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Nicola is biting the dust

There was once a time that Nicola was so evil that she tried to bump off her elderly husband in the hope of inheriting his money.

When she became a mother it seemed as though her law-breaking days were behind her, so who could have guessed she would end up in handcuffs this week?

It all starts when Nicola sees Viv's daughter Cathy go to bite Angelica, and without thinking bites Cathy herself. She is shocked by what she's done, but it doesn't stop Viv from being furious when she finds out.

Nicola is put on the spot as Viv questions her and, after admitting her guilt, is horrified to learn she could face up to six months in prison.

Police officers soon descend to take her away.

Will Nicola end up behind bars, chewing over her bizarre action?


Old mates Square up to Harvey

Ever since Frank Butcher went to the big car lot in the sky, Pat and Peggy have been the best of mates - but their friendship has been sorely tested in recent times.

Here, the ladies are shocked to discover Harvey has been dating both of them, and put on a united front as they order him never to darken the Vic's doorstep again. However, when Pat bumps into him later, she can't resist asking who he would have picked, and is pleased when he tells her she's the one he really wanted. Would she be so flattered if she knew he was about to tell Peggy exactly the same thing?

Elsewhere, Billy is struggling to make ends meet with the cash he finds in other people's birthday cards, and resorts to stealing from the stall. Alas, eagle-eyed Ian is watching and promptly gives him the sack. Even after Jane intervenes to help, Billy is still unsure how he's going to pay his rent and begins pondering a new career - as a drug dealer. As the hapless Mitchell is deciding how to sell a stash he found in the post, the police arrive with news that Honey is in hospital.

Under even more pressure, Billy casts around for a way to make some money - and it just so happens that the equally cash-strapped Ronnie has a little job for him.

Also this week...

In Coronation Street, Jason is fuming when his keys to the flat don't work and he can't show potential buyers around. When Graeme emerges, he fobs him off, claiming Tina's away and he's just checking up. Will the builder change his tune when he realises how unwell his ex truly is?


A crass act

The current storyline about Steph's pregnancy is a pretty darn poor one.

It's so unrealistic - would she and Toadie really ruin their chances of happiness with the people they love rather than her come clean about a one-night stand with a man her best friend was in the process of splitting up from? Okay, so it was a stupid thing to do, but honestly the writers need to improve their game a little!

The plot rumbles on this week, with Steph and Toadie continuing to put on a united front, despite the fact Lucas saw through them weeks ago.

Clearly the strain is beginning to take its toll on Steph, because she collapses and is taken to hospital where she has to do some fast-talking to put Karl (as usual the only doctor on duty) off the pregnancy scent.

Lydia does runner


Oh Malcolm - what have you done? Turned every Shieldinch resident against you, that's what!

It doesn't take long for the fact he's told the police he didn't see Lenny push Ewan from the scaffolding to spread through to everyone he knows. Unfortunately, nobody is pleased to hear what he's done, and he gets the cold shoulder from everyone - including Lydia.

She's now concerned that Amber might not be safe once Lenny is back on the streets. Luckily, once Lydia comes face-to-face with her husband, she turns on her charm and promises him she will bring Amber to see him within the hour. What Lenny doesn't realise is his wife is planning on packing both her and Amber's bags before doing a runner.

Will they make it out of town before Lenny works out what's going on? That seems unlikely when he gets to his daughter first.


Alive and kicking

You've got to feel for Justin and Aden - they've had an awful lot to put up with lately, and in a weird way, they'll probably feel slightly relieved when Charlie questions them about the crash. But will they be charged with their father's murder?

Perhaps Charlie will have too much on her mind searching for Hugo. It seems that Xavier's suspicions about his brother may be true when Angelo tells his colleague that the missing Summer Bay resident is still very much alive - but will he return home before Martha loses her marbles while pining for him?

Later in the week there is actually a rather pleasant storyline involving Ruby, who impresses everyone with her singing prowess during a performance of Romeo and Juliet at school. Despite the revelation about his brother, Xavier still finds time to take part, as do Annie and the aptly-named Romeo.




CORRIE: David is sick of Natasha hanging around at Number 8, and tells Nick someone else wants to move in - Graeme. However, his mate is on his own mission of mercy as he tries to make sure Tina keeps eating. Gary faces his fears and rejoins the Army, despite Anna telling him he wouldn't be a coward if he packed it all in.


NEIGHBOURS: Mia manages to convince Zeke that those odd files on his laptop are nothing to worry about.

EASTENDERS: Tamwar chooses exactly the wrong moment to make a big announcement to his parents.

CORRIE: Ashley and Steve plot to buy two of Trev's World Cup tickets. What will Claire and Becky say?

EMMERDALE: Just when things seem to be going well for Natasha, her son Nathan makes an unwelcome return.

