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Paddy's dreams crumble

Poor Paddy. He finally got the girl of his dreams and now his newfound happiness is about to crumble around him.

With Carl split from wife Lexi, he soon turns his attentions back to the one true love of his life - Chas.

Under the impression that just because he is now single, Chas will fall back into his arms, he refuses to give up chasing her and they eventually end up in bed.

Determined to keep Chas for himself, Carl thinks nothing of telling a heartbroken Paddy what happened.

When he confronts Chas, she begs for forgiveness, but he refuses to listen to her.

Telling her that she disgusts him, he leaves her in tears and walks away at last.

Will Chas now return to Carl or make amends with Paddy?


MONDAY, STV,7.30pm

Becky's slimy foe collared

Becky may have convinced herself that she's going to start her married life behind bars but Steve refuses to give up hope - and on Monday his optimism is finally rewarded when Lloyd spots Slug outside a pub.

The criminal panics when Lloyd and Steve bundle him into a car boot but it soon becomes clear they're not planning to beat him up. Instead, they have something much scarier in mind - an ear-bashing from Becky.

After the barmaid prises a confession out of her former friend, Steve confiscates his drugs and says he won't get them back unless he tells Hooch that he's planning to come clean in court.

Slug reluctantly agrees, and heads off with Steve to confront the bent copper, but the meeting doesn't go quite as the McDonalds had hoped. With her last chance at clearing her name seemingly blown, Becky knows there's nothing else to do but to break the news to Amy that, from now on, she will have two mums to visit in prison.

So, naturally the couple are stunned when they later discover the charges have been dropped - but it seems Hooch may still have a surprise in store...


In Home and Away, the Walker family arrives in the bay - but teenagers Dexter and Indigo are not pleased about their move from the city. Trey continues to lurk... Kirsty doubts her ability to be a schoolteacher when she attends a class at university. And, with Roman still in prison, Nicole has difficulty dealing with Belle's illness.




If there's one thing guaranteed to ruin a wedding it's the news that the bride has got weeks to live.

And Aden has been blissfully unaware for weeks. But his bubble's about to burst.

Traumatised by the news that Belle is dying of cancer, Nicole pulls out of her role as best 'man'. Aden asks Nicole why she is letting him down, but she keeps Belle's secret and refuses to tell him what is going on.

The tumour begins to take its toll on Belle, and she collapses. Nicole discovers her unconscious friend and races her to hospital. Nicole finally cracks and reveals the truth. Aden confronts Belle, refusing to listen when she tries to explain her reasons for concealing her illness.

Will Aden show up for the wedding?

A villain unmasked


Scarlett had a narrow escape from Michael's clutches not long ago but she isn't so lucky this week. She's struggling to fit in time for her studies between her family life and work - and thinks Michael will lend a sympathetic ear.

Instead, during a visit to his house, he manipulates the situation and ends up making a pass at her. Scarlett's horrified and thinks it's all her own fault - until she notices the tell-tale scratches on Michael's neck which can mean only one thing: he's Shieldinch's resident sex attacker.

When he realises he's been rumbled, he refuses to let her leave Elsewhere, Amber thinks she's found the perfect way to incriminate Lenny, but things go horribly wrong.

Eventually, she tells her parents what she's been up to - and, typically, Lenny is less than thrilled by her betrayal.


MONDAY, FIVE, 5.30pm

Has she got the Luc?

People are always falling in and out of love in Erinsborough - especially Steph. It seems like only two minutes ago that she was shacked up with Greg, and now she's swooning over her boss Lucas.

While the pair escape from the clutches of a gang of villainous card sharks, they hide out in a dingy shack - it's certainly not the kind of place where romance usually blossoms.

Nevertheless, they share a 'moment', during which they almost - shock, horror - kiss.

Later, Steph tries to get Lucas to talk about the developing spark between them, but he refuses and remains adamant that Elle is the woman for him.

You can bet the story won't stop there though.

On a more serious note, the Kennedys continue their battle with the hospital over the surrogacy situation - but it seems there may be light at the end of the tunnel when Karl's boss is caught on camera.




NEIGHBOURS: Bridget is torn between motherhood and school. Sunny tries to express her emotions.

EASTENDERS: Lucas gets a visit from the police - but luckily for him, they don't want a word about Trina.

EMMERDALE: Faye finally starts to respond to Cain's advances, and Michael attempts to explain himself to an angry Debbie.

CORRIE: Tyrone is furious to learn that Jack is moving in with Connie, so it's a good job he doesn't know Kevin is scheming to spend more time with Molly. Naomi isn't at all impressed to find Simon and Peter come as a package.

HOME &AWAY: Nicole feels the strain of keeping Belle's secret, and tells Aden she can't be his best man. Meanwhile, the bride's condition continues to deteriorate.


NEIGHBOURS: Bridget and Kate both struggle to act like normal teenagers on the first day of school.

