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TUE, BBC1,7.30pm

Plot calls for strong stomach

Health warning - you're going to need a sturdy disposition to cope with some of this week's Walford storylines.

The vomit-inducing tales begin on Tuesday, courtesy of Archie.

He might have kept himself in good shape for a man of his years but he's hardly a catch for a foxy young woman.

But then again, he and Janine probably deserve each other - and perhaps that's why, when he asks her to marry him, she agrees.

However, it's more likely she likes the idea of his impressive bank balance.

But before accepting Archie's proposal, Janine goes out for dinner with Ian. He gets drunk and they spend the night together (buckets at the ready!). As if that wasn't disturbing enough, we get to see Ian in his hot tub - again. It's really not a pretty sight.


FRIDAY, STV,7.30pm

Carla's off the hook for murder

Some critics have a go at Corrie for taking its time over plotlines but that's not always a bad thing.

When a story like Tony Gordon being found out as a killer does reach a head, it's the stuff of TV gold.

Back to the plot, and this week Carla goes to visit her murderous husband in prison.

If you only see five minutes of Corrie this week, just watch her face when she discovers Jimmy is still alive.

Now that she knows Tony has no hold over her, it looks like she's finally free of his grip.

Well, there's that and the divorce - and the fact he has friends on the outside who know where she lives.

On a lighter note, and there's plenty of those this week, Sunita makes a welcome return to the show after years away.

But with golfing fan Dev involved in plenty of 'fore' play with the delectable Bernie, does this mean his estranged wife will work her way back into his heart? And there's a priceless moment when Ken (dressed as Santa) has a run-in with George as Simon waits to see Father Christmas.


Bradley is back in EastEnders. After seeing Stacey, he realises that he doesn't want to return to Canada - but how will Syd take the news? Will she be able to change his mind? Meanwhile, Whitney faces the ordeal of testifying against Tony in court, and Tanya discovers the truth about Max's financialposition.


Child's play

Martha's got a lot on her plate with the election but when Xavier and Romeo take the little boy home they found in the derelict house, she quickly bonds with the youngster.

She coaxes the boy into revealing his name, Bambang, and persuades the fostering service to let her look after him. When 16 Hugo discovers Martha has applied to foster Bambang, he is furious. Martha ultimately agrees that the child might be better off with an Indonesian family.

Elsewhere, Kirsty leaves the Bay for good.

How will Miles cope without her?

And Romeo accidentally swallows a spiked drink - but Liam refuses to call an ambulance in case he gets arrested again.

Where there's a will...


Even from beyond the grave, loved ones can still exert an influence. Just ask Margaret.

She and Scott haven't been on great terms since she arrived in Shieldinch - and things get worse when she reveals the details of her late husband's will. It seems the duo stand to inherit a huge sum of money if they return to Lewis.

Mother and son have a massive argument - she claims she wants to stick around but misses her old life. He, meanwhile, must decide who is more important to him - his friends or mum.

Meanwhile, over at Ruth's, Jo's strange behaviour continues to baffle her nearest and dearest.

Eileen finally gets her to open up about how she feels following Nazir and Franco's deaths. And it seems there's been a breakthrough when Jo agrees to babysit for Eilidh.

Bad boy gets a kiss-off

Confused Aaron makes romantic gesture to Adam and gets spurned


Aaron has been nothing but trouble for the Bartons ever since they moved to Butlers Farm earlier this year.

He impressed John early on by trying to stop Rodney's runaway van from ploughing into the Home Farmshop - and the farmer was the only one who stood up for the youth when others tried to pin the blame on him.

However, their relationship soured from there on.

After taking an interest in John's daughter Holly, Aaron took whatever chances he could get to visit the farm. But when he was ridiculed he started playing with a lighter in the barn and almost burned the place down.

Getting John arrested after he locked Aaron up as a punishment, the teenager taunted Holly, telling her that he would only drop the charges against her father if she slept with him.

The Dingles knocked some sense into the lad, getting John off the hook, but Aaron seemingly destroyed any chance he had with Holly.However, showing incredibly bad taste in the opposite sex,Holly and Aaron began seeing each other and the teenager started to forge a friendship with her brother Adam.

But this week it seems a confused Aaron might have feelings for Holly's brother that he doesn't understand.

The two lads hit the town but are thrown out of a bar for being underage. Aaron loses control of the car as they drive home and after narrowly avoiding a collision, he gets a bump on the head.

As Adam leans forward to check his cut, Aaron goes in for a kiss and his friend pulls away shocked, leaving the troubled teen horrified by his own actions.

Upset and confused,Aaron vents his anger on the footbridge, but as Lizzie tries to cross he pushes her to the ground and runs away, leaving her shaken and confused.

Will Aaron come to terms with his feelings?


