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Michael courts trouble

The course of true love never runs smoothly, they say, so it's no surprise that a lesser infatuation isn't going to plan either.

Michael very nearly broke Debbie's heart when he revealed that he was seeing someone else.

She took him back, on the condition that they'd continue their romance in secret - and that Cain should never find out.

However, their arrangement hits a snag this week when Cain catches Michael in the village and once again warns him off.

Then, the situation explodes when he walks in on Debbie with Michael doing up his shirt.

The pair end up in another scuffle and Debbie struggles to separate them.

Will Debbie and Michael's seemingly ill-fated liaison last despite her father's interference?


Sliding away

She's managed to make it to death's door without losing her looks, but even the most hardened soap cynic will be moved to tears when Belle says her emotional goodbye to Aden this week.

With the end nearing, Belle compiles a slide show of her life with Aden and they watch it together.

The couple realise it is finally time to let Belle's mother, Amanda, know what is going on. Amanda decides the best place for Belle is the hospital.

Aden insists Belle wants to stay at home and he and Amanda clash. Aden takes his dying wife for a walk along the beach and they return to Irene's place.

After seeing her, Belle dies in Aden's arms.

Elsewhere, things come over a bit Kat Slater when Ruby learns Charlie is not her sister - but her mother.


MONDAY, STV,7.30pm

Luke's like it's all over for Rosie

Considering Rosie tries it on with every male Underworld boss, there was little surprise when she got together with shady newcomer Luke a few weeks ago.

But having a powerful and charismatic boyfriend is one thing - hanging on to him is another. So this week she suggests she should move in with him.

Luke doesn't look like the sort of bloke who wants a serious relationship, so the thought of having to share his place with Rosie pushes him to make a major decision.

By Thursday, it looks like their romance is over as he dumps Rosie and it's not long before he is keen to carry on where he left off with Michelle. The latter has really landed on her feet after her European tour with a job at the Rovers and a potential new romance.

In fact, the only thing that could ruin her happiness is Steve and Becky's reaction when they return to the pub, but that's another story.

Elsewhere, Norris gets a shock when he goes rooting around in his late brother Ramsay's trunk and finds a note.


It's been about five minutes since Ian was last in Jane's bad books so expect plenty of fireworks to fly in EastEnders this week. He gets drunk at the Miss Queen Vic competition and becomes insanely jealous about Jane's friendship with Max. Then, Ian makes the mistake of getting in bed with Tanya. Oh dear...

It's hide and Deek


Will Amber get her life back on track? She's suffered nothing but misery for the past few weeks, and even now is being forced to seek shelter at Deek's flat.

She's still haunted by the lies her parents told, and is even more devastated when Ewan refuses to visit her.

She wants the pair of them to leave Shieldinch forever but he seems more interested in keeping in Lenny's good books. Later, Lenny turns up, desperate to make amends with his daughter.

He even apologises to Amber but she throws it back in his face, telling him it was Ewan who told her the truth about Stewart. Clearly it's going to be a long time before the Murdochs will be playing happy families once again.

Meanwhile, over at the salon, Jack issues Gordon with an ultimatum...


Bridget bows out

This soap has often been accused of being a bit soft or lightweight.

When people leave, they're not usually killed off - they just move to Sydney or Tasmania, and are never seen again. Well, hold onto your hats because we're about to be confronted with a genuine drama.

If you tuned in to last week's episodes, you'll know that the Parker family were involved in a terrible car crash. Steve returns to the site to find that his wife, Miranda, has managed to crawl from the wreckage but needs medical attention. But it's Bridget who's the real cause for concern.

Although conscious and cradling baby India, the teenager is suffering from internal injuries and must undergo emergency surgery.

However, the prognosis isn't good - Declan's life is about to be thrown into turmoil, and even the support of his closest friends and family won't help.




NEIGHBOURS: Miranda is flown back to Erinsborough for treatment, and Steve joins the search party.

EASTENDERS: Tanya and Jane get more than they bargained for when they decide to swap husbands.

EMMERDALE: Cain baits Mark, who finds he can't deny that he still has feelings for Faye, while Zak tries to console Paddy.

CORRIE: Tyrone tries to salvage his failing marriage to Molly, while Emily struggles after Ramsay's sudden death - especially when she receives little sympathy from Norris.

HOME & AWAY: Nicole tries to cope with her string of recent bad fortune, but refuses Sid's suggestion of counselling - will she come to regret her decision?


NEIGHBOURS: Bridget has a premonition of her own death after undergoing emergency surgery, while Zeke struggles with his insecurities.

EASTENDERS: Bradley is taken aback by Syd's reaction to the idea of marriage, and Tanya gets a shock.

