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Charity's change of mind

Who would have believed it? Charity Tate actually chooses her family over the chance to escape Emmerdale with a bag full of cash.

Unfortunately, the revelation comes just a little too late for her to be able to go on playing - or even pretending to play - happy families any longer.

Deciding she should take the money and run, Charity steals the key and access card and heads straight over to the storage facility.

However, when she arrives she changes her mind and goes to put it back.

It's just a shame that Cain and Debbie have already cottoned on to her scheme and are following right behind, arriving just as she has her hands on the money.

She protests her innocence, but they don't believe her. Mind you, who would?

Mum's the word for Gail

Considering the aftermath of the bombshell dropped on Weatherfield's residents this week, it's little wonder the news of Gail's engagement has been overshadowed.

However, she and Audrey eventually sit down for a heartto-heart chat.

As the hairdresser details Gail's terrible track record with men, she hopes she can make her change her mind about marrying Joe.

But Gail is adamant she loves Joe and intends to go through with it. Okay, he may be up to his eyeballs in debt, but at least he's not a serial killer like her last husband so that's a blessing.

Suffering from the fallout of Tony being arrested for murder, Maria is understandably shaken, believing herself to be an unfit mother. flat.

Domineering matriarch Helen is on the scene and wants to whisk her and baby Liam off to Ireland where she can wrap them both in cotton wool for the rest of their lives - but when Carla arrives, it changes everything.

Maria tells her how Tony confessed to Liam's murder, and she feigns ignorance.

The question is: with Tony looking like he's off to the local prison for a long time, will he try to take Carla down with him?

Also this week...

In River City, Charlie and Innes are determined to prove they're the fittest resident at the students' flat. Innes claims he's the winner of a running contest, but Charlie disputes it. Their rivalry looks set to carry over into matters of the heart when Charlie takes a shine to Amber, who much prefers Innes.


Xav on rocks

It's never a good idea to provide a fake alibi for a murder suspect, as Xavier is about to find out.

Robertson turns up the heat on the schoolboy.

The detective questions the teen and asserts both he and Ruby are failing to tell the truth. At first Xavier sticks to his story, but he is clearly rattled.Hugo is furious when he hears about Robertson's actions and goes to the station to confront him.

However, when Robertson tells him that things will get more difficult for Xavier if he perjures himself, Hugo forces his younger brother to confess.

Elsewhere, the election campaign gathers pace.

Len's art of darkness


Oh pull yourself together Lenny and cheer.

We realise we're not being very sympathetic, but it's time he turned things around. Unfortunately, that doesn't look like happening this week, despite the fact he has a new project - namely saving young Dunny from a life involved in drugs.

But what he can't do is stop Dunny from stealing things. When the lad turns up with a van full of goods stolen from a dodgy art dealer, Lenny is reluctant to get involved - until he realises that the cache includes a valuable piece, hidden behind a forgery.

Almost immediately, the new, do-gooding Lenny is gone, replaced by the dastardly villain we love to hate.


Truce or dare?

Lyn Scully used to be the nicest, sweetest-natured person you could ever wish to meet. But now she's turned into a bit of a demon who will stop at nothing to make Rebecca and Paul's lives a misery.

She's at it again this week. You'd think she'd just be happy that she persuaded Elle to sell Harold's Store to her at a bargain price, but oh no.

Instead, she's determined to bring Charlie's Bar - and consequently Rebecca - to its knees by using underhand methods to steal its customers. Steph, always the voice of reason in Erinsborough, gives her mother a good talking-to - and about time too.

She urges Lyn to call a truce, which she does, but for how long after Paul makes her an offer she can't refuse is anybody's guess.




NEIGHBOURS: Donna plans to attend a fashion event, but has trouble getting past the doormen.

EASTENDERS: Jordan wins a battle in his campaign to honour his mother's memory, while Roxy and Dr Jenkins enjoy a successful date.

EMMERDALE: Marlon continues to keep his feelings for Moira a secret, while Paddy returns home to find Aaron and Molly cleaning up after the party.

CORRIE: Dev introduces Steve to his new female golf instructor when she accompanies him to the Rovers.

HOME & AWAY: Geoff is concerned that it is too soon after Belle's death for Aden to be developing feelings for Nicole, who Liam has a surprise for at the Surf Club.


NEIGHBOURS: Donna runs away in the hope of tracking down James and retrieving the money he stole.

