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Mark's affair is brought to end

After months of tiptoeing around trying to undermine each other and then finally giving in to their mutual attraction, Mark and Faye decided they would leave their families to be together again.

However, no one could have predicted the shock turnabout that comes this week when the pair realise they can't hurt their children and decide to go their separate ways.

Unfortunately, Natasha's on to them and bursts in just as they share a hug goodbye. This being Soapland, the parents don't realise that Ryan and Maisie are also upstairs and, concerned, come down to investigate the ensuing row.

How will Mark, Faye and Natasha react when they discover that Ryan and Maisie have been seeing each other romatically?


Ian's romp on video is uncovered

They may work together making curries, but there's nothing warm about the relationship between Jane and Zainab now they both know the truth about Syed's sexuality.

This week, their friendship deteriorates even further as Jane fails to let her colleague know about the latest book club meeting, while Zainab suggests she's in no position to lecture other people on how to treat their kids, seeing as she's childless. However, their feud is about to get even more vicious as Tamwar tries to help Peter retrieve a deleted file from his laptop, and ends up unearthing the recording of Ian and Janine.

Zainab wastes no time in playing it to Jane, who walks out on her husband in disgust. Christian persuades her to give the chip-shop boss another chance as she'd left him when it happened.

And Ian has an even more pressing reason for wanting her back as he reveals how he came to have the laptop in the first place. Jane agrees to support her husband and helps him dispose of the evidence - but Janine has another trick up her sleeve.


In Home and Away, Irene is shocked when Donna DeBono arrives back in the bay, while Charlie and Angelo reopen the investigation into Lou's death. Gina attempts to bring Xavier and John together, Tony struggles to keep the gym afloat. And Xavier juggles two girls - which one will he choose?


Losers in love

If you're a soapland resident, weddings are seldom a time of great joy and happiness.

Cast your minds back to TV weddings of the past and you'll be hard pressed to find one that went smoothly. Many hold Scott and Charlene's shindig to be the best in small screen history, but that only took place after much wrangling between the Ramsay and Robinson clans. So, don't expect everyone to be overjoyed when Lucas proposes to Elle this week.

But it's not Paul who kicks up a stink - he begins to realise how happy Lucas makes Elle. Instead, it's a desperate Dan who tries to pour cold water on things.

This is a bit rich when you consider that not so long ago he was risking his own marriage by jetting off to see his ex-wife and giving her heaps of cash...

Obsessed about Oz


It's the new year, a time for a fresh start and all this looms large in Malcolm's mind, prompting him to book a trip to Australia - if only Liz could share his enthusiasm.

Unfortunately, she can't. Instead, she takes the whole thing rather personally, believing he wants to leave Shieldinch because he's bored not only of the town, but of her too. What Liz doesn't realise is that he's had some shocking news about his health which is inspiring him to make a few changes to his life.

Meanwhile, Nicki is horrified when Deek returns home from the stag night in Prague without Bob.

He claims they were separated at the airport but she wonders if something happened between the pair - especially when Bob does turn up, and there's tension between him and his friend.


Under the cosh

Poor old Miles has had so many problems of late, he was probably happier when everybody thought he was just sister Sally's friend.

This week he is found on the beach having been attacked and rushed to hospital. His injuries are not too severe but he has no idea who could have assaulted him.

Embarrassingly, it soon emerges who attacked the hapless teacher - 12-year-old Riley Radcliffe and his friends.

Riley's father Ian then accuses Miles of fracturing his son's wrist and Miles is arrested.

Elsewhere, Liam plans a special dinner for Nicole, to celebrate her last day of exams. But when Aden and Nicole come home together that night he is furious.

Meanwhile, Martha, Hugo and Bambang have fresh problems when Martha discovers Hugo's plane ticket. Is he planning on following wife Suzy?

Putting the knife in

Sympathy switches towards Sally as a date with the surgeon beckons


Sally has had many ups and downs over the years - coping with Kevin's adulterous ways (long before Molly came along), the daughter from hell, and the fact Rosie was abducted by obsessed teacher John.

However, all of those problems pale into insignificance this week as she has to deal with her illness and the fact oblivious Underworld staff are being more horrid to her than usual.

They are far from impressed when they discover that Sally has been given time off despite all leave being banned. They also smell a rat when Hayley and Sally's stories simply don't add up.

To add to her problems, saucy snaps of Rosie have found their way onto an advert at the bus stop, and when Sally and Kevin react badly, she retaliates with some unintentionally hurtful comments.

Eventually they decide it's time to tell the girls (who suspect their parents' marriage is on the rocks). On the day before Sally's operation, she wants some sense of normality - sadly in Weatherfield there's little chance of that.