RIVER CITY: Scarlett insists she is fine after her kidnap ordeal, but Raymond is worried when she keeps firing off jokes and acting like the life and soul of the party. And it soon becomes clear she is far from alright.

EMMERDALE: Aaron asks Paddy if he can move back in with him, and while Paddy is shocked at the idea, he is soon forced to admit he still cares for Chas' wayward son.

HOME & AWAY: Liam causes trouble at the funeral.


NEIGHBOURS: Miranda and Steve announce they are leaving Ramsay Street - and plans to take the grieving Declan's daughter with them. Rebecca returns to fight for her son's right to care for his own child.

EMMERDALE: Natasha confronts Faye after asking when she plans to leave the village, when she sees the tension between her and Cain. However, she is unnerved when Faye makes it clear she still plans to pursue Mark.

HOME & AWAY: Ruby is delighted to discover that Charlie's baby was adopted and soon puts pressure on her to find the child, forcing her to reveal a shocking secret. Meanwhile, Aden turns down all offers of help as he struggles to cope with his grief over Belle's death.


NEIGHBOURS: Declan decides to let Miranda and Steve leave with his daughter, but Kate and Libby try to persuade him to fight to keep her.

EASTENDERS: Tanya is disraught at the idea of Lauren and Peter sleeping together, while Stacey keeps hiding her unused medication.

EMMERDALE: Shadrach and Zak try to convince Nikhil that Holdgate Farm is infested with rats, but Lisa worries their scheme could put her job at risk.

CORRIE: Tina is amused when Jason makes the finals of Mr Gay UK and plans a party to celebrate his success.

HOME & AWAY: Tony becomes suspicious of Rex and Jane, while Angelo inadvertently reveals a big secret.


NEIGHBOURS: Elle confronts Lucas for not telling her about Steph's feelings for him, while the Parkers prepare to leave Ramsay Street.

EASTENDERS: Jane tells Ian she is unhappy at home and makes a shocking decision about their future.

EMMERDALE: Leyla turns to crime to fund her obsession with clothes, while Ryan and Katie grow closer and Marlon bans Moira from the pub kitchen.

CORRIE: Jason and Tina's house party gets off to an uneasy start when David turns up uninvited with Zoe, and things only get more chaotic when Rosie causes a scene.

HOME & AWAY: Hugo works out who is running the illegal abalone trade, but an anonymous call to Angelo backfires badly. Ruby and Geoff decide to leave the Bay.

Archie's bail condition

Sam lands in jail but scheming Archie coughs up to free the minx


You always know that whenever Sam Mitchell is involved in something it's bound to end in trauma for somebody. Or maybe even everybody.

Archie says he'll give Peggy the money needed to get Sam out of jail but, as you may already have guessed, there's a condition attached - he must be allowed to move back into the Vic. Before you can scream "no Peggy, no!" at the screen, he's handed over a suitcase full of cash, and off the diminutive landlady totters to secure her daughter's freedom. Meanwhile, the local 'beauties' of Walford are preparing for the pub's Miss Queen Vic competition.

Amira and Chelsea wind each other up about it and Janine is horrified when she's barred from entering the contest.

Then, as the whole event kicks off, Sam makes her grand entrance.

She's never been one to shy away from a situation for too long.

And you can bet her appearance marks the dramatic end of an episode - and she's caught grinning from ear to ear as those famous drum beats roll.

Bizarrely, Peggy demands her daughter should get herself dolled up so she can take part in the Miss Queen Vic competition.

Sam's 'talent' proves to be making a speech about how much she admires her mother - and, lo and behold, it moves Peggy so much she hands the victor's crown to Sam.

But you can bet that Sam won't be treated like a winner by her neighbours. Even the Walford Gazette's photographer manages to insult her by suggesting she's older than she claims to be.

Cousin Roxy wastes no time sticking the knife in either, telling her in no uncertain terms that she's no longer everyone's little princess.

But there's one man who insists on standing by Sam - Ricky.

Now that's a relationship bound to end in somebody screaming and bursting into tears.

But who?


Expect a new face in Neighbours early next year. Scottish-born actor Jordan Smith has been cast as Paul Robinson's son Andrew. In 2003, Jordan and his family emigrated to Australia, where he became hooked on pursuing a career as an actor.


LIAISON... Debbie IN A RAGE... Cain Dingle FAREWELL... Belle says her goodbyes YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS... Luke tells Rosie it's over MISERY GUTS... Amber EMERGENCY... A rescuer takes baby India from Bridget SHE'S BACK... The return of Sam, top, puts Peggy under pressure. Stacey competes in Queen Vic contest, above
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