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Sam pal he turned out to be

They say that all is fair and love and war - but just what is Sam Dingle thinking about? He's well and truly fallen for illegal immigrant Olena and somehow got it into his head that they were meant to be together - even going so far as to propose to her. So when he sees her kissing Eli, he is far from happy for the smitten couple.

Acting rashly, he contacts the authorities, and border officers soon turn up in the village. Marlon has to hold Eli back as they lead Olena away. But when she sees Sam, she realises that he was the one who told the authorities where to find her - and he is left devastated by his actions.

Needless to say, Eli turns his wrath on Sam when he learns he was responsible.

Elsewhere, Chas realises Charity is up to something but is unable to fathom out what, but Cain merely laughs off her suspicions.


A Square go battle for votes

Pat and Peggy may have become best buddies but there are many viewers out there who still have fond memories of the days when they were barely on speaking terms.

Well, prepare to have your memories jogged this week as the Square's matriarchs show young upstarts like Roxy, Bianca and Janine how you have a real catfight. It starts innocently enough on Monday, as Pat advises Peggy to resurrect her political career and run for the local council.

Her friend agrees, but when Pat realises that most of her ideas have ended up in the former landlady's manifesto, she decides to stand herself.

It isn't long before the election race turns ugly, and things are about to get even worse when journalist Harvey Freeman turns up to interview them both. Pat initially appears to have the edge as she lays out her policies. But Peggy proves she's got the dirty tricks and spikes her rival's drinks before giving the journalist a few colourful quotes - while the garage owner staggers to the ladies.

Unfortunately, an inebriated Pat re-emerges in time to hear Peggy insinuating that her best mate is prepared to sleep her way to the top. Is this the end of their friendship?


In EastEnders, Zainab is so determined to keep Syed out of Christian's clutches, she even gives an embarrassed Amira advice on how to spice up her marriage. But while she's working to save their relationship, it seems Lucy is out to destroy it as she steals her uncle's keys and sets about doing a little decorating of her own.


Lucas' folly

Every couple of episodes, we turn on and Lucas is up to his neck in hot water.

So why do we like him so much? It's because he's Ramsay Street's resident lovable rogue. Every generation of Neighbours viewers gets one, and he's the latest.

But having a twinkle in his eye hasn't kept him free of problems, and he's about to go to court for trashing Toadie's car in a jealous rage.

But instead of doing the sensible thing and hiring a lawyer, he decides to simply confess his guilt and go to prison, because he thinks that with Steph gone, there's no reason to go on living.

However, Libby has an alternative idea that involves lashings of emotional blackmail.

So, come on, how long do you reckon it'll be before they're back together again? Probably about five minutes.

Where there's a will...


Losing somebody close to you can be a devastating event. But for Gina, it could be a life-changing one too.

Archie kindly left her something in his will, but can you guess what it is? No, it's not money or a keepsake. It is, if you can believe it, household products. Yes, really!

No wonder Gina looks down in the dumps if that's all Archie thinks she'd want from his estate, no matter how meagre it is. At least it makes her ponder getting up off her backside and changing her life by grasping any opportunity that comes her way.

Well, it does for about five minutes, and then she sits back down to contemplate her navel again.

Her lacklustre approach to everything doesn't impress Murray, who's disgusted when she cancels their romantic night out. Seems Archie was right - she really is boring.


Elijah's death duty

Is Elijah too good to be true? Maybe. He's tall and hunky, and looks as though he's no stranger to handing out cuddles. No wonder Leah's gone gaga over him.

But as with most Summer Bay newcomers, Elijah is hiding a secret, one he feels he has to confess - he was, apparently, at Vinnie's bedside when he died 18 months ago.

VJ, who earwigs their conversation, had been under the impression that his father passed away in a fire sometime earlier, so it comes as a shock to know he was still around until relatively recently.

This revelation drives a rift between mother and son, leaving Elijah feeling guilty. He decides to keep his distance from them while they heal their relationship.

Meanwhile, Miles seems to be going bonkers - he's been spotted speaking to himself. But Alf is horrified when he realises what's really going on.




CORRIE: Sian apologises for ever doubting Sophie, but is left surprised when her friend then leans in for a kiss. Rosie is also in romantic turmoil after Kevin realises he has seen Kyle at Weatherfield County, but he was on the burger van, not the pitch. So much for her dreams of being a Wag.


NEIGHBOURS: Zeke quits his job at PirateNet in disgust at Paul's new policies. Declan makes Kate's big day.

EASTENDERS: Leon really wants to impress Zsa Zsa, but finds it's hard to compete with her secret admirer.

CORRIE: Steve and Becky bump into Eddie and Anna Windass at their Introduction To Adoption meeting.

EMMERDALE: The Dingles welcome Lisa back into the fold, and Aaron is touched by Paddy's ongoing support.

