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Ian's just a Wonka plonka

After two weeks making their own breakfasts, the residents of Walford should be out in force for the grand re-opening of the cafe.

However, Ian isn't taking any chances, and tries to drum up more business by dressing as Willy Wonka and hosting his own competition - whoever finds a golden ticket in one of his cupcakes gets a free meal for them and their friends.

Unfortunately, the flyer for the contest fails to make clear how many mates are included in the prize, and winner Phil Mitchell seems like the sort who'll take advantage.

It's also an emotional week for Heather as her marriage is finally annulled, and she vents her feelings by challenging Manda to join her in a duet on the karaoke, only for the pottery teacher to outshine her - and the launderette worker pushes her love rival off the stage.

Distraught Lexi loses the baby

Poor Lexi King. For a long time she wasn't exactly soapland's most beloved character - but since her wedding to Carl it seems she's left her more heartless and self-serving qualities behind.

Unfortunately, she's also been beset by stress and crises since then - and now faces devastating trauma too.

All she's ever wanted was for Carl to love her and for them to raise a family. Well, Carl's motives for marrying Lexi are still suspect, as he seems to still hold a torch for Chas, and he's not exactly been enthusiastic about the idea of having a child with her.

Neighbours, cuted.

Indeed, Lexi was overjoyed last week when her dream finally came true and she found out that she was pregnant - but Carl had Rebecca the to force a show of being happy when he was anything but.

However, just days later, things take a tragic turn when Gennie and Lisa find Lexi collapsed in the factory office. She is taken to hospital, where Carl must break the terrible news - she has lost the baby - leaving her heartbroken.

Lexi goes back to work after the miscarriage, while Carl tells Jimmy he feels nothing at having lost the baby ALSO THISWEEK... While rescuing Elle's cat from under Cass' s house in Declan is electro -Pausaves his life, and his heroic act impr esses so much, she tells ne wspa per mogul he's the love of her life and she wants him back.


If you're into eye candy, it doesn't come much better than Ty Harper.

There's no denying he's a good looking, kind-hearted lad. When he first arrived in Erinsborough, he was an aspiring musician who swept Rachel Kinski off her feet.

Since she left to continue her studies in London, Ty has been moping around like a lost puppy.

After recording a video message for his girlfriend, saying how much he loved and missed her, he expected to get a reply, so when one didn't arrive, he was in a worse mood than ever.

On Tuesday, after seeing his friend in a state, Toadie takes matters into his own hands. He emails Rachel, telling her Ty wants to be with her.

She contacts Ty and begs him to join her in London - and he willingly accepts.

Tall Ship's sinking fast


Barmaids may come and go, but the Tall Ship will always be Shieldinch's premier drinking destination - or that's what Lenny thought before he sacked Scarlett.

Bob is outraged that his mum has lost her job, and sets about organising a boycott of the pub. If that wasn't bad enough, Eileen is on a mission to boost her popularity after a poor interview and offers Scott a job as campaign boss.

Then she organises a painting party in the local community centre - with free drinks for any willing volunteer.With his punters either staying away on principle or tucking into free booze at the centre, Lenny offers Scarlett her job back.

But it seems it may be too little, too late.


Fishing for trouble

Now that Irene's been freed, it's down to somebody else to ensure there's always a murder storyline on the go, And it looks like Tony's the man for the job. Suspicious about Tony's growing friendship with Angelo, Martha, Alf and Hugo piece together some disturbing facts about their fishing trip. Not only is it Jack's birthday, but Tony has taken Angelo to a hazardous location right next to where his son is buried. Intent on revenge, Tony leads an oblivious Angelo to the fishing spot.

When Tony starts to talk about the gaping hole Jack's death has left in his life, Angelo realises he is trapped in a chilling situation. Will either one make it out alive? Elsewhere, Donna causes Irene to miss Lou's funeral, while things are definitely hotting up between Nicole and Trey. And Belle and Aden decide to live together.


NEIGHBOURS: Sass plots her revenge, but it looks like Donna won't be the only one in serious danger. EASTENDERS: Libby (left) tries to talk Denise into taking Lucas back. Janine realises she's met her match. EMMERDALE: Doug is furious to be made redundant, especially as Pollard came to the decision by pulling names out of a hat. CORRIE: Rosie ensures her windfall is still the talk of Weatherfield as she takes delivery of a new car, while Kevin and Molly give into their mutual passion. David is jealous when he witnesses Tina giving birthday boy Jason a kiss. HOME & AWAY: Rachel is rushed to hospital after collapsing at work, but Tony has other things on his mind. Martha tells Hugo she doesn't need his help on the farm. MONDAY NEIGHBOURS: Rebecca (left) fights her feelings for Paul, and Sass tells Donna the truth about her father. EASTENDERS: Roxy drunkenly declares her love for Jack. Denise agrees to give Lucas another chance. RIVER CITY: Liz feels humiliated when Archie forgets her birthday, and tries to save face by sending herself flowers in his name. EMMERDALE: Paddy learns Chas is planning a 40th birthday party for him, and confides in Marlon that he's hoping to spring a surprise of his own by proposing to her. HOME & AWAY: Martha struggles to hide her true feelings from Hugo, and Rachel is shocked to learn what her husband was up to while she was in the hospital.

