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Mad Phil gunning for grief

What a difference a few months make - back in April, Peggy was ordering Phil to kill Archie, but this week she agrees to meet her estranged husband for a meal at Fargo's.

At first the landlady insists she's only there to warn him off but as she admits to keeping the wedding rings and being tired of all the arguing, it appears her ex may be getting under her skin once again.

However, there's one person who won't be softening towards him anytime soon - Phil. He's mortified to see Archie is back and horrified when he realises Peggy may have him back.

Phil hits the bottle in disgust but when he sobers up he finds a way of making it clear to Archie that he's not welcome.

Meanwhile, Tiffany takes the stage at a talent contest but her routine isn't what Janine had in mind. Oh dear...



Bob can't face truth from Viv

After going for so long without seeing Viv, Bob should have been happy when he got a visiting order - but, instead, he convinced himself she only wanted to see him to tell him their marriage is officially over.

Terry and Jamie think they've persauded him to at least hear what his wife has to say but Bob changes his mind on the way to prison and slinks back home. He decides he just has to accept he's lost her and to prove he's ready to move on, he has a night of passion with Gennie. Bob wakes up next morning feeling thoroughly ashamed of himself. After a chat with Terry, he realises he's going to have to face Viv after all, if only so he can tell her what he's done. However, before the shop owner can come clean, he discovers the real reason his wife wanted to see him - she's being released.

She arrives back to a less than warm welcome from Brenda, who mistakes her for a shoplifter and attacks her.

The jailbird's reunion with her family is even more awkward, as the conversation with Bob is strained and the twins don't recognise her.


In Neighbours, Miranda blots her copybook by having her head turned by old flame Dean Nor ton, who turns up at Lassiter' s for a conference.

Both Steve and Bridget are horrified by her behaviour, especially when she jumps into bed with Dean.


Truth and dare

Dan, Rebecca and Karl take the teenagers off to a camp, supposedly to rehearse the school play.

Instead, the youngsters end up playing a rather revealing game of truth and dare, during which they decide it would be a good idea to lock Zeke and Sunny in a cupboard together.

Despite being in such close proximity, the pair fail to declare their feelings for each other. Here's hoping they do eventually get on with it, because it's turning into one of the longest will-they, won'tthey storylines ever.

Meanwhile, Ringo blots his copybook by insisting Donna is just like a mother - and all because she kisses Kyle.

But it's Rebecca who really embarrasses herself by being caught canoodling in some bushes with Paul.

Naughty girl!

Set to make a Mark



Shieldinch must be an amazing place as so many people turn up there out of the blue.

The latest is Mark, a face from Marianne McKee's past. He's a former patient of hers and is desperate to catch up with her. Could Marianne and the man have enjoyed more than a professional relationship?

To make matters worse, Gina's suspicions are aroused when Marianne fails to return to work after lunch. Worried sick, she becomes convinced the psychiatrist has become the latest victim of the local attacker and that Mark could be the culprit.

Elsewhere, Amber's efforts to attract Innes get increasingly pathetic. She tries to impress him by writing lyrics - but it really doesn't look as if they're about to become the new Sonny and Cher.


Turning the tables

There isn't a bad bone in Geoff but that doesn't stop him being on the receiving end of constant bad luck.

But this week, he lets his inner fury take the Summer Bay air.

Lachie's plan to injure Geoff backfires when Geoff turns the tables on his rival. At the end of the rugby game, Geoff runs at Lachie in a hard tackle.

Geoff realises he has gone too far, however, when Lachie is left on the ground with no feeling in his legs. At the hospital, both Claudia and Geoff are full of guilt. When Geoff notices Lachie is alone he tries to apologise to him but Lachie refuses to accept. What could he be hiding?

Eventually, a distressed Claudia is forced to come clean and admit to Geoff that the baby is Lachie's. Geoff is furious that Claudia lied to him for so long and he orders her out of the house.




NEIGHBOURS: Toadie (left) is forced to show Steph the script for the play after Greg finds a copy.

EASTENDERS: Christian comes to blows with Syed, while Stacey's behaviour grows even more erratic.

EMMERDALE: Val realises the extent of Pollard's cash crisis and offers him some wifely support - go and find a job.

CORRIE: Hayley encourages Fiz to tell Chesney about her wedding plans. Bill cancels his blind date so he can spend time with Pam, who has a confession to make.

HOME & AWAY: Ruby decides the time is right to sleep with Xavier, but is hurt to discover his friends seem to know all about their plans. Jai grows increasingly impatient with Annie, and Charlie finds herself drawn to Angelo.


NEIGHBOURS: Steph rushes to Toadie's defence after Greg tries to sue him for defamation of character.

EASTENDERS: Max and Tanya start to grow closer, while Christian and Syed call a truce as they repair the damage caused by their fight.

RIVER CITY: Eileen decides to play Alex at his own game as she redesigns her posters.