HOME & AWAY: Marilyn finds a drawing of the girl she's been dreaming about. Tony is concerned for Martha.


NEIGHBOURS: Steph goes a bit overboard as she tries to convince her family she and Toadie are for real.

EASTENDERS: Prepare for Phil to go even redder when he discovers son Ben dressed up as Lady Gaga.

RIVER CITY: Scarlett and Molly finally manage to call a truce - until Bob turns up to drop a bombshell.

EMMERDALE: There's good news for Jimmy as Nicola sets a wedding date and, even more importantly, a budget.

HOME & AWAY: Miles is overheard talking to himself. Romeo and Annie let themselves into the school theatre.


NEIGHBOURS: Now she's 18, Kate is officially her siblings' legal guardian, but she's finding it hard to cope with the responsibility. Can a fun day out with Declan reminder her she's more than just a big sister?

EMMERDALE: Ryan worries he's blown his chances with Katie. Chas realises Charity is up to something, but Cain laughs off her suspicions.

HOME & AWAY: Miles tries to explain his recent odd behaviour, but fails to put Alf's mind at rest. Romeo opens up to Annie about his family, including the real reason Mink was in prison, and Justin makes a shocking discovery.


NEIGHBOURS: Andrew tries to make sure Summer doesn't see the video of him and Donna together.

EASTENDERS: Fatboy goes on a series of disastrous dates. Christian spots Lucy's handiwork in the flat.

EMMERDALE: Jimmy tells Nicola a little white lie so he can meet Carl for a drink. Katie confronts Eve.

CORRIE: Kirk looks for love online, using a photo of Jason, and Fiz keeps John's job a secret from Chesney.

HOME & AWAY: Justin and Aden disagree over what to do about the body, and Elijah comes clean to Leah.


NEIGHBOURS: Zeke wants to try again with Mia, despite Karl's best attempts to warn him to steer clear.

EASTENDERS: It seems Jack's doctor is more interested in getting to know Ronnie than treating his patient.

EMMERDALE: Aaron panics when he realises Adam has seen him with Jackson. Charlie buys Diane a drink.

CORRIE: Anna is delighted when Gary arrives home for a surprise visit. Fiz and John practise their cover stories.

HOME & AWAY: Martha learns the truth about the contents of the box, but still hands it back to Xavier.

Keeping mum over father

Tyrone is delighted that Molly is pregnant but who's the real daddy?


Tyrone is the happiest bloke in Weatherfield at the moment and who can blame him?

He's been reunited with his estranged wife Molly and they are expecting their first baby.

Except, as we all know, it might not be his, which begs the question - who's the real daddy?

Clearly Kevin is hoping it's not him as he dropped Molly faster than a scalding hot teapot when he found out Sally was ill, despite having spent many an afternoon with her in the local motel.

This week, Tyrone and Molly go for their baby scan and the couple couldn't be happier. But deep down that doubt is gnawing away at Mrs Dobbs. Kevin doesn't help matters when he tells her again she should have an abortion.

Will Molly finally do the right thing and tell her husband that Kevin might be the father or go through with the birth and stay quiet? Well with around four months to go, we should find out by the end of the summer.

Meanwhile, John continues to slide down the slippery slope and applies for a teaching job using another name, a tactic that simply leaves Fiz horrified. Despite her protests, he still goes to the interview.

After the falling out between Sophie and Sian, Ms Webster goes to Southport to talk about what happened.

Hopefully, she'll convince her mate that Ryan is as bad as Jessie when it comes to making a move on their partners' relations or friends.

Graeme and Natasha (easily two of the show's best characters) go for a drink in the Rovers. But he soon puts his foot in it when she asks him about his relationship with Rosie.

He says he reckons she's a bimbo, not realising she's standing behind him. Oh dear.

Little wonder Ms Webster pours a drink over his head.

And Cherylee Houston makes history this week as the first disabled actress to become a Corrie regular. She plays Izzy Butterfield, who is embarrassed when she realises Kirk used Jason's picture in his internet advert to get her to meet him.


Former V actress Jane Badler will be joining the cast of Neighbours soon as villainess Diana Marshall - but whose life will she be making a misery? Coronation Street star Vicky Entwistle, left, who plays Janice, longs for a Weatherfield reunion with the rest of the Battersby clan but admits it could be tricky getting them all togetheragain.


HOLDING BACK... Marlon Dingle LED OFF...Border officers take illegal immigrant Olena away LOGGERHEADS...Pat and Peggy have another bust-up CALLED TO ACCOUNT... Lucas LOW...Gina and Murray HOME TRUTHS... VJ learns news about his father ALL SMILES... Molly attends her baby scan with Tyrone, but is aghast when Kevin suggests she have an abortion, top, while Graeme's spirits are doused by Rosie, above
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