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On Eve of new career

Eve might have had plans to be a lady of leisure during her time in Emmerdale but great aunt Edna isn't going to let the village head-turner sit around all day, especially when she has financial problems.

Edna is frustrated to learn that Eve has made no effort at all to find work and decides to make a few discreet enquiries herself. She is intrigued when she overhears Moira talking about jobs on the farm and tentatively asks if they could use an extra pair of hands.

Eve is not pleased to find she's been lined up for a job on the farm, but Adam is clearly impressed when the stunner shows up for work.

Andy, however, is wary and says he doubts she'll last a month. Will she surprise them all?

Meanwhile, Paddy is pleased to see Aaron finally regain consciousness in hospital - but shocked when the teen says he wishes he had died.


Out of the closet..and the family

Syed has done a lot of lying over the past few months, but even he's struggling to come up with a plausible reason why someone would have broken into the flat, painted 'Syed Loves Christian' on the bedroom wall, and then snuck out again.

Unable to get any sense out of her husband, Amira calls her interior decorator, who turns up to insist that the graffiti is true. Realising that the writing is literally on the wall, Syed admits to his wife that he has been unfaithful - and he is gay.

Amira is heartbroken and runs off to ask Zainab and Masood if it's true that they already knew about the affair. They try to convince her that a little thing like her husband being gay isn't worth ruining the flatwarming party over, let alone her marriage.

However, when Christian then turns up at the bash, Amira realises she's had enough of the lies, and publicly outs Syed, before leaving the Square carrying a little secret of her own.

Her in-laws are devastated, but Masood instructs Zainab to forget all about Syed, who has left the house in disgrace. His wife reluctantly agrees - until she discovers that not even Christian knows where her son has got to.

And with Amira's dad Qadim out to avenge his betrayed daughter, it looks like someone could definitely be in danger.


The day of the talent contest arrives in River City, but Big Bob is having a crisis of confidence. Thankfully, Iona is on hand to save his bacon when he loses his bottle for him on their return to Shieldinch She even lies to cover for her. But does she feel the same way about him?


Saff's back

You didn't really think we'd seen the last of Saffron when her attempt at mediation with Donna ended, did you? Sure enough the demonic designer is back - and set to make Donna's life a misery all over again.

This time she's been drafted in by the university as a guest lecturer, and wastes no time in turning the rest of the class against her former employee. She also sets an assignment that involves creating a weird and wonderful window display. Initially, the whole project seems set to go horribly wrong - until, with a little help from her friends, Donna comes up with something so amazing that she ends up being regarded as the star pupil.

But, best of all, Donna's success prompts her to tell Saffron a few home truths - an she doesn't like it.

Time for regrets


All is well in Ruth's world; she's happy, has a great relationship with Gordon and feels as if she's permanently residing on cloud nine.

So you just know that somebody, or something, is about to rain on her parade - this is, after all, soapland, where nobody can be truly pleased for longer than about five minutes.

The funny thing is, it's Gordon who puts her in a bad mood, mostly because he's Mr Reliable rather than Mr Red Hot Passion and Excitement. Her former boyfriend Andy Carroll (no, not the Newcastle United striker) fits that particular bill, so in a moment of madness she calls him up.

Despite the fact that she doesn't get to speak to him, Andy turns up at the Tall Ship with his fiance in tow - but will there still be a spark between him and Ruth? And if so, how will poor old Gordon react to it?


Parental guidance

Will Justin crack under the pressure of what happened to his father? It seems that way when a series of disturbing visions wreak havoc with his peace of mind.

Thankfully, Aden is around to provide his brother with some much-needed support. He also suggests they go back to the crash site so that they can move their father's body. It seems like a good idea - until Angelo and Charlie come calling. The cops clearly think there's been some monkey business going on because they want to search the house... But Justin isn'the only Summer Bay resident under immense mental torture at the moment. Poor Miles is still having visions of Rabbit. Marilyn tries to comfort him with a confession of her own, while Alf just worries himself silly about his friend.

However, when Miles is spotted having a 'conversation' with the mystery youngster, it's Gina who finally gets to the bottom of who the little girl really is.




NEIGHBOURS: Susan is furious to discover that Karl has struck a deal with Zeke to allow Mia into the house.

EASTENDERS: Chelsea is hurt by Denise's reaction to the news that she is pregnant, but receives some support from Libby, while Zsa Zsa asks Leon to make friends with Ben.

EMMERDALE: Cain is forced to hold back from correcting Diane when she comments on Aaron's apparently homophobic attack on Jackson.

CORRIE: David finds Gary hiding in his parents' shed, while Natasha is furious when Nick puts work before her.

HOME & AWAY: Xavier goes looking for Hugo, while Martha grows suspicious of Alf and Angelo's behaviour.


NEIGHBOURS: Karl is taken to hospital after suffering from chest pains, but is far from impressed by the lacklustre treatment he receives.