EMMERDALE: Debbie (above) enjoys a date with newcomer Michael, but fails to tell him about Sarah. Turner struggles to keep pace with his old friend Eddy.

HOME & AWAY: Charlie tries to keep her night with Angelo a secret, but reckons without Ruby's powers of deduction. Aden receives his instructions from Clint.


NEIGHBOURS: Miranda looks to be on the brink of reconciling with Steve, until a face from the past turns up. Zeke grows frustrated by what he sees as Sunny's mixed messages.

EMMERDALE: Cain interferes in Debbie's love life, and Gennie tries to act like she's fine about Viv's return.

CORRIE: It looks like Tyrone (above) might have been right all along when Connie tries to put Jack off visiting her house. Sophie's romance ends in tears when Ben dumps her, and Fiz discovers she's the talk of Weatherfield prison.

HOME & AWAY: Trey prepares to makes a public apology to Nicole, unaware Jai has another humiliation in store for him. Belle goes to hospital following a dizzy spell.


NEIGHBOURS: Miranda feels torn between Steve and her old flame, so does what anyone in her position would do - asks Susan for advice.

EASTENDERS: Stacey tries to find out the identity of Max's new woman, and Syed makes an announcement.

EMMERDALE: Jimmy (left) refuses to take any chances with Nicola's pregnancy, and appoints Laurel as substitute birth partner. Debbie is annoyed when Diane allows Andy to look after Sarah unsupervised.

HOME & AWAY: Miles chats to Kirsty about children, but it's Rachel who could do with a pep talk after Colleen leaves her wondering if she's really ready to be a mum. Hugo and Xavier get into more trouble in the countryside.


NEIGHBOURS: Steph provides Toadie with a new draft of the play, while Miranda realises her mistake.

EASTENDERS: Whitney becomes caught up in Stacey's obsession with Max, and Debra returns to the Square.

EMMERDALE: Newcomer John Barton (left) and his family move into Butler's Farm, but find they may have a sitting tenant. Mark dreads being left in charge of the shop.

CORRIE: Jack discovers Connie's secret, and Slug reveals his intention to win back Becky - which doesn't go down well with Steve. Norris receives a pair of surgical shoes, but won't rest until he knows who bought them.

HOME & AWAY: Xavier plots his revenge on Angelo, but Hugo is the one who pays the price. Jai is mortified when Miles sits him down for a man-to-man chat about the birds and the bees, and Kirsty surprises Irene.

Claire's in a clot of trouble

Ashley rushes to his wife's side as she collapses after a clot on her lung


Claire hasn't had much luck over the years. She found happiness when she landed a babysitting job with Ashley and was delighted when she married the widowed butcher. But since having a baby she's entered a world of trouble.

After post natal depression, she was sectioned for the sake of her safety. And then, just when you thought things couldn't get worse, Ashley had a fling with besotted stranger Casey, who then kidnapped her son Freddie and threatened to jump off a high rise with him. Which brings us to the latest devastating storyline for the Peacocks. On Friday, Ashley is stunned when he spots his wife being wheeled into an ambulance.

It turns out she's suffered a case of deep vein thrombosis.That leads to a pulmonary embolism and a blood clot on her lung, which causes more problems for the expectant mum.

And if you didn't know Claire was pregnant, then you're not the only one - neither did she. Meanwhile, there's more high drama for the rest of the locals, including Kevin and Molly. Their affair over the past few weeks has led to no end of lingering glances and furtive encounters but it looks like the mechanic is trying to nip the romance in the bud before Tyrone or Sally find out.

Tyrone is not the brightest wrench in the toolbox but Mrs Webster is no fool and can spot strange behaviour in a split second, so little wonder Kev's wary. Elsewhere, relations between Steve and Slug show little sign of improving.When McDonald sees his fiancee's old flame hugging her, he lunges for him. However, it seems Becky's old nemesis DC Hooch also has a hidden agenda where Becky's concerned and tries to use Slug in his own revenge plan.

The romance between John and Fiz takes a turn as he slips a ring on her finger and Jack is stunned when he sees the size of Connie's house.


Dawn Swann would love to be a professional model and nowitseemsthe actress who plays her, Kara Tointon, is about to become one. The EastEnders star has reportedly landed a pounds 100,000 deal to promote Ultimo lingerie for for a well-known supermarket chain.


HOT-SHOT... Phil checks his gun BIG MISTAKE... Brenda thinks Viv is a shoplifter EMMERDALE MONDAY, STV, 7pm BIG MISTAKE... Brenda thinks Viv is a shoplifter TOGETHER... Donna and Kyle SUSPICIONS... Marianne A BAD TACKLE... Geoff injures Lachie DEEP VEIN GRIEF... Claire collapses and is taken to hospital where Ashley, top, waits for news. Above, Kevin and Molly are caught in the act
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