ian is feeling guilty, so he decides he's ready to give Jane the one thing she really wants.

EMMERDALE: Diane's dinner with Charlie becomes awkward when Doug turns up, and Aaron make a startling announcement.

CORRIE: Hayley is disappointed to discover the real reason Roy wants to tie the knot. Steve and Becky worry their very shady pasts could derail the adoption process.

HOME & AWAY: Aden is overjoyed to learn Hugo is still alive, but not everyone shares his enthusiasm, as the news could put them in danger. Tony calls off the fight.


NEIGHBOURS: Toadie fears he may have said too much to Lucas, and Susan is concerned for Lyn.

EASTENDERS: Roxy offers Ronnie an alternative to selling Billy down the river, and Christian meets a new man.

EMMERDALE: Aaron is horrified when his case makes the local news, and Doug decides it's time to tell Diane how he really feels.

CORRIE: Thick-skinned Teresa finally gets the message that Lloyd is just not that into her - especially now Cheryl is on the scene. Graeme persuades Tina to leave the flat, and Janice is shocked to stumble upon Trevor's savings.

HOME & AWAY: Gina's pent-up emotions finally come spilling out when she spies Angelo in the Surf Club, and Hugo tells Xavier why he left witness protection.

The end of the road

As Blanche is laid to rest, Tracy makes a new bid to get out of prison


It might be Blanche's funeral, but we're left in no doubt that it is Tracy's day, as the jailbird is out on day release to pay her respects to her grandmother.

Deirdre is emotional as her mother is put in the ground, but Tracy's presence soon leaves her even more upset.

Tracy is pleased to be reunited with her family, but is left disheartened when she sees Amy with Becky - especially when her daughter appears upset to see her. Things are only made worse when Amy tells her that she has another sibling on the way and that she'll soon become a McDonald, as Becky agrees to become Amy's legal guardian.

The guard struggles to control Tracy as she is led away, shouting out towards Amy, and leaving Deirdre upset. Furious that she might not be there to see her daughter grow up, Tracy resolves to get out of prison, no matter what it takes.

The next day, she confirms Becky can't adopt Amy without her consent then tells the governor that she has some information that might interest her. Moved into fellow prisoner Gail McIntyre's cell, Tracy acts surprised at the transfer but cunningly works to get Gail to confess to murdering her husband Joe. Tracy hopes that if she elicits a confession, her sentence might be lessened and she will be released to be with Amy.

Unfortunately for her, it seems that getting Gail to tell her the facts leading to Joe's death will take a little longer than she hoped.

Meanwhile, the Barlows attend Blanche's will reading. While Ken inherits her dog Eccles, Deirdre receives a few trinkets and Simon gets her late husband's possessions.

However, they are stunned to learn she has left the bulk of her estate to Tracy. Are things starting to go her way? One thing's for certain, both the real world and the land of soaps seem a lot less entertaining without the superb character, and the repercussions from her untimely demise look set to serve as a springboard for some scintillating new storylines involving Tracy.


Alan Fletcher thinks Neighbours has a lot to thank Britain for: "Twenty-five years of Neighbours has been absolutely wonderful but it's fair to say without the support of the UK audience Neighbours may have struggled to go on so long." Shobna Gulati claims the only thing that could make Corrie even better is if it was broadcastlive!


DINGLE DONG... Cain rows with John RETURN TRIP...Aaron greets an angry John at the garage BREAKING POINT...Masood kicks Zainab out of house UNITED FRONT...The community get together to celebrate Neighbour Day ON THE MOVE...Eileen REVELATION...Martha finds out that Hugo is still alive LAST RESPECTS...The cortege gathers, while Becky and Tracy later bicker at the graveside, top. Back in prison, Tracy tries to dupe Gail into making a foolish move, above
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