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Making his Mark on Cain

Mark's web of lies continues to unravel around him thanks to, in large part, the efforts of Cain to get the better of him.

The devious Dingle points Natasha in the direction of the flat that Mark set up for Faye and she is shocked when the other woman answers the door.

Natasha demands answers and, despite Faye's initial protest, the revelations tumble out.

Faye tells her the secret of his earlier life and all the things that had been kept from her over the years, leaving her reeling.

She confronts her husband, who admits that he lied about his past - but insists it is all behind him now.

However, can Natasha ever truly trust Mark again?

Meanwhile, Paddy is bemused by Andy's on a visit to the farm, and Carl tries to hide his misgivings when Lexi reveals that she is pregnant.

Slap and tickle for boss Kev

There's lurve problems this week, one of the biggest being Kevin's infatuation with Molly.

He asks her into the garage and confessed his feelings. Although he gets a slap across the face for his trouble, it's just a matter of time until she falls for the senior mechanic.

Of course, having an affair on their doorstep proves to be a recipe for disaster, and Molly has to hide in the boot of a car when Sally wonders why the garage shutter is down in the middle of the day.

Rosie's love life also gives Kevin cause for concern, namely Luke's interest in his daughter. However, when he confronts Strong, Luke tells him to get out of his face. At least the Underworld boss brings Rosie a cup of tea in bed after their night together. It makes a in all Rachel Libby her a change from being locked in an attic like her previous suitor, John.

On the subject of Stape, Fiz, bless her, is hopelessly in love with him. She chains herself to the prison gates and unveils a banner asking John to marry her. He's thrilled by the offer, but you can bet their lives will be a misery when he gets out and they return to the cobbles. Meanwhile, Tyrone is worried about Jack's welfare.


Zeke's friends and family hold a memorial for the missing teen in Neighbours, convinced after all this time he won't be back. Rachel takes her anger out on Libby after finding out that her stepsister holds herself responsible for his disappearance.


A wrong Call

The return of Guy Sykes was never going to be a good thing.

At the beginning of the week, after learning exactly what he did to Toadie, Callum is terrified at the thought of seeing him again, and even has several disturbing visions.

He has good reason to be scared when Sykes breaks into the House of Trouser. Having realised that Zeke isn't going to come up with the $20,000 he believes he's owed, Sykes turns his attention to Toadie and promises to harm Callum if he doesn't find the money - fast.

He also makes sure the lawyer finds a way of keeping Libby, Ben and Dan out of the house, but they smell a rat.

Next morning, as Zeke returns from his shift at the radio station, he works out exactly what's going on and the police are called.

What's up with Doc?


Dr Marianne McKee is, without a doubt, an intelligent woman.

She's a doc, for goodness sake? But sometimes she should get her brain in gear before speaking.

Her skills at diagnosing illnesses haven't been top notch lately either.

Marianne mistakenly claims there's been a bout of food poisoning, and Raymond is responsible for it. However, she's forced to eat humble pie when she knows she's made a terrible error.

She is so devastated by her mistake that she begins to wonder whether she's cut out to be a doctor.

Elsewhere, Jimmy has a new job - in pest control. Scarlett is not pleased. She does, however, feel guilty about being such a snob and tries to put things right by injecting a bit of romance into their lives.


An explosive end

He may have helped him get over his blindness but Gardy has shown his true colours of late with a one-man crime spree that has driven old pal Roman to distraction.

But their friendship comes to an explosive end this week. Terrified that Gardy will hurt Nicole, Roman agrees to be part of a team Gardy has assembled to rob a warehouse on the wharf.

In an attempt to abort the plot, Roman asks Miles to tip the police off about the raid. When the cops arrive, Gardy realises Roman has double-crossed him and knocks him unconscious.

Roman awakes to find Gardy has dragged him to the warehouse and wants him to complete the robbery in broad daylight.

When the last of the workers leave, Gardy and Roman storm the building, and Gardy orders him to kill the guards.




NEIGHBOURS: Donna asks Elle to come clean to the police, and Sass writes a reference for her daughter.

EASTENDERS: Ian returns from holiday to a nasty surprise, and Lucas tries to keep Trina and Jordan apart.

EMMERDALE: Nathan is still sulking about Katie's rejection, so she decides to withdraw her business as well as her affections.

CORRIE: Sean and Lloyd wonder why Becky's ex Slug has taken to hanging around the Rovers. Jason makes a fool of himself during a date with Minnie, but will he have more luck when he turns his drunken attentions to Tina?

HOME & AWAY: Miles feels he has to tell someone that Roman is in danger, and picks Charlie. Nicole (above) tires of her living arrangements and wants to go home.


NEIGHBOURS: Declan tries to cheer up Bridget, and finds he's growing closer to her in the process.

