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Archie's legacy lives on

Janine already has experience of being disappointed by an older lover's will so, after discovering Archie left her nothing but an executive stress toy, she simply opens up the car lot as nothing in the world has happened.

Unfortunately, new owner Roxy doesn't take kindly to having her dad's ex on the premises and Janine is forced to resort to Plan B - and that means blackmailing Ian.

When the chip shop owner refuses to pay her pounds 10,000 to keep quiet about the laptop, the scheming minx shows she means business by going to the police. But her actions have consequences for more than just the Beales.

She also has a confrontation with Pat - which ends in her former stepmother collapsing.



Sally falls head first for priest

Oh Ashley, when will you learn? You might have realised Sally is ruining your marriage, but it won't be easy to get her out of your life.

As the priest prepares to take Gabby and leave Emmerdale to be closer to Laurel, Sally plays her wildcard. Ashley hits her when she steps out in front of the car and he is shocked to see she is unconscious.

However, her actions don't stop at keeping him in the village, as she tells Edna that she and Ashley have been sleeping together.

Ashley is appalled at the lengths Sally will go to and confronts her, realising that Laurel was right about her all along.

Unfortunately, this realisation doesn't stop the Bishop from suspending him, meaning that it is the Bishop, not Ashley, who officiates at Angelica's christening.

Nicola is furious when Jimmy arrives late for the ceremony but it nevertheless goes ahead as planned.

Meanwhile, Nathan is protective when Ryan asks to talk to Maisie.

And she is furious when he reveals that he is staying at Katie's house. Plus Charity gets the sack.


It's all go in Home & Away, Romeo is frustrated when he fails to find a job, Suzy returns to the bay, Tony's gym is trashed, while John has a business proposition for the financially troubled owner. Geoff interrupts a mystery intruder at Donna's house - could Hugo be involved? And Xavier is finally released from Rosie's clutches.


Web of lies

Consistency is a dirty word in soaps, where characters go from much-loved to merely detested overnight.

Hugo's transformation from Summer Bay hero to man of mystery will have surprised many of late.

Martha excitedly waits at home for her lover to return. Since her discovery of the engagement ring she has been expecting him to propose - but he returns in a bad mood. Martha tells Rachel she has found the ring and cannot wait to marry Hugo.

Eventually the pair have a heart-to-heart and Martha is staggered when Hugo breaks up with her.

Meanwhile, Miles pays Ian off but also makes a shocking discovery.

And love is in the air for Nicole and Aden.

Love is in the air


Is Ruth finally about to enjoy a little romance? It seems so, although her attempt to find love during The Tall Ship's speed-dating night doesn't go well.

Undaunted, Ruth turns to the internet for help in finding the man of her dreams, and gets an immediate response from a mysterious bloke.

But when he fails to turn up to meet her, she spends the evening with Gordon, of all people. They might not seem like an ideal couple but there's certainly a spark between them. Is this the start of something special? Eileen also thinks that romance could be in the air for her with Murray. However, when she's delayed at work, he enjoys a romantic dinner with Gina instead.

Inevitably, this puts Eileen's nose out of joint, especially when her wouldbe beau decides to leave early when she shows up.


House of cards

If there's one thing you really must never do in soapland, it's enter a dodgy building with Elle Robinson.

That's because before you know it, some disaster will have struck, and it's likely you'll be left fighting for your life because of it.

The kiss of death strikes again this week when she investigates a new housing development and finds that her former editor Josh Burns is also chasing a story about how badly thrown together it is.

They decide to unite their efforts, but he ends up being seriously injured after falling from a broken ladder. Oh dear...

Elle suffers a panic attack, brought on by the memories of being stuck in the nightclub collapse a couple of years ago but has to hold it together so that she can raise the alarm and save Josh's life. However, that is certainly going to be easier said than done.

An affair to remember

Cheating Molly tells a stunned Tyrone she is ending their marriage


Molly is desperate to leave Tyrone but summoning up the courage to do so is proving harder than expected.

When he reminds her that it is two years since Vera died, she puts that bombshell on hold.

Later, while Tyrone is chatting to Jack, he tells him how he feels about his marriage problems. The seasoned pigeon fancier advises him to take control and share his sentiments with Molly.

However, as Tyrone sits down to talk to his wife, he is not prepared for what she has to say. He is shocked as he tries to take in the news. And, as she begins to pack her things, he demands answers.

The grease monkey assumes she is having an affair.

Although a guilty Molly denies this, she tells Tyrone she doesn''t feel anything for him any more.

He can only stand and watch helplessly as she walks out on him and their marriage.

Later, Tyrone pours his heart out to Jack, who is frustrated that he can''t do anything to help. Things become more complicated when Dev helps Molly move into the corner shop flat, and Tyrone believes his wife is having a fling with her boss.

