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Game's over for sick Sal

It's all-out war in Emmerdale this week as the villagers finally realise just how unstable Sally really is.

Edna asks the manipulative home wrecker to move out, and joins Ashley to confront her.

But the priest takes things a little far when he tells Sally that he will kill her if he ever sees her again.

Sally pays him back by vandalising the cottage, but Diane, Doug and Sandy chip in to help him clear up.

What's more, with Sally's lies exposed, the Bishop reinstates Ashley. Is this the end of Sally's reign of terror?

Meanwhile, Natasha decides to tell Will about Mark's sordid past, and Ryan is horrified when Maisie tries to kiss him. Can the damage ever be undone?


A funeral shock for Mitchells

He may well have been the most hated man in Walford, but it looks like it could be standing room only at Archie's funeral as the residents of the Square prepare to pay their last respects - or in some cases, just gloat over his grave.

Planning the send-off takes its toll on Roxy, who is stunned when the pathology report reveals her father had been suffering from terminal cancer.

She receives an even bigger shock when Peggy admits that Archie had told her about his illness, but she'd just assumed he was lying.

Roxy considers banning her aunt from the funeral but later relents and Peggy ends up delivering the eulogy - although DCI Marsden is more interested in the private apology the grieving widow makes at the graveside after she thinks everyone else has left.

Bradley fears Stacey may also have given the coppers something to think about when, overcome with emotion, she spits on Archie's grave.

However, it seems more likely the locals will be gossiping about the stranger who turns up at the wake claiming to be Roxy and Ronnie's long-lost brother.


In Neighbours, Libby thinks Zeke's been doing Kyle's homework. However, Sunny owns up - Kyle has been blackmailing her into it. Libby decides not to tell Sunny's parents for fear of her being sent home, but when Dan finds out, he puts his foot down - driving a massive wedge between himself and his wife.


Testy times

We're always warned not to ignore symptoms but clearly nobody has thought to tell Innes this, as he continues to refuse to pick up his test results.

Innes's attitude prompts Charlie to kick him out of the flat, but he doesn't seem to care, preferring instead to prepare for his first boxing match.

When Marianne, who knows he has epilepsy, discovers what he's up to, she rushes to put a stop to the fight. But will she make it in time?

Elsewhere, Big Bob is wandering about, dressed as a giant tomato when he's set on by a group of boys. Luckily, Jimmy arrives to save his neck, and takes Big Bob to The Tall Ship in the hope of forcing him and Scarlett to kiss and make up.

Elle of a farewell


We've known for some time that Pippa Black, who has played Elle Robinson for the past four years, was planning to leave - and now we're about to find out how she makes her exit.

Just last week Elle was stuck in a collapsed building, which triggered the stress disorder she's suffered as a result of the horrors she's faced in Erinsborough.

Perhaps she thinks that moving to New York could allow her to escape such things, and she may be right.

But it also means she'll be without her fianc Lucas, who finally reveals that he won't be joining her in the Big Apple.

She immediately decides to stay with him, but when Lucas reveals he believes she'll eventually resent him for preventing her from following her dreams, Elle makes the decision to go.

Expect plenty of tears when the couple say their farewells.


Farmyard frolics

Even Hugo's most ardent fans are starting to go off the troubled fisherman.

After all he went through to win her, he's dumped Martha. He insists that it is the best thing for her, but when he shows up at the farm for his things, the pair end up in bed.

Hugo's bizarre behaviour continues to confuse those who love him. He makes an airline reservation before saying goodbye to his family.

Driving out of town, Hugo is then confronted by Suzy. She tells him that if he refuses to return to Indonesia, Martha is the one who will pay. Petrified, Hugo tries to warn Martha but she has turned off her phone. Will Suzy hurt Martha?

Meanwhile, Nicole and Aden struggle to cope with their new feelings for each other. While Nicole is still in a relationship with Liam, Aden feels it is too soon after Belle's death to start seeing someone else.

Aden is then unfairly fired from his job, and ends up in the cells.




NEIGHBOURS: Donna is told the police don't have enough evidence to build an assault case against Saffron.

EASTENDERS: Pat is rushed to hospital, but Bianca delivers her own diagnosis - it's all down to Janine.

EMMERDALE: Carl is so stressed out from looking after his kids, he even caves in and gives a cash-strapped Charity a job.

CORRIE: A desperate Joe accepts a low offer on Gail's house - without telling his wife. Tyrone asks Molly to give him another chance, but just gets his heart broken again.

HOME & AWAY: Tony realises that working with John is not going to be easy, and Nicole struggles to cope with Aden's moodswings. Angelo is suspended from the force.


NEIGHBOURS: Ringo comes to Donna's rescue when he produces a witness to Saffron's violent outbursts.

EASTENDERS: Newlyweds Syed and Amira return to the Square, and DCI Marsden has good news for Ian.

