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Nicola's Home Farm birth

There have been many dramatic births in soapland over the years but Nicola's pregnancy ranks as one of the most eventful.

Lexi lashes out at Nicola after Carl confesses he does not want a baby. As Nicola recovers in hospital, she and Jimmy tell Carl he must take some blame for the accident.

Lexi convinces him to give their marriage a second chance after assuring him he is more important to her than having a baby, and Val begins the long and difficult process of apologising to everyone she has ever offended.

Nicola returns to work but tires of everyone fussing about her and locks herself up in the Home Farm shop, where she goes into labour.

When she does give birth, Lexi feels left out.


Affair's out

There were a few raised eyebrows when Cindy and Tony got together, and it seems as though the curtain has closed on this bizarre love affair.

Their relationship goes pear-shaped when Tony gets cold feet about a family holiday with Cindy and Holly.

And then he suggests they move out of his flat.

Darren offers his ex a shoulder to cry on and Tony dumps Cindy when he walks in on them in bed together.

Meanwhile, Carmel enlists her family's help to get Evissa up and running ahead of the grand re-opening.

Elsewhere, Kris fires Zak from his job at the call centre, Suzanne and Nev kick Josh and Rhys out of The Dog, and Carmel offers Jacqui money to search for baby Max.


THURSDAY, BBC1, 7.30pm

Ronnie gets one over on Archie rival

Roxy has never been a great judge of character but she truly outdoes herself this week when she manages to convince Archie that he should let people see his softer side.

She hopes a housewarming party will boost his popularity, and sets about inviting most of the Square.

It even appears her unlikely plan is working when Peggy seriously considers turning up and Ronnie surprises her sister by accepting an invitation.

The club owner does have an ulterior motive for wanting to know more about the bash, though, as she's planning to hold a rival event.

If Ronnie needed another reason to try to upstage her dad, she gets one when Janine takes revenge for being left off Archie's guest list.

She reveals he has been paying her to spy on his daughters. Roxy is hurt when no one turns up for the party and furious when she discovers why.

However, after Ronnie reveals what their dad has been up to, Roxy considers joining them at the Vic.

Meanwhile, Dawn returns to the Square, ready to decide between Garry and Phil - but is the choice hers to make?


In Neighbours, Dan's job is at risk following the fight at the Zeke and Sunny prepare for their first kiss - on Having rescued Ringo from fire, Donna makes him swear to frighten her like that And Karl is delighted when Zeke turns to him for advice about the ladies.

Fiz and Sal engage in fight

Factory girl's secret love is revealed as she accuses arch rival of stealing ring


Soaps usually save their best storylines for the viewer-friendly autumn months, but there's no shortage of cracking drama in Weatherfield this week.

While Steve sorts out Becky's wedding dress, Fiz's offbeat engagement takes another bizarre turn when she is caught stealing her diamond ring back from Sally.

Sal got hold of it after Chesney dropped it in her daughter Rosie's car after stealing it to go joyriding.

To make matters worse, Fiz then comes clean and admits to the factory workers that she's marrying John Stape.

Meanwhile, Joe's painkiller addiction shows little sign of abating during a trip to the medical centre.

The fact the medic gets called out to a seriously-ill patient leaves Joe at his wits' end.

Although the doc tells him he'll need to make an appointment for later, the increasingly desperate kitchen fitter won't take no for an answer. Inevitably, Joe goes off on another of his rants - just as Gail walks in.

"What's going on?" she asks. "Nothing, that's the flaming trouble," replies Joe.

Things go from bad to worse when he's sacked by Len and then Gail is stunned when she finds him in the medical centre wielding a crowbar.

At least things are looking up for Tina and Jason as they win the bidding to buy number 12.

And Peter is delighted when he sees Michelle is back from tour during a flying visit - and he's not the only one.

Luke's face lights up when he sees her in the Rovers but Rosie is far from happy with his interest in another woman.

It seems Peter is more than keen to get back together with Michelle. "I feel we got cut off in our prime really," he tells her. "So how do you fancy picking up where we left off?"

Sorry Peter. It seems she just wants to be friends.


Bridget Parker has been pregnant for what seems like forever in Neighbours. We can reveal she will have a daughter called India.

Rumours are gathering pace that Tina O'Brien will return to Coronation Street as Sarah Platt. Reports suggest she will be back on set in the autumn, in time for a big Christmas storyline.

Fingers point at Jack


What has Jack Paterson been up to? He's behaving very suspiciously indeed, having lied about taking part in a voluntary DNA test.

But there could be worse to come, thanks to Hayley's amateur detective skills. She notices he has scratches on his arm, which could easily have been caused by someone trying to resist his advances - could he have been Gina's attacker?

Eileen then overhears DI Hall question Jack about a rape he was accused of years ago. And, before long, the crimper is arrested and the Shieldinch jungle drums announce that the man responsible for the recent sex attacks has been caught - but are the gossips right?