Although Kevin stops Tyrone beating Dev to a pulp, he is then asked by his mate to speak to Molly.

The news of the Dobbs split eventually reaches Pam.

A tearful Molly tells her that Kevin was going to leave Sally for her until he found out she had cancer.

Meanwhile, a devastated Tyrone apologises to Dev for thumping him and Fiz offers her ex a shoulder to cry on.

Elsewhere, there are more problems for Gail and Joe.

She is thrilled when the estate agent calls to make an appointment for a couple to view the house.

And the ever desperate Joe has yet another close encounter with loan shark Rick. Has he finally reached the end of his tether? It won't be that simple...


EastEnders bosses have incurred the wrath of Kirstie Allsopp. The Location, Location, Location presenter claimed via Twitter that she was horrified by an anti-gay rant from Zainab that was aired before the watershed. Oh dear... And sorry girls, Ricky Whittle won't be appearing in another soap after he leaves Hollyoaks in May. He claims the Chester show is the last one he wants to be in.




NEIGHBOURS: Kate is nervous about her dance audition - and her family problems definitely don't help.

EASTENDERS: Peggy has a hard time accepting that Roxy is now the official Queen of the re-opened Vic.

EMMERDALE: Charity loses her job at the factory, and Maisie is hurt to hear that Ryan has taken up residence on Katie's sofa.

CORRIE: David tries to put a couple of buyers off Gail's house. Relations between Becky and Steve become even more strained when he splashes out on a set of golf clubs.

HOME & AWAY: Xavier apologises to Gina for his recent behaviour toward John, while Romeo weighs up his options as he searches for employment in Summer Bay.


NEIGHBOURS: Donna blames Ringo for making her abandon her dreams of a career in high fashion.

EASTENDERS: Denise fears the new head of the church's fundraising committee is hoping to get her hands on more than just Lucas's jumble.

RIVER CITY: Lydia is overjoyed when Lee returns, but Lenny isn't quite so enthusiastic.

EMMERDALE: Debbie feels guilty about Charity's plans to get married on the cheap. Nicola discovers her 'helpers' would rather be in the pub than organising the christening.

HOME & AWAY: Charlie solves the mystery of Riley's injuries, while Aden gets a new job on the condition that he escorts the manager's daughter to her high school formal.


NEIGHBOURS: Donna realises that Ringo may not be responsible for ruining her life after all, but he's too busy studying to pay much attention to her attempts to make amends.

EMMERDALE: Val's plans for the restaurant's grand opening suffer a setback when Brenda points out there's a mistake in the newspaper adverts. Can David and Leyla rescue the situation? Debbie discovers she may have an admirer in the form of Nikhil.

HOME & AWAY: Nicole follows up a revelation from Liam with a confession of her own. Aden has a night to remember for all the wrong reasons when events at the school dance leave him feeling as if he's betrayed Belle's memory, and Martha makes an unexpected discovery.


NEIGHBOURS: Dan argues with Susan at the hospital over whether they should find out the baby's sex.

EASTENDERS: Ronnie discovers she may have a long-lost half brother. Bradley is uneasy when Stacey goes out drinking with her friend Becca.

EMMERDALE: Sam accidentally lets slip that Olena is an illegal immigrant, and Nikhil ends up regretting asking Debbie to check out Priya's new car.

CORRIE: Sally's colleagues start a charity collection in her honour, but self-obsessed Rosie is more interested in raising the money to pay for her own breast implants.

HOME & AWAY: Tony receives bad news about the gym, and Geoff disturbs an intruder at Donna's property.

FRIDAY NEIGHBOURS: Toadie and Steph plot to get Lou and Lyn working side by side once again in Harold's store.

EASTENDERS: Roxy tries to put her own stamp on the Vic - and starts by sacking the long-suffering Tracey.

EMMERDALE: Carl can't believe his ears when Chas asks him to give Charity a job, but there's an even bigger surprise in store.

CORRIE: It's a very stressful day for the Websters as Sally prepares to receive her test results, and Sophie hears upsetting news about Sian. Joe considers taking ever more desperate measures as Rick piles on the pressure.

HOME & AWAY: John offers Tony a potential lifeline, and Xavier frets about being chased by Rosie. Meanwhile, Martha and Angelo are both preoccupied with Hugo.


NO WAY... Janine and Roxy PANIC... Ashley is shocked when he knocks Sally over TRUTH HURTS... Martha and Hugo SURPRISED... Ruth LIFE SAVER... Elle finds herself in yet another fix ONE ON ONE... Janine shocks Pat again ALL OVER... Tyrone reels at Molly's news that she's leaving him and wrongly assumes Dev's involvement, top, while loan shark Rick increases the pressure on troubled Joe, above
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