EASTENDERS: Lucas frantically searches for Trina's bracelet, unaware Syed is about to present it to Amira.

RIVER CITY: Deek is furious to overhear Nicki and Bob talking about him, and insists that one of the lovebirds has to move out.

EMMERDALE: Michael ignores Cain's warnings and makes a heartfelt declaration to Debbie. Nicola fears the worst when Natasha asks her to start working from home.

HOME &AWAY: Charlie goes out of her way to avoid telling Morag and Russ about her relationship with Angelo, but only makes the situation more complicated.


NEIGHBOURS: Harry can't deal with a very hormonal Susan. Bridget drums up support for Libby and Dan, unaware that Dr Roe is threatening to go public with some embarrassing facts about the entire Kennedy family.

EMMERDALE: Faye is pleased to see that Mark does not approve of her new relationship. Laurel feels pushed out by Sally and Ashley's closeness, and Debbie tells Michael she will keep seeing him on one condition - Cain can never find out.

HOME &AWAY: Charlie is rushed to hospital, and Angelo hears a revelation that leaves him wondering if they do have a future together. Rachel finds new motherhood a struggle, and some bad news from Dr Young doesn't help.


NEIGHBOURS: Callum finds a way to relate to Sophie, and Declan worries Bridget is taking on too much.

EASTENDERS: Janine and Ryan learn about Chelsea's windfall, while Adam becomes suspicious of Minty.

EMMERDALE: Bob realises he's going to have to make more of an effort to keep Jamie and Gennie apart.

CORRIE: Peter faces the heartbreaking task of telling Simon his pet rabbit has died, and Darryl wonders if his romance with Amber can survive her move to London.

HOME &AWAY: The Walker family arrives in the Bay, but kids Indigo and Dexter aren't impressed with their new home. Trey makes a suspicious phone call to the hospital.


NEIGHBOURS: Mickey reveals his plan to go to New York, and Elle accuses Paul of undermining her.

EASTENDERS: Chelsea suspects Janine is behind the handbag theft. Lucas heads back to the allotment.

EMMERDALE: Will and Belle meet the new owners of Holdgate Farm. Seeing a devastated Paddy makes Laurel wonder whether Ashley was a broken man when he split with Sally.

CORRIE: Peter tries to cheer Simon up with a trip to see Leanne - but will she be happy to see them? Jesse auditions potential new sidekicks, and Sean realises it's finally time to tell Leon the truth about Jason's sexuality.

HOME &AWAY: Kirsty feels out of place when she starts university, but a tense encounter with Trey and John reassures her she is a natural born teacher. Leah confronts new arrival Sid about Indigo and Dexter's bad behaviour.

Willing and table...

Heads turn as Sam makes her return to the Mitchell fold in dramatic fashion


The last time viewers saw Sam Mitchell she was played by Kim Medcalf and heading to Brazil to avoid being imprisoned for her part in Dirty Den's murder.

Now she's back in Walford and looking like Danniella Westbrook - but not everyone is glad to have her home.

Bianca is put out to have a rival for Ricky's affections, while Phil can't believe his sister was stupid enough to return when the charges are still hanging over her. To make things worse, Sam isn't acting like a fugitive and spends Monday night drawing attention to herself by dancing on tables in the Vic.

Phil tries to undo some of the damage by fooling the locals into thinking he put his sister on the first plane back to Rio, and then hiding her in the pub while they can formulate a real escape plan.

The Mitchells are so determined to keep a low profile, they initially don't even tell Roxy in case she lets slip to Archie, although of course he manages to find out anyway. But Ricky is less discreet and confides in Bianca, prompting Whitney to suggest that the easiest way to get rid of her love rival would be to give the police an anonymous tip-off.

Bianca insists she doesn't want to get Ricky back by deception, but realises she's running out of time when her ex gets engaged to Sam and announces he's planning to go on the run to Brazil with her.

Peggy asks Phil if they can delay her daughter's departure by a day so they can say a proper family goodbye - or good riddance in the case of Ronnie, Roxy and Jay, who haven't taken to the Vic's latest lodger.

However, the landlady could come to regret hanging on to her little girl as the police arrive to break up the party. Sam and Ricky try to make a run for it, but will they get away? Elsewhere, Lucas fears that the net is closing in when he is approached by the long arm of the law. Will his shameful secret come out in the open or are things not as they seem?


Hollyoaks actor turned Emmerdale star James Sutton claims he only attracts little girls and old men - and his dream date would be Megan Fox. How Clean Is Your House? presenter Aggie MacKenzie says she'd love to have a cameo in Coronation Street.


CHAS... Back with Carl? HEARTBREAK... Paddy and Carl LAST CHANCE... Steve and Becky try to clear her name WEDDING... Belle on her way to nuptials PETRIFIED... Scarlett IN LOVE... Lucas and Steph TIME TO GO... Sam returns from Brazil (left) and Ricky upsets Bianca (top), while the law catches up with Lucas (above)
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