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Tearful reunion for Lisa

There's plenty of drama for the Dingle clan for many reasons this week.

First off, Zak is heartbroken to see Lisa behind bars but puts on a brave face as he takes Belle to see her mother.

Lisa hadn't really wanted her young daughter to see her locked up, but gave in when Zak insisted. How will Lisa cope behind bars?

Then there's Sam. He's been smitten with illegal immigrant Olena since she first arrived in the village, but she unfortunately has not returned his affections and seems to be more interested in Eli. So, it's no surprise really that Sam is hurt when Olena says she wants to stay with his chirpy relative instead.

Lastly, Aaron is still struggling with his homosexuality, but things come to a head when he meets a man in a gay bar. The teen is far from comfortable with his new feelings, and his unusual behaviour worries Paddy.


Poor Gail's locked up till the trial

Things don't get much better for Gail this week when David and Audrey visit her in prison, leading to a row between mother and daughter.

There's also friction between David and Nick, so Audrey has to do her best to calm them down. And there's even more bad news for the latest Weatherfield One when her solicitor tells her she has been refused bail and will have to stay in prison until the trial.

And you can always rely on David to try and extinguish a fire by throwing petrol on it. In this case he and Graeme question the Kenworthys about the statement they gave the police.

Alas, David nearly loses it as they threaten to call the police.

Meanwhile, after months of getting on famously with Julie despite Eileen's protests, Jesse finally makes a pass at her half sister which soon causes more problems.

When word spreads of his amorous advances, he has to leg it out of the Rovers as Eileen and Julie give chase, throwing his cowboy paraphernalia at him.

Meanwhile, problems arise as Lee tries to kiss Sophie (because Ryan thought she'd be up for it), and Norris snaps Lewis giving Audrey a kiss.


In Neighbours, the feud between Lyn and Rebecca continues to heat up. The latter advises Paul to stop bickering with his ex-wife, prompting Lyn to devise a new way to annoy Rebecca - she challenges her to take part in a cookery contest, with leading Australian chef Guy Grossi as the judge. It's bound to end in tears.


Bloody hell

It may be a place of almost eternal good weather but long-time fans of Home & Away will all agree that Summer Bay has lacked a little sunshine since Marilyn moved away.

Well, that all changes this week as the bubbly soap legend makes her return - in typically dramatic fashion, having found a wounded bloodsoaked 16 man staggering around in the road.

Meanwhile, Charlie decides to seek counselling, which might help her finally commit to Angelo.

Leah is also on the verge of something special with Reverend Elijah, if she can just pluck up the courage to admit she likes him... but hapless Miles accidentally spills the beans to her love interest.

A night of passion


You know how it is, you fancy a bloke, think you'd like a relationship with him, and then your bestest (male) friend comes along and tries to nick him from under your nose.

Well, you've got to feel for Hayley - and indeed for Robbie. Both of them are interested in the same fella and decide to organise a party at which they're hoping the object of their affections will reveal which of them he likes the most.

But instead of seducing the hunk, they get completely blotto, and the next morning wake up in bed together. It's a night they both wish they could forget, but it's one that could change their friendship forever!

Meanwhile, sparks fly between Lee and Amber when he tries to keep the truth about Ewan's death from her, but will she believe Lenny really had nothing to do with it?


Andy's a love rat

So, what do we reckon to Andrew? A misunderstood soul or a chip off the old Robinson block? Well, unless you're looking at him through rose-tinted spectacles, it surely has to be the latter.

After he and Donna spend the night together, he wanders around Erinsborough with a swagger befitting only Casanova himself.

But he's brought back down to earth with a bump when she tells him their liaison was a big mistake, and then footage of them together is swiped by local teen villain Griffo, who holds it to ransom. Eventually, he hands it back. But what Andrew doesn't realise is that Griffo has sneakily made a secret copy that is about to become very public indeed.

The resulting fall-out has disastrous repercussions for all concerned - two of those affected even decide to leave town and start afresh elsewhere.




NEIGHBOURS: Lyn tries to get Paul's attention by challenging her arch-rival Rebecca to a cook-off.

EASTENDERS: Zainab plans a reshuffle at Masala Queen, and Carol discovers why Billie really lost his job.

EMMERDALE: Ashley prays for guidance as he struggles to keep his secret from Laurel. Jai agrees to take a chance on Lizzie.

CORRIE: Tyrone shares his happy news with the Street, but Bill is alarmed when he finds out that Molly is pregnant. Janice is hurt by a careless remark from Trevor.

HOME & AWAY: Charlie realises it's going to take a professional to untangle her feelings for Angelo. Martha's increasingly erratic behaviour threatens to drive Liam away.


NEIGHBOURS: Neither Rebecca nor Lyn shines in the cook-off, and it is left to a professional to save the day.

EASTENDERS: Ian wonders how he's going to tell Jane that Lucy has changed her mind about the baby.

