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Wylde card is Marked

Cain Dingle will do almost anything to get one up on people he dislikes and at the moment it seems Mark Wylde is at the top of that list.

Realising that giving Faye and Ryan another reason to stay in the village will infuriate the millionaire, he offers Ryan a job at the garage - and Mark is left fuming.

Val suspects that Rodney is pursuing a romantic relationship with Diane and resolves to stop him causing her sister heartache - by seducing him herself. However, Rodney has no intention of being anything more than friends with Diane.

And he is perplexed whenVal comes on to him, only to accuse him of not truly caring for Diane afterwards. Unfortunately, crossed wires are the least ofVal's problems when Eric overhears Diane and Rodney confront her.

Meanwhile, Edna argues with Lily about going away with Eddy.


MONDAY, STV, 7.30pm

Kid Ches carazy at his sister

Chesney has not had much luck in his life.

There was a time when he was a cheeky tyke causing chaos but these days he looks like he's got the weight of the world on his shoulders - and who can blame him? After all, with a mum like the hideous (God)Cilla and a best mate like the nice-butdim Kirk, it's enough to drive anyone up the wall.

But his biggest problem is the fact his sister is having a relationship with John Stape, the teacher-turned cabbieturned-kidnapper who makes Dr Jekyll seem perfectly balanced by comparison.

Little wonder Ches is worried. This week, he gives his sister grief after getting the wrong-sized present. However, things take a more intriguing turn later in the week when Rosie runs into the house to answer the phone - and Ches jumps in her car and drives off.

Meanwhile, a desperate Joe gladly accepts David's offer when he asks him if he wants him to get more painkillers and has to come clean when Gail realises money has gone missing from her purse.

David is not happy that Jason and Tina have become an item and shares something in common with Joe...

Ryan and Ron make out

Club owner Ronnie returns to the Square and finds a new love interest


Most people would say that Janine has already done a pretty good job of ruining Ronnie's life - after all, she's the one who accidentally killed Danielle.

However, it seems the scheming minx isn't about to stop there as this week she has a plan to make the Mitchell's life even worse - and there's nothing accidental about it.

The trouble starts on Monday as Whitney's brother Ryan decides he's had enough of sharing a house with Bianca's noisy brood and takes up residence in Janine's spare room. She's more than happy with her new lodger but Ryan isn't interested in his new landlady now that Ronnie is back on the Square.

At first, it seems the club owner has more important things to bother with than flirting with the newcomer - especially when she realises Roxy hasn't been entirely honest about what's been happening in Walford during her absence.

Not only did her sister lie about Jack having a new woman in his life, she also failed to mention that Archie was back. Despite Jack's best attempts to convince her they can still work things out, Ronnie decides it was hardly worth returning and is about to leave the Square for good when she overhears her father telling Patrick that it's only a matter of time before Peggy gives their marriage another go.

Convinced there needs to be at least one Mitchell capable of standing up to Archie, Ronnie moves back into The Vic, vowing to stop playing the victim and start enjoying her life - and she begins by sleeping with Ryan.

Janine is most put out at being passed over in favour of Ronnie but it seems she could be about to gain an unlikely ally.

Archie, who hasn't learned anything from the Suzy Branning debacle, spots a chance to get someone else to do his dirty work and gives Janine some dirt on her love rival - including her desperation to get pregnant.


Emmerdale star Sally Oliver has revealed her secret for a perfect summer holiday - she does nothing at all during her time off. The actress, who plays Lexi, claims she can't understand why people fill their time off with activities and can't stand going to music festivals because of the poor loos!


It's Paul over

Paul Robinson has done some dirty deeds in the past but could he kill a woman in cold blood?

That's the question we ask this week when he seems to confirm his guilt by doing a runner. Rebecca is distraught, believing he's betrayed her all over again. However, when he calls her at Charlie's and asks for her help, she agrees. Later, the police realise she knows more than she's letting on so arrest her. Toadie is horrified by his friend's actions, while Rebecca knows that standing by your man in such tricky circumstances isn't easy.

When Elle discovers Paul has broken the terms of his bail she moves quickly to cut him off financially.

She launches an appeal to find him. But when she realises how much her efforts are hurting the kids, she tries to find a new way of getting him.

Dad's not kidneying


Scott's mum Margaret is back in Shieldinch - but this isn't a happy family reunion.

She has devastating news for her son - his father John is in dire need of a kidney transplant.

Scott offers to be a donor and is devastated when John refuses to allow it. The dutiful son is devastated and believes his father's decision is because of his sexuality - so he's in for a relief when he finds out more about his father.

Meanwhile, Jimmy has a new friend - a rat called Jolene. Scarlett thinks he prefers to be with the rodent rather than her and she might have a point.