HOME & AWAY: Miles feels his life has no meaning without teaching, while Alf and Angelo have a meeting.


NEIGHBOURS: Zeke agrees to help Mia break into what she claims is her grandfather's house. Silly boy.

EASTENDERS: Lucy decides to give Peter a hand by telling Zsa Zsa a few home truths about cheating Leon.

RIVER CITY: With Lenny now a free man, the residents of Shieldinch make plans to run him out of town.

EMMERDALE: Aaron asks Chas to move out of Smithy Cottage before Paddy starts getting his hopes up again.

HOME & AWAY: Annie's indecision affects her acting, and the last thing that the play needs is a dithering Romeo.


NEIGHBOURS: Zeke tries to take his mind off Mia's latest betrayal by throwing himself into his 18th birthday celebrations - and promising Donna to help her track down her father.

EMMERDALE: Adam's eyes are out on stalks when a scantily-clad Eve turns up at the farm, but it seems he isn't the one she's trying to seduce.

HOME & AWAY: As a nervous Ruby prepares for her performance, Xavier worries that Liam is setting her up for a very public fall. Annie finally makes up her mind, and shares her decision with Romeo, while Miles tells Leah and Elijah about a bizarre warning he received from Rabbit.


NEIGHBOURS: Harry puts his own spin on Declan's advice about not giving up on Summer just yet.

EASTENDERS: Masood intends to forgive Syed - until he sees his son looking very friendly with Christian.

EMMERDALE: Paddy is worried when Aaron seems resigned to the idea that he's going to prison.

CORRIE: Claire tries to help Becky prepare for the social worker's visit, but only makes her friend more nervous.

HOME & AWAY: John and Tony decide there's only good way to settle their differences - in the boxing ring.


NEIGHBOURS: Declan's growing feud with Andrew threatens to tear the whole Robinson family apart.

EASTENDERS: Peter is stunned to learn the truth about Lucy's abortion, but notices that it isn't news to Ian.

EMMERDALE: Marlon struggles to play it cool with Rhona. Moira teases John about Eve's unsubtle flirting.

CORRIE: Kirk arranges another date with Izzy, and Sean suddenly remembers that he fathered a son with Violet.

HOME & AWAY: Gina is all for handing Xavier's cash to the police - until Martha manages to talk her out of it.

The residents of Weatherfield are stunned by Deirdre's mum's death


Millions of viewers were stunned when actress Maggie Jones passed away a few months ago - and now the news of Blanche's demise hits the Street.

She's been in Portugal for the past few weeks and the Barlows had planned a welcome home party. However, when she doesn't show at the airport they start to worry.

Getting hold of her friend in Portugal, Ken is stunned to hear Blanche has died. Deirdre is naturally gutted by the news, and has to vent her feelings somehow, so she has a go at Ken for searching through her mum's things to find her will. June Whitfield makes her Corrie debut as Blanche's friend May, who fills the Barlows in on the elderly woman's final days.

Meanwhile, the murderous Tracy makes a reappearance. She begs the prison governor to let her go to her gran's funeral, claiming she needs to be there for her daughter.

Elsewhere, Norris's life is sounding more like a revamp of Stephen King's Misery with each passing day. He fears for his life after being stranded in the middle of nowhere with his number one fan, Mary.

While she's in the bath, he heads for the nearest village, but winds up with a twisted ankle after fleeing from her.

There's perhaps no surprise when she gets the motorhome working again and takes him back to the cottage, where she starts talking about marriage.

To make matters worse, she 'accidentally' stands on his glasses, leaving him crippled and almost blind. Thank heavens the unhinged competition addict will soon be questioned by the police as Norris reveals the details of his ordeal to anyone who will listen.

Just what the outcome of that one will be remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, Becky finds the adoption process harder than expected after attending an interview.

Steve and Ashley make plans to go to the World Cup, and Izzy agrees to another date with Kirk.


Alex Carter recently finished filming his final Emmerdale scenes, and co-star Sian Reese-Williams has admitted she'll miss him. Not to worry, she'll be able to see him in action again soon - Alex is returning to Hollyoaks to play Lee Hunter. William Roache has apparently asked if his well-worn Corrie character, Ken Barlow, can have another girlfriend, despite being married to long-suffering Deirdre.


PROUD... Viv reports Nicola after the attack on Cathy NICKED... Viv looks on as Nicola is taken away by the police IN ACCORD... Pat and Peggy reach an alliance SECRETS AND LIES... Steph collapses CHARMING... Lydia IN A FIX... Justin and Aden face a barrage of questions END OF AN ERA.. Ken and Deirdre mourn the loss of Blanche, while May recounts her friend's death, top. Norris fears that Mary may be trying to poison him, above
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