RIVER CITY: Molly tries to ruin Stella's first dinner date with Deek by spiking the recovering alcoholic's soft drinks with vodka.

EMMERDALE: Pear Tree Cottage just isn't big enough for Nicola and Chas - but which of the ladies will leave? The Bartons are faced with the bill for clearing up the spill.

HOME & AWAY: Nicole grows more excited about the internship - until Romeo bursts her bubble. He does manage to cheer Annie up though by returning to school.


NEIGHBOURS: Susan worries Libby isn't coping with the end of her marriage, and Paul realises it's time to do something about Andrew. Ringo comes to a life-changing decision.

EMMERDALE: Rodney reluctantly agrees to let Nicola and Jimmy stay with him, but Scarlett is hopeful she can broker a peace deal between the Kings. John warns Holly not to rise to any taunts about the recent chemical spill, and Ashley is distant with Laurel.

HOME & AWAY: Tony's plan to teach boxing at the school appear to be on the ropes. Liam takes drastic action just as his relationship with Martha seems to be back on track, and John pursues Gina. Romeo and Annie win the lead roles in the school play, but there's a twist.


NEIGHBOURS: Callum's friends let him down at school, and Susan is convinced Libby is putting on a front.

EASTENDERS: Ian lets Jane think that Lucy has suffered a miscarriage. Billie falls back in with a dodgy crowd.

EMMERDALE: Natasha is furious when Maisie returns from a night of clubbing with Holly and Leyla, visibly the worse for wear.

CORRIE: Jesse is grateful when Julie pleads his case with Eileen, that he makes a pass at her. Norris takes a photo of Lewis and Audrey kissing, and Rosie dates a footballer.

HOME & AWAY: Nicole's internship fails to live up to her sky-high expectations, and Xavier warns John after he witnesses him enjoying an intimate moment with Gina.


NEIGHBOURS: An unsuccessful audition leaves Kate wondering if she should hang up her dancing shoes.

EASTENDERS: It's all about Max and Stacey as the grieving dad finally confronts his murderous ex-lover.

EMMERDALE: As if she didn't have enough to worry about, Natasha has to face up to her financial problems. Rodney blames his failure with Sue on George's suspect dating advice.

CORRIE: Audrey tells a shocked Rita the truth about her relationship with Lewis. Dev feels uncomfortable as Sunita makes herself at home in the flat - and the corner shop.

HOME & AWAY: Ruby tells Charlie to persevere with her therapy, but Angelo is suspicious when she keeps sneaking off. Xavier decides to give school a wide berth.

Answers in short supply

Max comforts Jean as Stacey's whereabouts remain unknown


Soap fans now know who killed Archie Mitchell but we still have a lot of questions about the murder - and answers have been in short supply since Stacey ran off shortly after confessing.

Viewers aren't the only ones wondering where the widow has got to, as this week the strain gets too much for Jean. She worries her family by obsessively cleaning the house and then vents her frustration on Max, claiming that he's to blame for sending Bradley on the run.

Instead of informing her of Stacey's role in the tragedy, Max tries to reach out to the troubled mum.

But their bonding session is cut short when the police arrive to tell Jean a body has been found matching her daughter's description.

It turns out not to be Stacey but the experience leaves Max even more determined to find out what has happened to her - and he realises that Becca may know more about her mate's whereabouts than she's letting on. By following her, the grieving dad manages to track his former daughter-in-law down to an apparently derelict flat where he finally gets to ask her about what happened on Christmas Day and why she was willing to let Bradley take the rap.

However, Stacey gives as good as she gets, pointing out that if her former lover wants someone to blame for his son's death, perhaps he should look a little closer to home if he wants to find the truth.

Elsewhere, Peggy and Ben's birthday party takes a turn for the worse when Ronnie drops a photo of Louise, and Phil realises that his cousin has been keeping his daughter from him.

He turns on the broody blonde and pins her against a wall, only to realise Louise has crept into the pub and witnessed it all.

Is he about to prove that Ronnie was right to send the little girl packing before she could meet her dad?

Or will he finally get a chance to bond with his long-lost child?

As ever, don't miss it.


John Partridge reckons his EastEnders character, the muscular, vest-obsessed Christian Clark, was created to be as wildly different to Coronation Street's Sean Tully as possible.

Janet Andrewartha has hit back at claims that Neighbours focuses too much on teenagers. She believes it's wellbalanced with storylines for characters of all ages.


REJECTED... Sad Sam REUNION... Lisa, Belle and Zak MOUNTING PROBLEMS... David visits Gail in prison DRAMA... Marilyn helps an injured man BIG MISTAKE... Hayley CAUGHT ON CAMERA... Andrew and Donna TEMPERS FLARE... Jean and Max point accusing fingers, top. Phil confronts Ronnie about his daughter, above.
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