At Underworld the mystery of Sally's time off rears its head again and Carla steps in to stop the girls bullying her.

However, when their comments are overheard in the Street by Rosie, the hot-headed minx can't keep quiet and follows them to the Rovers to have a go at them. Sally follows just in time to hear her telling the factory workers her mum is going for an operation.

Once in hospital, Sally tells Kevin she is terrified she will need to have a mastectomy and what her husband will think of her.

The guilty and emotional mechanic tells her she will always be beautiful.

Meanwhile, Norris is less than happy to see Mary is back in the Street - and even less so when Tina railroads him into a dinner invitation.


As Molly Dobbs in Corrie, Vicky Binns has had to deal with marriage's ups and downs - and the experience, she claims, has put her off the idea of tying the knot herself! Neighbours stalwart Jackie Woodburne has a dream - that pop star George Michael will follow in the footsteps of Lily Allen by appearing on the soap when he visits Australia next month.




NEIGHBOURS: Lyn has trouble with the wiring at the store, but won't do the sensible thing and ask Lou.

EASTENDERS: Birthday girl Jean doesn't feel like celebrating when she realises Stacey is expecting a baby.

EMMERDALE: Aaron uses Holly in his scheme to prove to the village he isn't gay. Nikhil catches Charity messing about at work.

CORRIE: David tries to trick Nick into revealing why he's really sticking around but has he finally found one relative he can't manipulate? Joe worries about Tina's well-being.

HOME & AWAY: Liam plans a romantic surprise but he's the one in for a shock when Nicole and Aden manage to put their differences to one side and patch things up.


NEIGHBOURS: The debutante ball arrives, but Kate is without a partner - unless Harry can convince Declan to step in.

EASTENDERS: Peggy worries that Glenda might inherit the Vic and asks her lawyer to do some digging. Jean confronts Stacey about the scans.

RIVER CITY: Nicki fears the worst when Bob fails to return from the stag weekend in Prague.

EMMERDALE: John accuses Adam of lying purely to make trouble for Holly and advises him to keep his nose out of his sister's love life. If only the misguided dad knew...

HOME & AWAY: Geoff and Ruby decide to sleep together, but want to make sure the time is right. Angelo has bad news for Irene and Liam is feeling frustrated.


NEIGHBOURS: Kate surprises everyone by turning up to the deb on Declan's arm. She hopes she'll be able to turn Jason Coleman's head too as she prepares to dance for him but sadly her dress gets ruined.

EMMERDALE: Nicola has some big plans for Angelica's christening but agrees to tone them down when Scarlett offers to help foot the bill. Nikhil lives dangerously by flirting with Charity in full view of an unimpressed Cain.

HOME & AWAY: Hugo worries someone is watching him on the farm but perhaps he's the one who should be keeping his eyes open as Martha stumbles across his ticket to Indonesia. Donna begs Irene for help and Charlie and Angelo fear their investigation might have been in vain.


NEIGHBOURS: Susan discovers Callum's grades have been slipping. Elle tells Lucas she's sold the house.

EASTENDERS: Ricky and Bianca start work on their wedding guest list, and the Mitchells gather together to hear the contents of Archie's will.

EMMERDALE: Carl is honoured to be Angelica's godfather but how will Nicola react when Jimmy asks her not to go overboard with the christening?

CORRIE: Matt feels sidelined when Dev organises the twins' birthday party with help from Jesse. Joe struggles to steer his chats with Gail on to the subject of life insurance.

HOME & AWAY: Xavier tries to choose between Ali and Rosie. Hugo tells Martha he's not going back to Suzy.


NEIGHBOURS: Harry nearly ruins Sophie and Callum's friendship, and the Ramsays are visited by the DHS.

EASTENDERS: Billy reveals who has inherited the Vic, while Bradley bumps into Max at a job interview.

EMMERDALE: Ashley is downcast after Laurel asks him to postpone his visit and Charity embarrasses Nikhil at a business lunch.

CORRIE: When Asha falls ill with suspected meningitis, Sunita turns to Dev - not Matt. Eddie is bursting with pride at Gary's party but Anna still has doubts about her son's chosen career, and Kelly shocks the other factory girls.

HOME & AWAY: Tony considers selling the gym to solve his financial worries, and Gina urges Xavier to give John a chance. Miles frets about a report in the paper.


KEEPING IT IN THE FAMILY... Maisie hears a rumpus CAUGHT... Mark and Faye PACT... Jane agrees to help Ian dispose of evidence BE MINE... Lucas proposes to Elle ENTHUSIASTIC... Malcolm FEELING HURT... Miles is questioned by a police officer AFRAID... Ken and Rosie offer support to a nervous Sally, the garage owner is angry when he spots Rosie's poster top, and Norris is not very pleased to see Mary, above
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