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Soap stories.


Branning bettered by Beale

Not so long ago, Max Branning could afford to live in a big house, lavish presents on his children, wife and mistresses, and still have enough cash left over to bribe Bradley's love rivals to leave town.

However, this week it becomes clear those days are long gone, as Max is so hard-up he agrees to join the equally cash-strapped Phil in a scheme to rip off Ian Beale.

The insurance salesman's conscience starts to trouble him when Masood asks to be part of the 'investment opportunity', but worse is to come as Ian rumbles the scam, forcing Max to find a new victim - Bradley's mum Rachel.

At least there's some good news from the Mitchells, just when Roxy is preparing to let Ronnie know of Sam's disappearance, the latter returns to the Square and announces she's pregnant.

Elsewhere, Whitney is told about Tony's attempted suicide.


Sally sees Laurel's hardy side

It's all been a bit sinister in Emmerdale ever since Ashley's former girlfriend Sally Spode turned up in the village.

It wasn't long until both accusations and bricks were being slung through the air and Sally was covered in bruises she claimed were the handiwork of her husband Vincent.

But let's be honest, how many of us ever really believed that the competitive priest actually laid a finger on her?

Sally has been manipulating events from the word go and has successfully dug her claws into Ashley, who seems blind to her dark side, despite various warnings from his wife Laurel.

And it is Ashley's wife who has come off worst, having been trapped inside the burning church.

Laurel has finally wised up to Sally's game though, but Ashley is still unwilling to believe his ex is anything but sweetness and light.

Fearing for her safety, and pushed into a confrontation when Sally picks daughter Gabby up from school and takes her for a haircut without her permission, Laurel delivers Ashley an ultimatum - either Sally goes or she goes.

But what will Ashley's decision be?

Also this week...

In Home & Away, Jai is furious with Romeo for stealing Annie away from him. Romeo is desperate to repair their friendship, but Jai refuses to talk to him. Jai decides to stay in the bay and give his slot on the Japanese exchange to Annie - but just as she accepts the place, he changes his mind.


Grief in reef

There's already plenty of tragedy in Summer Bay, but the picturesque murder hotspot is in for more death and intrigue.

Hugo heads out to secure the schooner during a stormbut discovers the vessel is missing from the mooring.

Hugo and Angelo then look for the vessel the following day but discover another boat sunk on the reef - with a dozen dead bodies in the hold!

Hugo is left shaken and seeks comfort in Martha. Angelo is convinced the bodies were being smuggled into the country and that Hugo is involved.

Jo's Romeo no-go


You can choose your friends but not your families. No doubt Jo, Gina and Ruth wish they could.

Gina thinks Jo should spend time with Romeo and, for once, Jo agrees with her mother - until she gets a better offer from Ewan. Gina is so incensed with her for not showing up that she storms over to the flat and tackles her daughter about her shoddy behaviour but it all falls on deaf ears.

Deek, however, is determined that another Shieldinch resident will be on the straight and narrow before long. Homeless Stella needs a place to stay, so he offers her a cabin.

Rosie is going for broke

Wicked Webster cooks up crafty scheme to extort money from Stape


Rosie Webster is not the sort of young woman who fancies working hard for a living.

After receiving a windfall from John Stape - and then losing most of it to former squeeze Luke Strong - she's now broke again.

OK,she could sell her pricey car - the one she can't even drive - or she could just sponge off her mum and dad as usual.

However, with Sally and Kevin tired of being treated like an ATM, the poisonous Ms Webster decides another spot of exploitation is what she needs to fund the bank of Rosie. And in her twisted mind, she thinks pretending to show an interest in the medical profession is the way to get funding from Stape.

She tells him she wants pounds 50,000 or she will tell everyone that he's assaulted her.OK,John's no angel but having served his time for locking her in his granny's attic,he's now trying to move on, so this is the last thing he needs.

When Bill hears Rosie's cries, it looks like John is facing another spell inside, for something he didn't do.

Luckily for him,Rosie's latest nasty scheme loses momentum when she thinks about standing up in court and lying about her assault charge.

Meanwhile, after Steve goes behind his wife's back,Becky makes sure he loses his golf match to Dev.At the golf course, the shop magnate finds himself getting on rather well with attractive golfer Bernie.

In quite an unexpected friendship, Becky becomes best mates with Claire Peacock, though when the former goes off to an amateur dramatics class, she soon gets more than she bargained for.

Teresa persuades Lloyd to throw a party at the flat.However, without the cab driver's knowledge, she takes it upon herself to invite Graeme,Sean and the factory girls.

