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Aaron's indecent proposal

Moving to Emmerdale is a sure-fire way of finding yourself in a whole mess of trouble Crises don't just come one at a time, but thick and fast in the village - as new arrivals the Bartons are rapidly beginning to discover.

Their lives have taken a turn for the dramatic ever since John locked Aaron in a barn for setting fire to some hay. Aaron pressed charges, but this week he tells Holly that he will drop the complaint against her father if she sleeps with him.

Disgusted, but leading Aaron on, she gets close to him and then calls him pathetic and leaves. Aaron is left hurt and humiliated, but also regretful as it becomes clear he has genuine feelings for her.

Not content to cause disruption for one family, Aaron later makes a scene when he catches his mother Chas talking to her former fianc Carl. Is he looking out for her best interests or just stirring up more trouble?


MONDAY, STV, 7.30pm

Jason cops a load of trouble

When it comes to making bad decisions, Weatherfield's local police force are about as effective as the characters in Police Academy.

Over the years they've arrested Sunita (remember her?) and Becky on their wedding days - two cases which were as watertight as a tea strainer; missed the fact Richard Hillman was a killer, and that Tony Gordon is behind Liam's murder.

Now it's Jason's turn to feel their wrath, but considering David has been harassing his ex-girlfriend Tina, he may actually be guilty of beating up the poisonous Platt.

Does this mean that Weatherfield PD have finally got something right? Well, probably not, but there's no shortage of twitching curtains on Monday as the hunky builder is carted off by the cops, to the horror of Tina and Eileen.Later that evening, David reckons Gary was behind his beating, but the fact he was still in prison at the time means Platt had better get some strong evidence to back up his claim.

Let's face it, there's no shortage of possible suspects, including drug-addled Joe, Tina herself and just about every member of the Street David has wound up over the years.

Elsewhere, Ramsay has packed his bags and is about to leave for Australia.


In Neighbours, Harry cannot believe that Kate agreed to take a family locket from Paul, and decides to leave Erinsborough for good. Susan and Libby face further controversy in the community regarding the surrogacy case. Lucas seeks out another gambling thrill and moves closer to Steph.


Lift the Lyd

It goes without saying that relationships in soapland are precarious. One minute, everyone's all lovey-dovey and the next they are at each other's throats.

At least viewers can take solace in the fact that they will have probably kissed and made up before the end credits. Having said that, it seems as if Cupid is giving Chester the wide berth this week with two relationships biting the dust. First, Lydia suggests to Sarah that they move in together, but is shocked by her reaction and promptly dumps the student dancer.

Meanwhile, Cindy can't help but feel that Tony only wants her for her body and they too call it a day after a heated argument.

Elsewhere, Ste takes Lucas from Mike's and runs away with Abi, while Zoe gets a job.

Date with danger


Have you been screaming "No Jennifer! Stay away from Professor Michael Learmonth!" at the telly lately? Well, maybe not literally, but it's been pretty tense seeing her befriending the local sex attacker.

This week she meets him at the Tall Ship and pesters him into letting her go to his flat so she can pick up some text books. Once there, he can hardly take his eyes off her - it's only a matter of time before he makes his move.

Elsewhere, Daniel has to head to London for a meeting, so leaves Joe in charge of the boxing club. For some reason, Joe also moves into Daniel and Marianne's flat. She's not happy about this, and her opinion of him worsens when she realises he's drinking while in charge of the business. But things take an unexpected turn when Joe confides in her.


Stand and deliver

You're a teenager, you're pregnant, you go into labour at a music festival, but your husband happens to be off in a forest searching for his friends who've fallen down a ravine.

What? That's never happened to you? Well, such things are to be expected if you're a Ramsay Street resident. Every time somebody leaves the area, something bad happens to them. So Bridget and Declan should have known better than to try to have a nice time on their honeymoon.

On Tuesday, while Declan is helping Lucas and Ringo rescue Zeke and Sunny from a frankly ludicrous situation, Bridget goes into labour. He only just makes it back in time to see her give birth to their daughter.

But it's not a routine birth - the little 'un isn't breathing properly and has to be rushed to hospital by helicopter, leaving the young parents with an agonising wait to find out whether the baby will survive.




NEIGHBOURS: Zeke tries to rescue Sunny, but he's the one who needs saving when he's knocked out.

EASTENDERS: Tamwar misreads Amira's signals, and Bradley fears he could be forced to give up Gumbo.

EMMERDALE: Val steps up her plan to win back Pollard by giving him half her money, then telling Diane she's gone to Thailand. Jamie learns Gennie wants to break up with her boyfriend.

CORRIE: Eileen is pleased when Jesse agrees to move in, although she's less thrilled when he brings his parrot with him. Ashley tries to avoid getting romantic with Claire.

HOLLYOAKS: Mike refuses to let Ste into the house to see Lucas one last time, so the desperate dad resorts to snatching his baby son and going on the run with Abi.


NEIGHBOURS: Lucas leads the efforts to lift Sunny out of the ravine, but Zeke hinders the rescue attempt.

