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Soap stories.


Driving into real trouble

It's all a bit Gone In 60 Seconds in the village as Cain and Charity realise they both get a thrill out of car theft after Cain relieves a well-to-do man of his car keys.

As the pair speed off and ditch the vehicle, Charity suggests they should take up stealing cars for money as a new sideline.

Always one to jump at a profitable opportunity however shady it may be, Cain quickly agrees. It's only a matter of days before the couple are out in the wilds of Yorkshire, stealing flash cars from posh hotels.

However, Charity is just a little too excited by the money they've made and Cain struggles to stop her from a spending spree. Will her recklessness get them caught?

Meanwhile, Zak is shocked when he realises how far a smitten Sam will go for Olena and tells her to pack her bags, which prompts Eli to confess he also has feelings for the illegal immigrant.


Going flat out to get Christian

It's been a rocky few months for Zainab, what with surprise revelations about her eldest son's sexuality, giving birth on the floor of the catering unit, and Masood being accused of theft.

However, things seem to be settling down and the proud mum decides to celebrate by gathering her clan together for a family photograph.

Unfortunately, instead of sticking to saying 'cheese', Amira reckons the photo shoot is the ideal opportunity to announce that her dad has sent her a cheque for pounds 5000 and she and Syed are going to use the money to rent a flat of their own.

Zainab is absolutely horrified when she sees the run-down property her son is intending to move into.

But Amira assures her there's no need to worry as they've found a decorator - Christian.

Worried at the idea of the former caterer spending time with Syed, Zainab tries to convince the book club to do all the grafting instead.

When that fails, she resorts to more desperate measures - including physically attacking Christian and throwing a pot of paint over him.

Has she convinced Christian that Syed isn't worth the trouble - or made him even more determined to win his lover back?


In River City, Deek is unhappy that Bob is letting Molly secretly stay in their flat. He tells Bob he must make her move out. But that proves to be rather difficult when Molly puts on a rather convincing act of being a helpless little old lady. It's a move that prompts Deek to go looking for the missing Stella instead.


Kiss and tell

Toadie and Steph were once madly in love but they've been just good friends for some time.

Now, in what could be the most ludicrous Neighbours storyline for many a moon, they're willing to sacrifice their happiness with other people just to keep the fact that Steph had a night of passion with somebody she shouldn't a secret.

During the first half of the week, they stun their loved ones with the news they're back together again - and Lyn for one is suspicious. Lucas is angry - and doesn't believe for a second that Steph no longer loves him.

Poor Sonya is simply heartbroken, and you can see that Toadie isn't exactly thrilled about dumping her.

You can bet there'll be more tears shed before this bonkers plot works itself out.

Grave day for Lenny


It's all doom and gloom down Shieldinch way as the locals gather to pay their respects to two familiar faces.

Amber struggles to cope with the idea of attending Ewan's funeral and asks Malcolm if he will come along to support her. This, of course, leaves him in a tricky situation - after all, he's lied to the police about what he saw on the night of her brother's murder. Malcolm is concerned about Liz, who's about to see her son Archie laid to rest.

But the biggest shock comes when Lenny turns up at Ewan's graveside, handcuffed to two prison officers.

He's clearly distraught at losing his son and the sight of his grief disturbs Malcolm so much he ponders coming clean to the police - something that sends shivers down Lydia's spine.

Is Malcolm about to crack under mounting pressure?


Xavier cashes in

Xavier not only has the most unusual name of anybody living in Summer Bay, his behaviour is pretty weird too.

Liam is so concerned he decides not to move out of the farm until he works out what exactly is going on. Perhaps he should speak to Martha. She's found Xavier's secret shoebox - hidden away on the roof.

Obviously, she can't resist a little peek to see what's inside - but gets a shock when she discovers it contains a stash of cash. But rather than report it (or even spend it), Martha decides to best course of action is to keep quiet about it. The event does, however, bring back memories of her time with Hugo...

Meanwhile, Xavier continues to act rather strangely, and Tony wonders if taking up boxing will help the young man release his pent-up frustrations.

However, it seems it might take a lot more than pummelling a punch bag to sort all his problems out.

All's fair in lust and war

Audrey sees red as old friend Rita steps out with dishy Street gigolo Lewis


Forget big-screen offering Clash Of The Titans. When it comes to unmissable showdowns, there's only one show worth watching, and that's Corrie.

There are no snake-headed demons in this (almost) 50-year-long epic tale of love and rivalry, though we're sure Audrey would manage to tackle any asp-related follicle problems with a shampoo and set.

However, her biggest problem is so-called friend Rita, the flamehaired temptress who's been trying to lure Lewis into her lair (you will remember him, of course, the charmer played by evergreen smoothie Nigel Havers, who's Weatherfield's answer to American Gigolo). The seasoned locals were always going to clash over Lewis and the minute Rita decided to drag him off to a matinee without telling a besotted Audrey, there were bound to be problems.