RIVER CITY: Malcolm is forced to face up to his own health problems after he is invited to the funeral of a former workmate.

EMMERDALE: Chas wishes Carl would look after Anya and Thomas himself, instead of palming them off on other people. Charity suspects Cain is hatching a cunning plan.

HOME & AWAY: Nicole is unsure of her feelings for Liam - until Aden drops a bombshell that helps make up her mind. Ruby tries to spend some time alone with Geoff.


NEIGHBOURS: Zeke is furious when Libby accuses him of doing Kyle's homework for him. However, he considers making a confession anyway after he realises that Sunny is being blackmailed into writing all of their classmate's school assignments.

EMMERDALE: Nicola is most put out to learn Cain and Charity have set a date, and tells Jimmy it's about time they organised their own nuptials. Natasha has some upsetting news for Will.

HOME & AWAY: Aden's reckless actions land him and Nicole in a police cell, but at least it will give them a chance to talk through their issues. Leah inadvertently gives Miles the wrong impression, while Liam considers turning to drugs, until he receives some unexpected help.


NEIGHBOURS: Libby asks Dan's advice on dealing with Sunny, but he's far too preoccupied with Lucas.

EASTENDERS: Janine is banned from Archie's funeral, so she goes to upset poorly Pat in hospital instead.

EMMERDALE: Zak encourages a bashful Sam to go for it with Olena. Kayleigh pressures Victoria to send Hannah a bullying text.

CORRIE: Joe comes up with yet another bright idea for paying off his debts. Tyrone tells Molly if she doesn't want to get back together, she should get out of his life for good.

HOME & AWAY: Miles drowns his sorrows following his humiliating encounter with Leah, and Charlie hears that Derrick has managed to escape en route to the station.


NEIGHBOURS: Kate comes up with a plan to protect her family. Lyn and Lou clash over the store's future.

EASTENDERS: Janine strikes an unlikely deal with God, while Bradley shows Stacey the engagement ring.

EMMERDALE: Maisie struggles to accept that Ryan really is her brother. Victoria feels awkward when Hannah confides in her.

CORRIE: George finally persuades Peter to consider sending Simon to Oakhill - well, it worked wonders for Rosie. Sunita dashes Dev's hopes of being a family again, and Joe panics when Ted asks him for his money back.

HOME & AWAY: Charlie thinks she's on the brink of solving the people-smuggling mystery - but is the cop prepared for the impact of the whole, shocking truth?

Becky is keeping mum

Mixed emotions as grieving barmaid reveals she is pregnant


A good rule of thumb in soapland is that if there's a death, it's usually followed by either news of a pregnancy or a birth.

So there's bound to be mixed feelings for Becky who is on a rollercoaster ride of emotion this week.

The drama kicks off on Monday when Steve shows off his new bike and Becky tells Kelly she's welcome to try it out.However, she soon lashes out when she spots lipstick on Steve's face.

Later in the week,Hayley and Roy are shocked to hear that it's Becky's mum's funeral on Friday - and that she hasn't told her husband.

By Friday, the McDonalds manage to make it up, and Becky drops the bombshell that she's pregnant.

Steve has been desperate for them to have a family of their own, but it begs the questions: how does she feel about it? And considering he attempts to ride his bike when drunk, will he live long enough to see his new baby?

Meanwhile, there's no shortage of drama for the rest of the Weatherfield locals, including Janice, who is so furious that dustbin man Trevor refuses to take her rubbish, she jumps on the back of the bin wagon.

Elsewhere, it seems Rosie's ample charms are proving to be the perfect sales tool for one nut company. In fact, Eddie and Lloyd buy all the peanuts from a poster campaign to see Rosie in her bikini.

Later, Kevin tries to talk some sense into his daughter while she waits for her boob job consultation. Elsewhere, Gail comes home to find that Joe has got someone round to value the house on the cheap for a quick sale; Ken calls a truce with Peter and George about George's wish to pay for Simon's schooling, and things are looking grim for Dev. After years of barely mentioning Sunita, he's suddenly become obsessed with his ex and making a fresh start with her. The problem is, she's not so keen and tells him there's no chance of them getting back together.


It looks as if Home & Away fans don't have to worry about Ray Meagher's dedication to the show. Unlike many of his younger co-stars, Ray, who plays Alf Stewart, has no intention of making his name in Hollywood. Neighbours and Emmerdale stalwart Anne Charleston has joined the cast of a touring version of Calendar Girls which begins in Hull in May.


LAST CHANCE.. Ashley confronts Sally ON THE MOVE... Edna asks a deluded Sally to move out BURYING THE HACHET... Sisters Roxy and Ronnie IN DENIAL... Innes gets kicked out THE END?... Lucas and Elle STILL HOOKED... Martha and Hugo give in to temptation SECRETS AND LIES... Becky tells Hayley and Roy about her mum's death, top. Kevin tries to give Rosie advice, above
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