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Soap stories.


Murder in mind for Tony

Expect plenty of sparks to fly. Carla is back in Weatherfield - and she's feeling feisty.

She reappears on the day of baby Liam's christening, watching the gathering of well-wishers from her car. But it's only Tony who spots her and he's not thrilled about seeing his estranged wife, particularly not now that he's got his feet well and truly under Maria's table.

In an attempt to get Carla out of his life once and for all Tony calls on his old mate Jimmy, who we know isn't averse to leaning on people to help a friend in need.

However, when Jimmy tries to put the frighteners on her, Carla fights back, cracking him across the head with a candlestick.

It seems her and Tony could now be described as murderers. Clearly the duo were made for each other.


Cupid is ready to lock lips

There are more than a few villagers feeling the sting of Cupid's arrows this week. Unfortunately, his aim seems to be a little off lately as some of the pairings are clearly far from ideal.

First up are Mark and Faye. After endless months of teasing and taunting, Mark finally gives in and admits his feelings for her with a kiss.

However, in true soapland style, this comes just as Natasha decides she can put the past behind them.

Flirting openly with him in a way she hasn't done for a long time, she makes it clear she wants her husband back.

What a mess.

Then there are Nathan and Leyla.

His plan to snare her affections finally pays off and he gets her into bed. However, Leyla is shocked by her actions and worries what David will do if he finds out.

Third on the list is Charity and Cain, who lock lips after an argument. Will Debbie's parents get back together?

Last but not least are Holly and Aaron, an unlikely pairing, seeing how he made her an indecent proposal after having her father arrested.


Zeke's odd behaviour continues in Neighbours. Declan asks him to babysit India, and before long, Zeke is so stressed about it, he's doing some very odd things indeed. Harry notices - and writes an anonymous letter to Karl's medical column asking for help.


Charlie's fury

It just wouldn't be Home and Away without a truly horrendous supervillain stalking the streets, but charming baddie Grant could be one of the nastiest we've seen in quite a while.

Desperate to prove that he is a rapist, Charlie turns detective and looks for other victims. Angelo is concerned that Charlie's search is turning into an obsession, but the haunted young woman becomes even more determined to put Grant behind bars when she meets two women who claim to have been attacked by him.

She promptly goes off and kidnaps him!

Worried about her mother's frame of mind, Ruby searches for her - only to find her in a shack in the bush, preparing to torture Grant into a confession!

Hola lot of trouble


There are not many of us who haven't been affected by the credit crisis - even residents of Shieldinchs are feeling the pinch.

Business at Hola is going from bad to worse and Lydia can barely cope with the strain. She desperately wants to prove to everyone - including herself - that she can survive without Lenny.

Sadly, Lydia feels she's let her daughter down when Amber insists on deferring university so she can stick around and help.

Lydia also has a run-in with Scarlett, until the latter realises they have lots in common. Feeling guilty about falling out with Lydia, Scarlett pulls out all the stops to boost Hola's coffers.

Meanwhile, it's good to see Lenny is also struggling alone. However, he gets a chance to redeem his reputation by helping a young heroin addict.


The chips are down

There's a new member of the Ramsay Street family this week - a lovely puppy by the name of Bullwinkle.

He belongs to Callum, who buys him behind Toadie's back.

The lawyer decides to let his foster son keep the pooch in an attempt to teach him about personal responsibility.

Predictably, his plan goes horribly wrong, Toadie has to behave like a real dad for once, and we look set to say goodbye to one of the cutest critters to appear in a soap for a long time. On a more serious note, Lucas reaches absolute rock bottom.

Elle is determined to make his life a misery, proving herself once again to be a chip off the old Robinson block.

She not only throws her weight around at the garage, she also invites him to Paul's stag party. Not a bad thing you might think - until you realise it's at a high-class casino.

Will Lucas give in to temptation?




NEIGHBOURS: Declan does his best to celebrate his birthday, but he's clearly not in the mood for a big party.

EASTENDERS: Billy and Jay are asked to leave the overcrowded Vic. Darren prepares to pop the question.

EMMERDALE: Jai is relieved when Nikhil agrees not to quit the business. Nathan comes up with a scheme to get Leyla all to himself.

CORRIE: Rosie can't wait to take control of Underworld, but is Luke's deal too good to be true? Gail is unimpressed when Joe offers to give an unwanted boat a good home.

HOME & AWAY: Hugo is full of enthusiasm for his new dive attraction, until John pours cold water over the plans. Nicole can't take a hint as she keeps chasing Sid.


NEIGHBOURS: Harry and Sophie share happy memories of their father, but Donna takes a very different view.

EASTENDERS: Jay proves he's not a natural Cupid when he tries to play matchmaker for Billy and Jean.

