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Debbie on new Channel

With parents like Cain and Charity - is anyone surprised that Debbie has started afresh in Jersey?

While her parents are at odds with one another morning, noon and night, Debbie accepts the offer of a job in the Channel Islands and tells Andy she's taking Sarah with her.

She struggles to tell her parents about her plans, but when she eventually manages to raise the subject, they're shocked to learn that she's leaving within 24 hours. Can Cain convince his daughter to stay in the village?

Elsewhere, Aaron contemplates visiting a gay bar when Holly dumps him, and Thomas and Anya lock Laurel and Edna in the church, and are blamed when someone destroys the church flowers and posts them through Ashley's letterbox. Talk about saying it with flowers...


High hopes

Xavier has been at a loose end since splitting with Ruby and after their recent closeness he begins to hope they could have a future. Ruby's mum, however, has relationship problems of her own and ends things with Angelo.

Elsewhere, Martha fears that she's pregnant. Could Liam be the father?

Meanwhile, Xavier admits he heard Mink reveal the truth about what really happened to her stepdad. A shattered Mink is convinced that Xavier will spread her secret, and decides to skip town, while the Bait Shop and the caravan park are targeted by a graffiti vandal, Miles suspects Rabbit could be responsible.

At the same time, Leah is growing increasingly disturbed by her feelings towards Elijah. Should she really pursue a relationship with a man of God?


MONDAY, STV, 7.30pm

Pete loses battle..and son Simon

Another week in Weatherfield and another argument between George and Peter over the latter's drinking and him caring for Simon.

Okay, it won't win the award for most exhausted storyline - Joe McIntyre's debt problems are easily top of the tree there, but a few more weeks and it could steal the crown.

Peter is so incensed as he and the tycoon tear strips off one another, he winds up punching one of the policemen trying to separate them.

Poor Simon looks on as his father is led away in handcuffs, and after George is granted legal custody of the lad, he leaves his nearest and dearest frantic as he runs off.

Before long, Ken, Deirdre, Peter and Leanne are scouring Blackpool for the youngster. Meanwhile, Gail and Tina ponder Joe's funeral, and the raven-haired Kabin worker soon has a go at Bill and Jason for badmouthing her dad.

And in the Rovers, Nick's socialising with Underworld staff is interrupted when he is questioned by the police about the late kitchen fitter's demise.

On a lighter note, at least Fiz and John are getting on well with Chesney.

But for how long?


If you suspected you hadn't seen the last of Ronnie's long-lost brother Danny Mitchell, give yourself a pat on the back as he returns to the streets of Walford this week.

This time, he's on a mission to win over his Auntie Peggy by helping her show Roxy who's the real queen of the Vic.

Caught on camera


Being laid up is giving Molly plenty of time to put the finishing touches on her latest masterplan.

She's desperate to get Big Bob back home with her, and thinks that getting him fired from his community centre job will do the trick.

She steals his keys and heads over there to 'burgle' the place.

However, she fails to take the CCTV into consideration - and is spotted by eagleeyed Eileen. And Lydia is becoming increasingly concerned by Amber's behaviour, and during a row is horrified when she claims that Lee isn't her real brother. Lydia confronts Lenny about this revelation, but one thing you can be sure of is that he won't give a straight answer, But he will want to know why Ewan didn't kill him as ordered.

We wouldn't want to be in his shoes when Lenny catches up with him.


Steph's in denial From the moment Lucas arrived in Erinsborough, it was clear he and Steph were made for each other, despite the fact he seemed to have eyes only for Libby.

He then had a relationship with Elle, and until last week seemed to still be hung up with her, despite the fact she's now on the other side of the Pacific. But this being Neighbours, emotions come and go quicker that you can say 'Harold Bishop doesn't live here any more'.

Lucas insists he's crazy about Steph and they should be together. She plays hard to get for about five minutes before succumbing to his charms. He even stresses his determination to get back on his feet (literally) for her.

So, everything is perfect in the Scully household then? Well, no. You see, Steph is suffering from a dicky tummy every morning, and instead of confronting the situation decides to do a runner. It's clearly all going to end in tears...




NEIGHBOURS: Harry wonders why Andrew has suddenly begun mixing with a bad crowd at school.

EASTENDERS: Billie's old friends make a beeline for Whitney, and Carol plans a civilised Branning family meal.

EMMERDALE: Gennie tries to thank Bob for the money by offering to take him and Viv out for dinner. That could be awkward.

CORRIE: Nick tries to get a slice of Underworld, but Trevor just wants to get to know Carla a bit better, starting with the revelation that she isn't really the factory cleaner.

HOME & AWAY: Angelo is heartbroken when Charlie tells him their relationship is officially over. Meanwhile, Tony decides to buy back the gym - let's hope that it's for sale.


NEIGHBOURS: Andrew realises Declan may be a good boss after all when he covers for him at Lassiters.

EASTENDERS: Bianca is horrified by Liam's new school. Peggy tries to prove she's still down with the kids.