EASTENDERS: Billie plucks up the courage to visit Jack, and Phil is troubled by an entry in Ben's diary.

RIVER CITY: Liz is worried about Malcolm and wonders why he is behaving so strangely.

EMMERDALE: Laurel fears that she and Ashley may never entirely fix their marriage when he avoids spending time with her, and Zak tries to make amends with Sam.

HOME & AWAY: Elijah makes an offer to take Leah and VJ on a road trip to visit Vinnie's grave, while Martha suffers from depression as her grief for Hugo resurfaces.


NEIGHBOURS: Steph decides to return to work at the garage, where she is soon accosted by Lucas. As the pair argue, she finds it becoming increasingly difficult to hide the truth.

EMMERDALE: Sam is surprised when Eric tells him he forgives him. He also gives the simple Dingle some food for thought when he suggests that he should try to clear the air with his father. Maisie notices how happy Natasha is to be around Declan.

HOME & AWAY: Justin makes a shocking confession after being tormented by terrible nightmares, while Aden resolves to do what he can to get him out of trouble. Elijah tries to keep his relationship with Leah a secret from the bishop, and Annie decides on her plans for the future.


NEIGHBOURS: Toadie notices sparks between Steph and Lucas and warns her to keep him at arm's length - but his words are ignored.

EASTENDERS: Ronnie and Roxy fall out over money issues. Pat and Peggy both go on dates with Harvey, and the hostility between Ben and Louise reaches a new level.

EMMERDALE: Eli breaks into the B&B to raid the cash box, but his actions unwittingly put Eric's life in danger. CORRIE: Nick is amused at Natasha's anger, while David urges Gary to let Anna know that he is safe.

HOME & AWAY: Nicole has trouble finding Aden when he heads back to the site of the crash with Justin.


NEIGHBOURS: Callum lashes out at Steph for causing Toadie to break up with Sonya, while Andrew continues his plan to woo Summer.

EASTENDERS: Dot realises that Harvey has been two-timing Pat and Peggy when they both introduce him as their new partner, while Ronnie finds a way to make peace with Roxy.

EMMERDALE: Natasha is irritated by Declan's interest in Maisie, as she thinks he is too old for her, while Terry tells Brenda he is sick of working alongside the Pollards.

CORRIE: Graeme shares his worries about Tina with Rita, while David reveals Gary's hiding place to Anna.

HOME & AWAY: A concerned Alf confides in Martha when he discovers that imaginary girl Rabbit is still around.

Tina falls for Graeme...

Troubled Kabin worker collapses after heated row with the butcher


Every so often Corrie's casting directors find some superb actors who light up every scene they're in. Such is the case with Michelle Keegan and Craig Gazey, a couple of award-winning thesps who have turned Tina and Graeme into two of the brightest Weatherfield stars of recent years.

Alas however, things are looking decidedly bleak for Ms McIntyre this week. Following the recent death of her dad, Gail's imprisonment and Jason giving her a wide berth after she dumped him, it's clearly been too much for the Kabin employee (that's if she still has a job at the newsagent after refusing to go to work).

Having become a bit of a hermit recently, it's a good job Graeme is so interested in her welfare because after she has a go at him, Tina collapses on the spot.

Mr Proctor wastes little time phoning for an ambulance; hopefully the troubled soul will be so grateful, they will become an item. (Well, we can but hope). Meanwhile, there's no shortage of drama for the rest of the locals, including Nick and Natasha, who have their night spoiled by David.

Elsewhere, Lewis is amazed when Audrey tells him their arrangement is over. Has the charmer fallen for the seasoned widow or is he just after getting his hands on her business? Either way, he silences her with a kiss, which gives Rita another excuse to tut over their 'relationship'.

And while Norris has some unnerving close encounters with a smitten Mary, it looks like Tyrone and Molly are hoping to make a brand new start away from their nosey neighbours, but it remains to be seen whether they will purchase a house outside Weatherfield or stay close by.

And Dev, the man who can turn the simplest scene into a performance worthy of Jeff Goldblum, gets another chance to exploit his eccentricity when Sunita gives Sophie a job in his emporium.


Corrie's Graeme Proctor doesn't look like your typical ladykiller, but amazingly, he's about to have two local lovelies after him - Rosie Webster and Tina McIntyre! Home & Away star Jodi Gordon recently finished her five-year stint as Martha Mackenzie, and admits that she's nervous about her future career. At least she boyfriend Braith Anasta to comfort her when she's feeling down.


FARM LABOUR... Moira NOT PLEASED...Eve learns Edna is trying to find work for her BETRAYED...A bitter Amira sets about husband Syed DEMONIC DESIGNER...Saffron is back LOVE IS IN AIR...Ruth VISIONS... Justin finds himself under immense pressure COURSE OF TRUE LOVE...Tina collapses, while David spoils Nick and Natasha's evening, top, and Rita fumes as Audrey and Lewis' relationship blossoms, above
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