In soapland, villains never get away with their crimes, so you can bet the cops will soon be knocking on Lucas's door in EastEnders. Nevertheless, Don Gilet, who plays him, claims he doesn't know what will happen. Pull the other one. Kym Marsh claims she wants to be in Coronation Street long enough to help it celebrate its 50th anniversary. We'll see...


Dan's under fire

What a silly boy Dan is. He's always been the first person everyone on Ramsay Street could turn to in a crisis, the kind we'd all love to have on our side.

But Libby is discovering that being married to somebody who wants to do the best thing for everybody can be a nightmare.

Dan's been in New Zealand, attempting to help his troubled ex-wife Sam but this week he returns to Erinsborough - and he's about to face Libby's wrath.

She's horrified that he's handed Sam their savings without even consulting her.

Even Lucas, who's hardly a moral compass you could steer by, is disgusted by his brother's actions.

Could this be the beginning of the end of what was once one of Ramsay Street's happiest marriages?

We already know that Brett Tucker, who plays Dan, is set to leave the Aussie-based show - so it's a distinct possibility.




NEIGHBOURS: Harry and Sophie scold Kate for choosing to attend the prize-giving rather than her audition.

EASTENDERS: Tiffany accidentally breaks the phone that Whitney has secretly been using to contact Tony, and Ian uses an online dating agency.

EMMERDALE: Sally celebrates when she hears that Laurel has left the village, and Brenda is annoyed with Terry for spending so much time with Val.

CORRIE: Ken goes behind Deirdre's back and asks the council to put a stop to Peter's plans for a wine bar, while Molly is furious with Kevin's decision to delay leaving Sally.

HOME & AWAY: A jealous Xavier sees Ruby and Geoff together and decides to make a move on Ali.


NEIGHBOURS: Paul issues Donna with an ultimatum - but his tactics backfire. Meanwhile, an upset Kate lashes out at her family.

EASTENDERS: Whitney has a miserable birthday worrying about the trial, and Max is visited by the bailiffs.

RIVER CITY: The entire cast quits the Christmas Fairytale production at the community centre in protest over Liz's unreasonable behaviour.

EMMERDALE: Laurel refuses to listen to Ashley's pleas to come home, and Marlon is shocked when Charity tells him she is considering taking Cain's money and leaving.

HOME & AWAY: Miles struggles to reach out to Kirsty, so he calls her mother in the hope that they can reconnect.


NEIGHBOURS: Dan apologises to Libby for giving their house deposit money to his ex-wife Sam, while Rebecca orders Paul to find Donna and get her to move back home.

EMMERDALE: Doug flies off the handle with Ashley and Sally after he walks in to find them sharing a bottle of wine. Elsewhere, Holly is shocked when Aaron becomes indifferent to her, and Ryan is surprised when Maisie flirts with him in the Woolpack.

HOME & AWAY: Kirsty apologises to Miles and he believes they have turned a corner in their relationship, unaware she has made a big decision about her future. Meanwhile, Xavier manages to persuade a reluctant Romeo to have a Halloween party at Liam's house.


NEIGHBOURS: Lou returns from New York and tries to re-stock the shelves at Harold's Store, but Paul manages to turn him against Lyn.

EASTENDERS: Phil puts more pressure on Max to come up with the money or face the consequences.

EMMERDALE: Olena's presence is discovered after Zak and Shadrach hear Sam talking to somebody, while Nicola plans a fancy meal for Scarlett.

CORRIE: Ken stages a protest meeting in the Rovers, which ends in confrontation with Peter, and Carla shocks the factory girls by cancelling their Christmas.

HOME & AWAY: Miles discovers that Kirsty has left him, while Gina agrees to go out for dinner with John.


NEIGHBOURS: Kate decides to make up for the disappointment of her audition, and Lyn is forced to contemplate selling Harold's Store.

EASTENDERS: In court, Whitney finally faces up to what Tony did to her, and Tanya is horrified when bailiffs pay a visit to her salon.

EMMERDALE: Sam tries his best to convince Pollard to give Olena a job at the B&B.

CORRIE: Ken's plan to start a media campaign against Peter's bar pushes Deirdre to her limit, while Claire and Becky fight it out for the pantomime's star role.

HOME & AWAY: Ruby finds Geoff's concern for her illness to be overwhelming, while John goes to great lengths to persuade Gina to give him a second chance.


WORSE FOR WEAR... Ian gets drunk and beds Janine EAST END THRILLS... Archie reveals his infatuation to Janine SHOCK... Carla is stunned to learn Jimmy is not dead FOSTERING OLD TIES... Martha REVELATION... Margaret CONFUSED... Aaron feels Holly is distancing him from Adam, and later tries to kiss his friend, top, before venting his frustration FINAL ACT?... Brett Tucker is set to leave Ramsay Street
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