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Soap stories.

Tony tells Roy to roll over

Murderous factory owner lays down his version of the law at the caf


It seems Tony Gordon has more lives than a very lucky cat.

Having survived his recent heart problems, the murderous Underworld boss is now back on his feet and he has some unfinished business to attend to.

"What unfinished business?" you may ask (if you've been out of the country for a few weeks or missed the odd episode).

Well, there's the fact that, as the troubled Scot lay there, thinking he was breathing his last, he confessed to Roy Cropper that he killed Liam Connor. To escape his predicament, Tony could attempt to use his charm on the caf owner, but he prefers to use threats instead.

Of course, Maria has no idea what's gone on and she tells Roy to leave her fiance alone.

After telling the factory workers that Hayley will look after the business in his absence, Mr Gordon locks the door in the caf and puts the fear of God into Roy.

Hayley is so shocked by Gordon's actions that she refuses to go into work, and instead goes with Roy to the police station to report Gordon's confession.

Meanwhile, John Stape finishes serving his sentence for kidnapping Rosie and returns to the street to live with Fiz.

As you might imagine, there's hardly a ticker tape parade for the ex-con, and Sally is rather vocal as she expresses her anger.

Things go from bad to worse as Mr and Mrs Stape discover someone has painted their windows black.

And it's obvious that Eileen is not a happy bunny. The fact that Jesse is still working with Julie leaves her fuming, especially as he claimed he had sacked her.

So this time she gives him an ultimatum: drop her half sister as part of his act or their relationship is over.

Whether he does as he's told this time remains to be seen, but it seems Jesse should change his act to Cowardly, Cowardly General Custard as he obviously has a problem standing up to his partner.


Coronation Street's Tina McIntyre is to snog her ex-boyfriend's brother this Christmas. Nick Tilsley returns to the soap in a few weeks (in the guise of Footballers' Wives veteran Ben Price). Tina has a row with Jason and storms off. She bumps into hunky stranger Nick and has no idea who he is - until afterwards. You can bet Jason and David won't be happy when they find out.


MON, BBC1, 8pm

Ronnie's ready for romance

Ronnie catches a soaking wet Owen in the sitting room looking at Danielle's picture, in the first visit of the week to Albert Square.

She questions him about his feelings for Denise but Owen lies, denying he has any.

Peggy, meanwhile, is happy with the turnout for the Queen Vic's "happy hour" but this fades when she sees Archie. Causing a scene, she tells him he isn't welcome.

Later, Ronnie tells Owen she doesn't want Roxy to know that he stayed the night. But, as he leaves the Vic, Denise catches him and makes a comment about him being an early starter.

Devious Janine catches up with Archie in the Square and asks him what he's playing at. He tells Janine that her plan was rubbish and he has a better one.

Sam tries to end her relationship with Jack but, when he kisses her, she can't resist, while Peggy overhears Archie telling Roxy he might show up at Amy's party, and that he can always talk Peggy round.


Lorry-load of trouble in Dales

Considering the amount of drama that goes on in Emmerdale - not to mention the odd explosion or two - you wouldn't think anyone would be all that desperate to move to the village, but one new character goes to extraordinary lengths to get there.

The soap has had its fair share of eclectic characters over the years, but this must surely be its first illegal immigrant, as Carolin Stoltz joins the show as newcomer Olena.

When Carl arrives at the Sharmas' sweet factory after heading back from France, Nikhil, Jai and he get a shock when they open the lorry and stowaway Olena bursts out from inside.

Nikhil gives chase, but eventually loses her, and they decide she isn't really their problem. The next day, youngsters Belle and Will discover the scared Ukrainian illegal immigrant hiding in the Dingle's barn.

She begs the children not to tell anyone about her and is grateful when they offer to help her.

However, what will happen if their parents find out about her - and just what kind of secrets could Olena be hiding?

Also this week...

In Neighbours, Kate discovers that Harry is working a late-night job to pay for her to go to dance classes. Toadie learns that Sonya is in fact Lucas's Gambler's Anonymous sponsor. Paul and Rebecca are dismayed to find Lyn has returned to Erinsborough - apparently to stay.


Lily pops in

At long last - the muchpublicised Lily Allen episode will be broadcast on Tuesday.

Frankly, it's been such a long time coming, it might end up being a bit of an anti climax.

One person who isn't sorry to see her is Karl. In fact, he behaves like the cat that got the cream, flirting with the singer-songwriter and telling her all about his own musical 'prowess'.

Now, you're probably wondering why Lily meets Karl at all. Typically, it's part of a convoluted storyline in which he ends up at the radio station, sharing air time with Zeke as the resident medical expert.

But how long Karl will be in that position is anybody's guess. He's getting on Zeke's nerves, and Sunny advises her boyfriend to tell his stepfather before it destroys their relationship.