As a result, Scarlett moves into The Tall Ship where she gets closer to Michael. Raymond realises the dangers and urges Jimmy to patch things up.


Coll it off please

After weeks of pussyfooting around, Martha and Hugo's relationship finally becomes common knowledge

But, as you may already have guessed, not everybody is thrilled about their happiness. Certainly, Colleen can't wait to announce that she doesn't accept it - but what will Tony think?

At least Angelo doesn't seem to give two hoots about the whole affair. Instead, he turns to Hugo when he needs to translate something. If only Angelo could be more sensitive to May who isdistraught when he breaks with her.

Elsewhere, Belle and Rachel appear to be keeping something from Aden but the lad doesn't seem to notice. Instead, he gets the engagement ring back and then proposes to his girlfriend - but will she say yes?

Plus, Trey's relationship with his father is on shaky ground - here's hoping they can sort it out.


In Coronation Street, letting go of Maria proves to be an emotional wrench for Tony as she sets off for a trip to Ireland. She also seems a little sorry to let him go but we're sure it would be a different story if she knew about her husband's demise.




NEIGHBOURS: Steve (left) reveals he's leaving, sending Bridget running to Declan for support.

EASTENDERS: Birthday girl Libby doesn't feel in the party mood after receiving a card from her dad.

EMMERDALE: Betty gets sick of Eddy littering up her front room with his bike parts. Val tries to keep Rodney and Diane apart.

CORRIE: David spies a way to turn Joe's addiction to painkillers to his own advantage, and Becky is left puzzled when Slug warns her to watch her back. Nastasha is only too pleased to fill Helen in on all the gossip about Tony.

HOME & AWAY: Irene considers turning her back on the fishing business after her biggest clients go elsewhere. Tony is reluctant to allow Aden to rejoin the rugby team.


NEIGHBOURS: Declan gets a reality check when he tries to find a flat he and Bridget can move into.

EASTENDERS: Christian (left) finds himself in danger while drowning his sorrows, and Amira shocks the Masoods with an announcement.

RIVER CITY: The locals take action against the attacker by starting a self-defence class.

EMMERDALE: Lily proves that you're never too old to behave badly - much to Edna's disgust. Val's imagination works overtime after she sees Diane and Rodney kiss.

HOME & AWAY: Angelo dumps May after Charlie starts questioning him about his relationship status. Belle can't bring herself to tell Aden the truth about her illness.


NEIGHBOURS: Zeke plans to give Sunny a first kiss to remember, but interfering Donna beats him to it. Libby goes in search of distractions after a visit to her brother leaves her with a little too much to think about.

EMMERDALE: Edna (left)worries Eddy has been leading Lily astray, despite the evidence that her sister doesn't need too much encouragement to misbehave. Meanwhile, Turner begins to have second thoughts about setting off on the road trip.

HOME & AWAY: Charlie tells Angelo she wants to wait before going public, but it looks like May has taken the decision out of their hands. Kirsty is annoyed when Miles can't keep his mouth shut about their baby plans.


NEIGHBOURS: Steph surprises Libby with a very generous offer, and Lou's run of bad luck strikes again.

EASTENDERS: Libby visits her dad, and Christian opens up to Syed.

EMMERDALE: Terry reveals he's buying Louise's half of the B& B. Lily offers to join Eddy on his adventure.

CORRIE: David (above) promises to get Joe more pills - but only if the kitchen fitter does him a favour. Norris is horrified to think Emily may have feelings for Ramsay.

HOME & AWAY: Annie is concerned after realising Jai's gunshot wound is infected, but things get even worse as they become lost while taking a shortcut on the trek.


NEIGHBOURS: Karl puts a stop to Steph's surrogacy plan, and Sunny is too stubborn to reunite with Zeke.

EASTENDERS: Liz and the newly returned Chelsea put a damper on Libby's party. Syed supports Christian as he reports the attack to the police.

EMMERDALE: Scarlett offers to help Lexi achieve her dream of becoming a mother, but Nicola believes Carl could afford the treatment himself.

CORRIE: Hayley and Anna offer to help with Becky's wedding plans. Jason gets a mortgage to buy No 12, but David is furious to learn Joe will be fitting the kitchen for free. Tony tries to change Maria's mind about Ireland.

HOME & AWAY: Miles (above), Bartlett and Palmer search for Annie and Jai. However, the other students could be in just as much danger as Trey makes a terrifying announcement after boarding the bus back to the Bay.


RAGE... Mark Wylde is fuming WHEELY BAD BOY... Chesney gets off his mark LOVE IS IN THE AIR... Ronnie and Ryan, top, get it on but Janine, above, isn't happy with Whitney's brother. Left, Janine and Archie plot ABSENT... Paul goes into hiding DEVASTATED... Scott THEIR SECRET IS OUT... Coleen, Martha and Hugo
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