TUESDAY NEIGHBOURS: Zeke signs off as DJ Lost Boy, accidentally blowing his cover in the process. Declan pops the question to Bridget, and Donna starts to feel sorry for her mother. EMMERDALE: Aaron (left) ruins Paddy's party by mocking his planned proposal, while Nathan and Maisie wonder if they've ruined their parents' relationship. CORRIE: Eileen and Jason's love lives are looking up for a change, but Molly and Kevin continue to play with fire. Rosie makes an announcement to the factory girls. HOME & AWAY: Nicole defies Kirsty and lets Trey spend the night. Irene isn't sure whether to attend Lou's funeral, and Annie has second thoughts about Jai's film.

WEDNESDAY NEIGHBOURS: Bridget comes down with a case of cold feet, and Donna takes a role in the school play as a way of getting closer to Zeke. EASTENDERS: Trina makes more trouble for Denise, and Amira looks for a way to to earn Zainab's respect. EMMERDALE: Maisie and Nathan book a hotel break from their parents, unaware Natasha can't stand the thought of being alone with Mark. Gennie finds romance online, and Aaron apologises to Paddy. HOME & AWAY: Irene (above) makes her mind up to say goodbye to Lou, only to then miss the funeral after Donna tells her the wrong time. Ruby and Xavier's intimacy makes Annie feel even more uncomfortable around Jai.

THURSDAY NEIGHBOURS: Steph inspires Toadie to write a new ending for the play, and Declan invites Paul to dinner. EASTENDERS: Roxy is angry after being rejected Jack. Amira and Janine compete for a job at Booty. EMMERDALE: Jamie is there to pick up the pieces when Gennie's date ends in disaster, and Mark tells Faye that Ryan is not his problem. David learns Pollard is facing financial ruin. CORRIE: Steve (above) brings forward his wedding plans to stop Slug sticking around the Rovers. Sean meets a new man in the gym, and Molly invites Kevin over for a romantic evening, only for Tyrone to return home early. HOME & AWAY: Nicole hands her tape over to Jai without checking what's on it. Aden asks Belle to move in with him, while Geoff begins to panic at the thought of impending fatherhood. Irene grows suspicious of Donna.

FRIDAY 17 Sand and deliver, Maria!

Little Liam arrives on the beach thanks to Tony's timely intervention


Maria seems to have been pregnant a lot longer than nine months, but this week she finally gives birth.

On Monday, Tony comforts the widow who's fed up of being fat and waiting for the baby to arrive.

Meanwhile, Audrey and Natasha gossip about Maria's burgeoning relationship with Tony, convinced there's more to it than just friendship. Later, Tony is worried when he can't get hold of Maria.

Finding her in the pub, he causes a scene by telling her off in front of her friends for switching her phone off. Maria's furious and, as the pair bicker, Eileen points out they're behaving like a married couple.

When Maria and Tony head for Crosby beach, Tony is distracted by Ozzy and Maria suddenly goes into labour. Tony races to her side and scans the deserted beach in panic.

With no-one in sight, and no signal on his phone,he carries Maria over the sand dunes and into a beach hut. Managing to get a faint signal,Tony calls for an ambulance but as Maria's contractions come faster it looks like help won't get there in time.

Eventually, all turns out well and Maria and Tony look every bit the proud parents as Audrey, Fiz, Kirk and Natasha arrive at the hospital.

As they coo over the baby, Maria recounts the details of her dramatic birth and what Tony did for her.

Although they discuss names, it's not until they're alone that Maria announces she's going to call the baby Liam. Tony's floored by this reminder of how he robbed the child of his father. As he kisses the baby's forehead, Tony's inwardly sorry for killing Liam.

Elsewhere, Molly and Kevin set off for a run together and the sexual tension is electric. There's an awkwardness between them as both know what's coming but are trying to ignore it. However, as they finish their run in the park they no longer fight their urges.

GOSSIPGOSSIP EastEnder Libby may be hoping for a relaxing summer holiday before heading off to univ ersity - but the soap's bosses have other ideas .

Her dad Owen, who tried to murder her three years ago, is about to be released from prison, and wants to prove to Libby and Denise he's a changedman.


GREEDY... Ian drums up trade MISCARRIAGE... Lexi collapses on the factory floor GOODBYE... Ty's off to London BOYCOTTED... Lenny A SPOT OF TROUBLE... Tony and Angelo fight it out MUM'S THE WORD... Maria shows off baby Liam
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