Job lot of problems


You know how it is when you start a new job. You're a bit nervous, you go to great lengths to keep on the right side of your coworkers and you get your head down in an attempt to make a good impression.

Unfortunately, nobody bothered to tell Eileen that's how she should behave when she starts work at the community centre. Within minutes, any enthusiasm she had has gone out of the window. Instead, she clashes with Joe, is irritated by the boxers, and pours scorn on Margaret's St Andrew's celebration idea, Raymond's efforts to set up a sports night, and Liz's script for a Christmas show.

It's amazing no one smacks the community councillor in the mouth! But Eileen is forced to make amends with those she's offended when Murray reveals the council delegation are on the way - and she has to keep them sweet.


Something fishy

He may be the stuff of nightmares if you're a fish, but quite how anybody could have it in for poor fisherman Hugo is a mystery.

Yet he's up to his eyes in threats over his plans to sink the schooner and create a man-made reef.

Are Palmer's "green brigade" to blame? Martha decides to get even the sensible way and says she will try to join the council, but Hugo says he has too many skeletons in his closet for her to risk it.

Elsewhere, Miles brings up the subject of marriage in the light of Kirsty's pregnancy. Given their baggage from previous relationships, Kirsty decides now is not the right time.

Meanwhile, Charlie is very depressed about her break-up with Angelo. Worried about her mother, Ruby persuades Xavier to fabricate an alibi for Charlie on the night of Grant's murder, so she can be reinstated. But is Robertson just toying with her?




NEIGHBOURS: Elle discovers a large sum of money is missing from her bank account and mistakenly accuses James of stealing it.

EASTENDERS: Lucy worries how Jane's absence is affecting her father.

EMMERDALE: David is shocked when Leyla confesses that she slept with Nathan and Sally is furious when her plans to drive Laurel and Ashley apart only serve to bring them closer.

CORRIE: Joe's happiness unfortunately proves to be short-lived when he receives a visit from a debt collector.

HOME & AWAY: Hugo receives more hatemail over his new business proposal, while Annie is unsure whether continuing surfing lessons with Romeo is a good idea.


NEIGHBOURS: Kate investigates Harry's mysterious absences, but after accusing him of being up to no good, the truth leaves her shocked.

EASTENDERS: Whitney becomes involved in Ryan's T-shirt business, and Lucy takes a self-defence class. RIVER

CITY: Robbie and Jack deal with an unusual client at the salon. Eileen starts her new job and Margaret tries to settle into life in Shieldinch.

EMMERDALE: David confronts Nathan over his abuse of Leyla, while Sally schemes to split Laurel and Ashley.

HOME & AWAY: Gina is nervous as she prepares for her teaching interview with a stressed-out Bartlett, while Nicole ignores Aden and spends more time with Liam.


NEIGHBOURS: Steph has trouble with a chauvinist customer at the garage, while Toadie learns how Sophie and Lucas know each other.

EMMERDALE: Leyla's hand is forced when she receives a dressingdown from a misled Natasha, and Sally's interferences begin to grate on Laurel's nerves - leading her to give her manipulative house guest a piece of her mind.

HOME & AWAY: Gina is shocked when she is made principal, and Xavier worries his school life will change.

CORRIE: Molly demands that Kevin prove his love by leaving his family. Hayley worries about Roy's obsession with Tony, while Joe panics about the cost of his wedding.


NEIGHBOURS: Steph tries to win back the Welles deal by apologising to the customer, but is frustrated by his sexist attitude towards her.

EASTENDERS: Lucy prepares to go to the police about her attack, while Ian is embarrassed after he misreads the signals from Tanya.

EMMERDALE: Sally is forced to take desperate measures as her plan to come between Laurel and Ashley appears to be failing, and Nathan is shocked when a brave Leyla plays him at his own game.

CORRIE: Roy is given an ultimatum concerning Tony.

HOME & AWAY: Annie believes she is losing control of her feelings after having several dreams about Romeo.


NEIGHBOURS: Elle turns down a dream job in New York to look after Donna, but is shocked when she realises someone has now stolen all the money from her bank account.

EASTENDERS: Libby's return from university provides Denise with a welcome distraction from the wedding, while the police visit Owen.

EMMERDALE: Leyla is devastated when she learns that the newly-single David is going on a date with Priya.

CORRIE: Believing that Molly's bad mood is caused by Kirk's presence, Tyrone asks him to move out.

HOME & AWAY: Miles and Kirsty continue to argue about marriage, but both agree they are willing to make a compromise, while Harry is rushed to hospital.


PUCKERING UP... Ronnie and Owen ANGER... Peggy DISCOVERY... Youngsters Belle and Will find Olena STAR SIGNING... Lily with Zeke and Karl BAD IMPRESSION... Eileen COPS AND CROPPERS... Roy and Hayley go to the police, top. Fiz welcomes John out of prison, above REVEALING THE TRUTH... Hugo tells Martha his secrets
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