EASTENDERS: Chelsea tries to flirt with Dr Jenkins, but is embarrassed when Roxy arrives unexpectedly.

RIVER CITY: Charlie and Innes try to outdo each other in a running competition to see who is the fittest. However, a game of spin the bottle has unfortunate results.

EMMERDALE: Marlon warns Moira he saw Hannah showing Victoria risqu pictures of herself online, but he mistakes her gratitude for something more romantic.

HOME & AWAY: Robertson takes Ruby to the station for impeding the case, and Martha prepares for the debate.


NEIGHBOURS: Elle tries to get closer to Lucas by employing herself as an apprentice at the garage, before revealing she is still in love with him. Meanwhile, Donna is determined to confront Saffron for stealing her idea.

EMMERDALE: Moira is stunned when Marlon confesses that he is falling in love with her and she leaves the pub, unsure what to say. Will she return his feelings? Faye puts Mark in his place when she returns from holiday.

HOME & AWAY: Things get bad for Charlie and Ruby as Robertson questions them over Grant's murder, while Leah admits she has feelings for the detective, but calls his investigative techniques into question. Annie realises she is falling for Romeo, but isn't sure he feels the same way.


NEIGHBOURS: Zeke is angry with Robin for flirting with Sunny and suspects he has a hidden agenda.

EASTENDERS: Lucy sees an opportunity as Phil comes under more pressure from the loan shark.

EMMERDALE: Cain is furious when he discovers that Charity has been staying at Marlon's house, telling her to keep the cash and leave - with a warning never to come back.

CORRIE: Carla shows the factory workers that she is in charge and makes no attempt to hide her contempt for Sally and Rosie, while Maria heads for Ireland.

HOME & AWAY: Romeo comes clean to Jai about his fledgling relationship with Annie and faces a tough choice.


NEIGHBOURS: Zeke is hurt when he learns he has been manipulated by Robin, and devises a new plan.

EASTENDERS: Max spots a new money-making opportunity when Ian shows off his brand new hot tub.

EMMERDALE: Mark is furious when he sees Jai leaving Faye's house and accuses her of spending the night with him.

CORRIE: Molly and Kevin take another huge risk to be together, which could end in their secret being revealed, while Rosie contemplates going back to college.

HOME & AWAY: Nicole refuses to accept Aden's hostility and convinces him to call a truce with Liam.

Mitchells in crisis talks

Troubled clan call up Grant to assist them with their financial woes


If you needed somebody to help you out of a financial crisis, who would you call?

Probably your local version of Warren Buffett, if there is such a thing. Or at the very least, a reliable sort who you know isn't likely to go on the run as soon as the chips are down.

So, somebody who is the exact opposite of Grant Mitchell then. Nevertheless, Peggy elects to call her youngest son - she's obviously a very desperate woman indeed.

Sam's disappearance is clearly going to have dire consequences for the Mitchell clan, although for some reason, Roxy thinks her cousin will turn up before she's due to appear in court. Yeah, right - you're only fooling yourself there love.

Phil grills Ricky about Sam's note, but it tells him absolutely nothing about where his sister could be. Grant tells Peggy he hasn't heard from her either, so Roxy and Ben go through her belongings - and unearth an address book. Will it lead them to Sam?

Here's hoping so, because as the week goes on, things get increasingly uncomfortable for the Mitchells. Phil speaks to Grant on the phone and assures him everything is under control, but as the strain begins to take its toll, he is forced to admit to his mother that he didn't get any extra cash from the bank, he got it from a loan shark instead - and now he wants his money back.

Phil decides the only thing he can do is to sell the Arches, but whether anybody will buy it before the family has to cough up pounds 250,000 to pay for Sam's bail remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, it's the week of Denise and Lucas's wedding. It should be the happiest day of both their lives, but this being Albert Square, you can bet something traumatic will happen, or that somebody will be completely depressed by Friday's episode.

Owen is keen to throw a spanner in the works and his timing is good - he's released from prison just in time for the nuptials. He's also got a "bring Lucas down a peg or two" scheme up his sleeve - but you know what they say about the best laid plans...


GossipGossipEx-Corrie star Kevin Kennedy (who played Curly Watts) has revealed he's about to have talks with the producers of Irish soap Fair City about a role.

Shanyn Asmar, who makes her Neighbours debut this week as Saffron Yankovic, is a makeup consultant when she's not acting - and says some customers are war y of approaching her after seeing her on screen.


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