The party theme is Vicars and Liz, so little wonder the Rovers Return boss is concerned as Graeme keeps staring at her in the pub.

And just wait until you see the state of Mr Proctor dressed up to the nines - as the brassy barmaid.


Neighbours a henna tattoo. star Margot Robbie (pictured) is in trouble because she got It spoiled continuity, so she received a slapped wrist from her bosses. Charlotte Bellamy gave birth to daughter Teddie Boo Florence last month, but claims she worried she worked so late into her pregnancy, that she might have had her on the Emmerdale set!


Robin sets a trap

Robin is a creep. That's it, we've said it, it's out there.

So why is Zeke the only person who can see it? That is nothing short of a mystery, and so Robin is free to make Zeke's life a misery, which he does by locking him in a cupboard at the radio station.

This means that Robin can spend time alone with Sunny, then make himself look a hero when he miraculously 'finds' the key.

Unfortunately, nobody believes Zeke, and he doesn't help himself by flying off the handle whenever Robin appears.However, the schemer makes an error that gives Zeke a cunning idea...

Meanwhile, Donna's gung-ho approach to her fashion career could ruin her friendship with Kate when she persuades her to take part in a catwalk showbefore letting her down.




NEIGHBOURS: Lucas frets that Elle finds him embarrassing when she avoids public displays of affection.

EASTENDERS: Whitney is told about Tony's attempted suicide ahead of his trial, while Ronnie returns home to find Roxy in bed with Dr Al.

EMMERDALE: Charity asks a dismissive Debbie for forgiveness, and Will suffers a nasty fall while showing Olena around the Home Farm estate.

CORRIE: Ken makes a rash promise to Simon and Kevin assures Molly he still intends to leave Sally.

HOME & AWAY: Hugo discovers the schooner is missing and suspects the environmentalists that John has been inciting are to blame. Meanwhile, Kirsty has a seizure.


NEIGHBOURS: Lyn confesses to Susan that she is responsible for the gossip column, but is caught trying to retrieve the article by Paul.

EASTENDERS: Whitney secretly writes Tony a letter, and a skint Masood asks for more taxi shifts.

RIVER CITY: Jennifer and Amber struggle to fight their feelings for one another on a night out, while Lenny tries to make amends with Lydia.

EMMERDALE: Mark realises he has to make a decision about his future after learning about Will's fall, while Priya decides whether to sacrifice her friends for work.

HOME & AWAY: Annie refuses to accept Romeo's apology after he fails to show up for their date.


NEIGHBOURS: Donna persuades Kate to model for Saffron's fashion show, while Paul offers not to call the police if Lyn hands over the incriminating files she has on him.

EMMERDALE: Mark is unnerved when Faye tells him that Jai knows that they are having an affair. Laurel is dubious over the fire report's findings.

CORRIE: George is disturbed to learn more about the effects of Peter's alcoholism, and Lloyd panics when Teresa acts like they're really engaged.

HOME & AWAY: A guilty Leah admits to Miles that she thinks the food poisoning caused Kirsty's miscarriage, while Annie is unsure she should take Jai's place on the trip to Japan, and Nicole worries she failed her first exam.


NEIGHBOURS: Toadie and Callum try to take Lucas's mind off of Elle by asking him to look after Rocky.

EASTENDERS: An exhausted Masood heads for disaster when he gets behind the wheel of his taxi.

EMMERDALE: Mark is unmoved by Natasha's romantic gestures, and Katie discovers Maisie lost a horse at the stables. Laurel delivers an ultimatum to Ashley.

CORRIE: Leanne is furious with Peter after he refuses an offer of financial help from George, while Deirdre confronts Ken with her suspicion that he is cheating on her again.

HOME & AWAY: A worried Charlie and Geoff check up on Ruby and find her unconscious at home, while Nicole blames Aden for her break up with Liam.


NEIGHBOURS: Kate discovers Sophie has an award ceremony on the same day as her audition.

EASTENDERS: Rachel remains critical in hospital.

EMMERDALE: Maisie won't admit her guilt as Natasha fumes over the missing horse.

CORRIE: Kevin tells Molly he is postponing the end of his marriage and Anna makes a heartfelt plea to Gary to reconsider his Army plan.

HOME & AWAY: Martha does everything she can to gain last-minute votes.


GLASS HALF EMPTY... Max WISE... Ian Beale SINK OR SWIM... Hugo and Martha BEDTIME STORY... Jo OLD RIVALRIES... The Websters surround Stape, top. Steve and Dev do battle on the green, above HIDDEN AGENDA ...Robin schemes to lock Zeke away
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