But, thankfully, Trevor the hunky binman is more interested in making love, not war, although we're somewhat surprised by the identity of his new conquest. Believe it or not he winds up in bed with Carla - the knicker factory boss with the face of a goddess and the voice of a harpy. That's bound to leave Janice with a few Medusa-like stares of her own.

As for Peter, it looks like the gods themselves are shining down on him this week - at least for a minute or two anyway. He thinks his very own Aphrodite, Leanne, is about to go weak at the knees at his proposal but he doesn't count on her seeing red. The reason? Raven-haired temptress Michelle, who comes between them both. The price she pays for being drop-dead gorgeous? A glass of champers in the face. Ouch.

And if all that's not enough to keep you hooked, there's the ongoing saga of Gail, who at least seems a little happier when she hears about the fracas between her mum and Rita.

Okay, it's not in 3D and there aren't any special effects, but if you fancy a slice of Mancunian magic then this is the place to be.


Dominic Brunt claims the recent scenes in which his Emmerdale character, Paddy, was beaten up by Aaron before the latter confessed he was gay, were so moving they sparked real tears on set. Stefan Dennis says he can't understand why women love his bad boy Neighbours alter ego Paul Robinson. Nevertheless, he's often stopped in the street by Paul's loyal legion of female fans.




CORRIE: Becky is sceptical when Steve brings up the topic of adoption, fearing social services wouldn't give a child to someone with her criminal record. However, Hayley makes the barmaid see that her colourful past might actually be an asset when it comes to bonding with kids in care.


NEIGHBOURS: Kate over-reacts when Donna stands her up, forcing Declan to be the voice of reason.

EASTENDERS: The Branning clan keeps up its vigil at the hospital, but Billie feels unwanted. Is he surprised?

CORRIE: Ryan deals with his split with Sian by making a pass at Sophie, and Peter reflects on his relationships.

EMMERDALE: Zak discovers just how far Sam will go to help Olena. Laurel and Ashley try to get back to normal.

HOME & AWAY: Justin attempts to talk Aden into joining the Army. Nicole considers confronting her boss.


NEIGHBOURS: Andrew shares Harry's concerns when Summer makes friends with the school bully.

EASTENDERS: Carol is horrified that Billie wants to join the Army, but Peggy thinks it's a marvellous idea.

RIVER CITY: Raymond is thrilled when he ends up in bed with Eileen. Shame she's not quite so pleased.

EMMERDALE: Edna discovers the real reason Eve has returned, and Zak orders Olena to get out of the village.

HOME & AWAY: Annie thinks Romeo is avoiding her. Angelo is caught following Charlie to her therapy session.


NEIGHBOURS: Kate tries to help Declan look after little India as they wait for Donna to return, and Lucas decides it's his duty to tell Sonya that Toadie and Steph are back together.

EMMERDALE: Aaron arranges to meet Jackson for a drink, but loses his bottle at the last minute. Ryan agrees to let Andy move into Dale View, but wonders what Faye will say.

HOME & AWAY: Annie comes up with an unusual plan for getting Romeo used to wearing women's clothing. Angelo is left feeling stupid when he discovers the real nature of the relationship between Michael and Charlie.


NEIGHBOURS: Ramsay Street's unlikeliest agony uncle, Paul, offers Donna relationship advice.

EASTENDERS: Danny plays Roxy and Ronnie off against one another. Ryan and Janine finally both get jobs.

EMMERDALE: Maisie pleasantly surprises Natasha with her helpful reaction to the news they are broke.

CORRIE: Ryan begs Sophie not to tell Sian he made a pass at her, but the young christian feels awkward lying.

HOME & AWAY: Marilyn makes a discovery at the caravan park, and Leah is on a high following her date.


NEIGHBOURS: Paul is making big plans for PirateNet, but Zeke fears the station is in danger of selling out.

EASTENDERS: Carol panics when the police pay Billie a visit. Danny and Glenda scheme behind Roxy's back.

EMMERDALE: Aaron takes a big step towards accepting who he is. Charlie makes a beeline for Diane.

CORRIE: John is invited to a former colleague's leaving do, and Janice learns Trevor spent the night with Carla.

HOME & AWAY: Martha finally reveals her secret to Liam, and Gina is furious when Xavier takes up boxing.


FEELINGS... Ely confesses his love for Olena DAYLIGHT ROBBERY... Charity and Cain get a thrill from theft FAMILY MATTERS... Masoods gather for their picture FAKE AFFECTION... Steph and Toadie HEARTACHE... Martha (Jodi Gordon) is not over Hugo DUST TO DUST... Ewan LOVE HURTS... Trevor and Carla share a bedroom kiss, top, while Leanne gets on one knee to propose to Peter, above
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