RIVER CITY: Scott prepares for his mum's visit, but fails to realise that she wants a fresh start, not a guided tour of local churches.

EMMERDALE: John and Moira try to talk to Holly about Aaron, but she insists that she can look after herself. Adam thinks otherwise as he accuses Aaron of getting her drunk.

HOME & AWAY: Hugo struggles to remain calm as he tries to talk to John about the dive site. Ruby isn't sure whose version of events to believe - Charlie's or Grant's.


NEIGHBOURS: Declan attempts to enjoy his holiday with Ringo, but finds it hard to stop thinking about Bridget when he realises they've been booked into the honeymoon suite.

EMMERDALE: Marlon receives a letter from Donna, and it's clearly not good news. Zak reminds Charity that she's lucky to have been handed a second chance to bond with Debbie, and that she needs to be careful not to make a complete mess of it this time.

HOME & AWAY: Geoff talks to Aden about working on the trailer together - well, they both need something to keep their minds off recent events. Ruby fears her mother is in trouble, but isn't prepared for what she'll find when she eventually manages to track Charlie and Grant down.


NEIGHBOURS: A worried Harry decides to contact Karl about Zeke, and Declan misses India's first smile.

EASTENDERS: Denise returns in time to hear Libby's announcement. Minty reveals what he thinks of Adam.

EMMERDALE: Marlon opens up to Moira about the contents of Donna's letter. Ashley worries that Sally's counselling is going badly.

CORRIE: Molly doesn't feel like celebrating when Tyrone gives her a present that's going to make it harder for her to keep on giving him the slip. Kevin tries to console Rosie.

HOME & AWAY: Newcomer Romeo arrives in the Bay to search for his brother, while Tony tries to reconnect with wife Rachel. Geoff and Aden come to blows on the trawler.


NEIGHBOURS: Paul considers recycling his wedding vows - which doesn't go down well with Rebecca.

EASTENDERS: Denise is furious to learn Owen is back. Lucy amuses herself by spiking Tamwar's drinks.

EMMERDALE: Bob and Paddy try to lift Marlon's spirits, and Ashley feels guilty when Sally says she's ready to go back to Vincent.

CORRIE: Gail takes Joe's side when Norris complains about the boat, even though she isn't happy about it being docked on the cobbles either. Molly tells Kevin she needs to find a new excuse to keep sneaking off to be with him.

HOME & AWAY: Romeo lives up to his name when he tries to charm the local women. Nicole shows Sid just how far she's prepared to go to get whatever she wants.

Mum's the word...

Residents rally round as Heather gets ready for the birth of her baby


It's not easy to keep a secret in Walford, so it's all the more impressive that when Heather goes into labour this week, her friends still have no idea who fathered her baby.

In fact, when she starts her maternity leave on Monday, it seems like the mystery man is the last thing on the mum-to-be's mind - she's far too busy trying to work out how she's going to support her child when she and Shirley can barely cover the rent.

Heather realises that at least there are some locals she can turn to for support when Patrick,Pat and Peggy throw her a surprise baby shower, complete with gifts and some much needed cash, but she's hardly had a chance to thank them before her waters break.

With best friend Shirley nowhere to be seen - she's out resorting to some very desperate measures to make ends meet - it's up to the assembled guests to get Heather to hospital in the hot-wired ice-cream van.

Patrick gallantly stays by his employee's side as she gives birth, and Heather is surprised to discover that even though the scan seemed to showshe was expecting a girl, she's actually the proud mum of a boy.

However, there's an even bigger shock in store as she summons the father to meet his new son George.

Meanwhile,Shirley starts to think that drug dealing may not be the best way to make money after all,and turns to Phil.He's only too happy to come to her rescue, especially when he realises that it's an opportunity to get one over on Jack.Following their passionate encounter, Sam is keen to distance herself from him,and concentrates on bonding with Liam.

It's bad news for Janine,who had been hoping to whisk Sam away for a day out, and in the process breaches her bail conditions.

But, for once, the scheming minx seems willing to put her nephew's needs first.

However, Archie seems less happy to let Sam get on with her new life.

And, instead, he begins plotting a scheme of his own.


Apparently Leah may be about to find happiness in Home and Away. It's believed a new character will soon sweep her off her feet, putting an end to years of misery. Michelle Keegan has quashed rumours that she and Corrie co-star Helen Flanagan are off-screen rivals. She claims they socialise together.


EVIL... Mad Tony SURPRISE RETURN... Carla ROMANCE... Faye and Mark's passion finally ignites KIDNAPPED AND CAPTOR... Charlie tries to get a confession out of Grant TROUBLES... Lydia GAMBLER... Lucas faces his demons at Paul's stag night SCHEMES AND DREAMS... Top, Janine tries to get Sam in trouble. Albert Square residents help new mum Heather
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