Elsewhere, Deek realises his friendship with Bob could be ruined if his pal gets together with Nicki.

So, instead of wishing them well, Deek comes up with a plan to keep them apart.


Not going to script

Nothing ever goes as expected in Erinsborough so, despite Dan's meticulous planning, the school play doesn't exactly work out as he wanted it to on Tuesday.

Everything seems fine until, just before the curtain goes up, Will decides to wind up Declan about his mother's involvement with Paul Robinson. Before you can say "break a leg", they're at each other's throats.

Unfortunately, their fisticuffs cause some of the scenery to collapse on Bridget, who is rushed to hospital with a wrist injury. But there could be worse news to come when she realises she can't feel the baby kicking.

But if you thought that was the major drama of the week, think again. On Wednesday, Ringo and Donna enjoy an afternoon of "pashing" at the Robinson's.

But when Donna goes out to find Elle's missing cat, the house is engulfed in flames and Ringo is overcome by smoke. Will Donna be able to save him?




NEIGHBOURS: Ben decides to change his name, while Sunny and Zeke find it very difficult to be alone.

EASTENDERS: Ryan leads his sweet little sister Whitney astray by taking her for a joyride in Max's car.

EMMERDALE: Diane struggles to work alongside Val, and Eddy tells Edna that Lily doesn't want to leave without her blessing.

CORRIE: Rosie (above) finds Fiz's engagement ring in the car and gives it to Sally, who is quick to show it off in the factory, much to the rightful owner's annoyance. Electrician Jesse and builder Bill come to an arrangement.

HOLLYOAKS: Darren and Rhys go head to head in the battle for Neville's approval. Zoe has a few harsh words for Kris, but her stern lecture does seem to do the trick.


NEIGHBOURS: The school play is a success but will it secure Dan's job? Zeke and Sunny finally kiss.

EASTENDERS: Denise agrees to visit Owen but makes it clear to him that she's only there for Libby's sake.

RIVER CITY: Charlie tries to stop his sister Jennifer moving in with him in case she realises that he's dropped out of university.

EMMERDALE: Brenda and Viv (above) are still at war, but it's Gennie who feels caught in the crossfire. Val is left out on a limb when Pollard and Diane both cut her off.

HOLLYOAKS: Kris lets the power of his promotion go to his head. Tony tries to put the brakes on his relationship with Cindy, while Rhys comes to terms with being sacked.


NEIGHBOURS: While Elle and Lucas look for Paul (left) in Sydney, Rebecca stays at home and moans about him to Steve, leading Susan to wonder if something is going on.

EMMERDALE: Val tries to put her life back on track by apologising to everybody she's ever offended - and that could take some time. Brenda confides in Bob about her financial woes and Ryan becomes the latest male Emmerdale resident to fall under Katie's sultry spell.

HOLLYOAKS: Dom inadvertently sabotages Tony and Cindy's relationship, but Darren is only too happy to lend his ex a shoulder to cry on. Rhys looks for somewhere to stay and Jacqui gives Myra a job, purely to annoy Carmel.


NEIGHBOURS: Steve reminds Miranda of her own indiscretion after she accuses him of having an affair.

EASTENDERS: Libby tells Liz she doesn't want to see her again. Lauren (left) thinks Max is cheating on Tanya.

EMMERDALE: Faye is pleased to see Nathan and Ryan growing closer.

CORRIE: Sean and Julie start to have doubts about Jesse's sexuality, and Luke forgets all about Rosie when he discovers Michelle is back from her tour of Europe.

HOLLYOAKS: Rhys, Josh and Hannah realise just how easy they had it at home. Jacqui causes more trouble for the McQueen clan by persuading Theresa to steal.


NEIGHBOURS: Rebecca thinks she's found a new witness to Jill's accident. Karl offers Zeke the benefit of his hard-won romantic experience.

EASTENDERS: Owen vows to win Libby and Denise's forgiveness, and Max proves he's serious about Tanya.

EMMERDALE: Natasha returns from holiday to find Faye is still in the village. Brenda feels guilty for making Terry give up his plans for the B& B.

CORRIE: Luke and Peter may be delighted to see her, but Tony makes it very clear that as far as he's concerned, Michelle is no longer welcome at Maria's. Anna and Eddie come to the rescue when Chesney won't go home to Fiz.

HOLLYOAKS: Josh's (above) performance at the gig attracts an admirer, and Jacqui turns detective as she studies a postcard for clues to Russ and baby Max's whereabouts. Darren's love life somehow becomes even more tangled.


ALONE... Nicola goes into labour UNLIKELY... Roxy hopes to boost Archie's popularity TOGETHER... Bob and Nicki GUILT TRIP... Declan visits the injured Bridget in hospital CRACKING DRAMA... Steve gets Becky a wedding dress, top, Gail walks in on a ranting Joe, above, and Sally confronts ring thief Fiz, left IT'S ALL OVER... Tony dumps Cindy NEW DAD... Jimmy King
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