EASTENDERS: Bradley finds the odds are stacked against him as he tries to hide his huge St Bernard dog.

RIVER CITY: Scarlett involves local councillor Eileen in her row with Innes and Charlie over the storage at the wash house.

EMMERDALE: Val realises her plan may have got out of hand when Pollard buys a ticket to Australia to find her. Mark has mixed feelings about Ryan leaving the village.

HOLLYOAKS: Darren sets out to sabotage Dom's first day at the Dog, but even Cindy believes he's gone a bit too far when he starts spiking the chef's dishes with drugs.


NEIGHBOURS: Karl and Susan grow concerned about Zeke's mental health after he offers to move in with Steph to appease Sunny's parents. Rebecca is impressed by the way Paul is supporting new dad Declan.

EMMERDALE: Faye is delighted to see Mark's growing closer to Ryan, but her son is more interested in getting better acquainted with Katie. Diane fails to see the funny side of Val's latest antics, but agrees to listen to her sister's version of events.

HOLLYOAKS: Lauren and Anita break into the school to search for their exam results, but find something even more interesting - Theresa and Newt kissing in an empty classroom. Meanwhile, Ricky is patrolling the premises.


NEIGHBOURS: Kate accepts a peace offering from Paul, much to Harry's disgust. Lucas takes a gamble that brings him even closer to Steph.

EASTENDERS: Syd is offered a new job in Canada, and Bradley plays dirty to keep his four-legged friend.

EMMERDALE: Ryan saves Will from a rampaging horse, but Natasha remains unmoved.

CORRIE: David tells Gail that Jason is innocent, but fails to reveal who really beat him up. Ashley tries to ease his conscience with a very generous donation to the fete.

HOLLYOAKS: Newt wonders why his mother hasn't been in touch to congratulate him on his GCSE results.


NEIGHBOURS: The surrogacy continues to stir up controversy as even strangers start telling Libby and Susan what they think of their plan.

EASTENDERS: Minty has second thoughts about letting Manda move in when she asks if her son can stay too. Syd panics when Noah goes missing.

EMMERDALE: Natasha fumes when she realises Will isn't the only Wylde in Ryan's fanclub - Mark is clearly very impressed by him too. Val and Pollard tell a stunned Terry they've made Louise an offer on her half of the B& B, and Marlon doesn't take kindly to Moira's help in the kitchen.

HOLLYOAKS: Zoe begins to wonder whether it really is ethical to broadcast footage of an underage Theresa in nothing but her underwear. Loretta gains an admirer on her first day in the launderette, while Tony and Cindy can't bring themselves to admit their break-up was a mistake.

Garry's had his Phil

Groom snaps and attacks Dawn's lover on way to wedding ceremony


Dawn has never seemed like the sort of girl who'd pass up the chance to be the centre of attention but as her wedding day approaches, she's surprisingly subdued - and it's not just because the last time she tried to tie the knot, it ended in the groom being stabbed.

Instead, it appears the barmaid's conscience is bothering her as she confides in her hen night guests that she had an affair with Phil. The assembled girls fail to reassure her that it's nothing to worry about.

Shirley takes the news badly but Dawn decides there is someone else who deserves to know the truth. The bride returns to the flat to find Garry, but when she sees him happily playing with Summer, she can't bring herself to break his heart.

Unfortunately, what she doesn't know is that Minty has spent most of the stag night choking on the toasts to the happy couple, and when even a bout of sumo wrestling can't relieve his feelings, he decides to tell Garry what's been going on behind his back.

Despite the revelations, the groom is determined to go ahead with the wedding, but loses his cool as he's about to set off for the ceremony, and races across the Square to ask Dawn if she ever really loved him. When she hesitates, he takes it as a no, and vents his hurt and anger on Phil.

The incident makes Dawn realise that perhaps Garry isn't second best after all but has she left it too late to persuade him he really is the one that she wants? Elsewhere, with his parents busy planning their round-the-world trip, Tamwar admits to Amira that he isn't Oxford bound because he didn't get the grades. She takes it upon herself to break the bad news to Zainab, who shocks the family with her reasonable, understanding reaction.

However, when she later suffers a fainting fit, it seems there may be a reason she took the news so well - she's about to drop a bombshell too.


The residents of Walford may be wondering why Ronnie is so desperate to win back her former childhood sweetheart Joel, but at least actress Samantha Womack understands.

She said: "Ronnie doesn't want to be alone. She looks around and everyone is moving on, but she's on her own and feels as if she doesn't belong." After all she's been through she deserves it!


CHIT CHAS... With Carl BRIBERY... Aaron and Holly NICKED... Jason is arrested as Tina and Eileen look on CORONATION STREET MONDAY, STV, 7.30pm MOVING ON...Lydia is single again CORNERED...The Prof and Jen PROUD PARENTS... Declan and Bridget with their baby WEDDING BASH... Minty, Phil and Garry clash as Heather, Dawn and Shirley look on, top. Zainab' shock announcement, above
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