RIVER CITY: Iona finds living with Raymond a strain, but doesn't know how to tell him that she's moving into Ruth's spare room.

EMMERDALE: Maisie is moved by the warm welcome she receives when she returns to work at the Woolpack. Rodney's friend Charlie takes an obvious shine to Diane.

HOME & AWAY: Nicole throws herself into her new design course, which leaves Aden feeling a tad neglected. Rachel is angry about Tony's latest plans for the gym.


NEIGHBOURS: Zeke is thrilled when Mia arrives in Erinsborough, but is left disappointed when she reveals he isn't the only reason she's back. Steph makes a shocking decision.

EMMERDALE: Maisie and Ryan appear to be moving on as they start teasing each other - with strictly no flirting involved. Aaron hopes to win Holly back by inviting her to be his guest at the wedding.

HOME & AWAY: Irene suspects Leah is developing feelings for Elijah, and Mink is furious when Romeo turns down the chance to be her manager. However, she may regret losing control when she goes on to inadvertently reveal a very big secret to Xavier. Meanwhile, Liam is left feeling very relieved after Martha tells him her latest news.


NEIGHBOURS: Lovestruck Zeke agrees to help Mia break into the lab. Harry and Lou try to cheer up Kate.

EASTENDERS: Libby sets out to discover who sent Liz's flowers, but isn't prepared for what she learns.

EMMERDALE: Natasha has yet another reason to feel on edge when Nicola reveals that the bank seems keen to speak to her.

CORRIE: Tina takes her grief out on poor Jason, and Carla unwittingly plays straight into Nick's hands. Janice convinces herself that Trevor is going to ask her on a date.

HOME & AWAY: The bait shop and the caravan park fall foul of a graffiti artist - and Miles has his own theories about who might have been wielding the spray paint.


NEIGHBOURS: Andrew agrees to keep Donna's secret - on the small condition that she goes out with him.

EASTENDERS: Lucas persuades Libby not to look for Owen, but soon has a bigger problem to deal with.

EMMERDALE: Edna is distraught when Tootsie goes missing. Lisa fears she might not be coming home from her court hearing.

CORRIE: Gail's situation looks increasingly bleak as two new witnesses come forward. John lies to Fiz and the education authorities as he prepares to return to teaching, and Nick uses insider information to make Carla an offer.

HOME & AWAY: Leah wonders whether she should act on her feelings for Elijah, while Angelo is hurt when Charlie admits she doesn't even want to be just friends.

Perils of parenthood

Ian weighs up the pros and cons of adopting Lucy's child as his own


Jane is desperate to be a mum, while Lucy is pregnant with a child she doesn't want - surely there's an obvious solution to both their problems?

Well, they certainly think so as they come up with a plan for the broody caterer to adopt her stepdaughter's baby. But while they may think their plan is foolproof, there's still one major obstacle - Ian.

Jane somehow manages to convince herself that her husband will approve. But, as most viewers would have predicted, he takes the news very badly indeed, telling his daughter she should have an abortion before storming off to confide his woes to Dot.

Once he's had a chance to calm down, Ian changes tack and with the aid of a cushion and a birthing DVD, tries to make Lucy face up to the realities of going through with the pregnancy. However, when that fails to put the headstrong teen off having the baby, Ian starts to come round to the idea of being a dad again, even if it does mean raising his own grandchild. Unfortunately, once Ian is on side, the Beales face another problem - what to do about the baby's real father, Leon.

Whatever they decide, they'd better act fast as Dot, who usually ain't one to gossip, seems to be having difficulty keeping this latest news to herself.

And elsewhere on the Square, Becca steps up her pursuit of Max by stealing his keys and posing on his dining table clad in little more than whipped cream and strategically placed fruit.

Pre-watershed this is going to have to be sensitively handled by the show's producers!

Anyway, for once the car salesman does the sensible thing and rejects her. But their brief dalliance could still come back to haunt him when Abi discovers a pair of lacy knickers behind the fridge.

Carol covers by claiming the undies belong to her and then warns Becca to stay away from her grieving brother

But Stacey's unstable mate doesn't seem like the type to take a subtle hint.


Remember Holly Valance? After leaving Neighbours she was going to be the next 'big thing'. It hasn't worked out quite like that but she's going to be in the spotlight soon when she turns up in a forthcoming edition of Marple. It's been revealed that Emily Symons will make her much-publicisedreturn to Home & Away as Marilyn Fisher at the end of March.


DOWN IN THE DUMPS... Aaron PARTING OF THE WAYS... Charity and Debbie FORWARD THINKING... Xavier LOGGERHEADS... Peter and George share an exchange CONCERNED... Lydia REUNITED... Lucas publicly declares his love for Steph KEEPING IT IN THE FAMILY... Jane and Lucy contemplate the state of affairs, left, Ian consoles his daughter, top, while Carol spares Max an embarrassment, above
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