EASTENDERS: Lucas does his best to convince Denise that Trina shouldn't be part of Jordan's life. Syed feels awkward around Christian.

RIVER CITY: Eileen (left) plays into Alex Judd's hands when she talks to a local journalist.

EMMERDALE: Pollard puts David's nose out of joint by restarting the Neighbourhood Watch. Meanwhile, Andy's odd behaviour becomes a cause for concern.

HOME & AWAY: Irene is delighted to be released from prison, but the celebrations look set to come to an abrupt end following a nasty confrontation with Donna.


NEIGHBOURS: Paul annoys Lucas, forcing Elle (left) to make a choice between the men in her life. Zeke's secret is under threat again.

EMMERDALE: Katie finds a new home for her horses, while Leyla hopes to see more of David when she moves into Victoria Cottage.

CORRIE: Jason apologises to Tina for his behaviour the previous evening. Jack tries to convince Tyrone that Connie is just a friend, and not a replacement for Vera.

HOME & AWAY: Annie becomes convinced that Irene is drinking again and tries to get her back on the wagon. Unfortunately, the alcoholic doesn't react well when she discovers the teen has confiscated her booze.


NEIGHBOURS: Elle is annoyed when Lucas pressures her to pick him over her father, but an over-confident Paul doesn't do himself any favours.

EASTENDERS: Bradley and Max (left) are kicked out of their flat. The Masoods make the Beales an offer.

EMMERDALE: Marlon discovers Lizzie has conned him, and Katie tells Paddy she's worried about Andy. The vet realises just how bad the situation is when he finds the farmer's stash of unopened letters.

HOME & AWAY: Rachel struggles to understand why Tony is being very friendly to Angelo, while showing virtually no interest in his unborn child's development. Irene continues to battle her alcohol-related demons.


NEIGHBOURS: Sunny and Zeke continue to squabble, but it seems the bickering is hiding a secret attraction.

EASTENDERS: Ian prepares an unappetising meal for the Masoods, and Manda stands poor Minty up.

EMMERDALE: Pollard warns Val that the factory faces closure. Carl is far from overjoyed when Lexi announces she's pregnant, and tells Jimmy he isn't sure he even wants another child.

CORRIE: Ted tells David to forget about going along to Gary's trial for a gloat, and Jesse pops in to see Eileen at the Rovers. Maria (above) and Tony share an awkward moment as they discuss methods for inducing labour.

HOME & AWAY: Miles steps in after Kirsty and Jai admit they're reluctant to spend any time with Trey. Martha is shocked to hear that Tony is planning a fishing trip with Angelo, and asks her former father-in-law what's going on.

Ronnie'surprise party

Peggy arranges a knees-up so that Jack can get on his knees and propose


Mitchell parties have a habit of going wrong ( Archie's wedding and Amy's christening) but Peggy still can't resist the lure of a good oldfashioned family knees-up.

In fact, she's so keen to throw another bash that on Monday she sets about getting The Vic ready for Ronnie and Jack's engagement party - even though the ex-copper hasn't got round to popping the question yet.The landlady begins to regret letting her enthusiasm run away with her when Ronnie picks Roxy up from the airport, and insists on dropping her and Amy off at the pub, only to come face to face with a huge banner congratulating her on the forthcoming wedding.

Jack races over to explain and belatedly propose, but his humiliated girlfriend isn't in the mood to listen and storms upstairs.

He apologises and talks her round, much to the relief of the locals who turned up expecting a party but the happy atmosphere doesn't look set to last as the couple head home for their own private celebration - and Jack catches Ronnie with a pin in one hand and a condom in the other.

He doesn't buy her explanation that she was using the safety pin to fix her trousers, but when she promises that it was just a moment of madness, he proves surprisingly understanding and suggests they forget all about it.

Unfortunately, the broody Mitchell just can't let the subject go, and starts quizzing her fiance on when they will start a family, revealing she's bought more baby clothes. Alarmed by her behaviour, Jack asks her to swear she's never tampered with contraception before, but when Ronnie can't look him in the eye, he's furious and claims her manipulative behaviour reminds him of Archie.

Most viewers will think he's got a point but Ronnie insists she's nothing like her scheming dad and rings Roxy for a second opinion. Will the couple work their problems out - or are they doomed?


Not content with telling the nation who has what it takes to become a super star on Britain' s Got Talent, Amanda Holden is also despera te to appear on Coronation Street. So desperate, in fact, that she's come up with two story-linein which she could appear as a newcharacter.


SPILLING THE BEANS... Faye CONFESSION... Kevin admits his feelings for Molly TERRIFIED... Callum fears Guy WRONG CALL... Marianne HOLD IT... Gardy taunts Roman WILL YOU? Jack asks Ronnie to marry him
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