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Making his Mark on mum

Cain Dingle has never been the sort of bloke to shy away from controversy.

A fact he proves once more this week. On Monday, some smutty remarks wind up Mark so much he punches Cain.

However, later in the week it's Natasha who's far from happy when she sees Mark has paid Cain off.

New arrival Ryan Lamb gets the villagers talking when he turns up to stay with mum, Faye. She's delighted when Mark agrees to go for a drink with him.

However, Ryan's mood sours when he gets suspicious of Mark and Faye. By the end of the week, he warns Mark to stay away from his mum. At least Nathan is less controversial when he dazzles Katie with a picnic.

However, it proves to be the calm before the storm as Katie soon tells Lee to move out. And Jimmy is overjoyed when he and Nicola see the baby scan. Aww.



Tanya just wants fun

It's not very often that Max Branning gets to take the moral high ground - but somehow he does it this week when he shows up for his date with Tanya.

The signs are encouraging as he sees she's got dressed up and prepared oysters but he's taken aback when his wife then says he shouldn't read to much into it as she's just looking for fun.

Although most people would say he doesn't have a leg to stand on, the insurance salesman is outraged and appears to have talked her into taking their reunion seriously - until he bumps into someone who could tell him how it feels to be used and abandoned, Stacey.

The newly blonde stallholder is covered in cuts and bruises and looking the worse for wear as she stumbles her way over to the Slater household.

Her behaviour confuses Mo and Charlie but Jean fears it's all too obvious what's going on - and she isn't the only one who's worried. Tanya is also concerned, feeling she and Max are partly to blame. But when she takes it upon herself to talk to Dr Jenkins about Stacey's condition, Jean tells her to stay away.


In Home and Away, Geoff and Claudia decide about their baby. Ruby discovers the truth about Martha's feelings for Hugo and Martha moves out to the farm. Roman confides in Miles-but is there anything he can do to help?


On their Gard

He might have a cheeky smile and lovely hair but it would be fair to say Gardy is a baddie.

He's making his mate Roman's life a misery - and things get even worse this week. Gardy informs Roman he wants to carry out a major burglary - and needs to raise some cash to fund it.

He threatens to inform the authorities about the murder in Afghanistan if Roman does not help him. Nicole visits Trey's house and, while she is in his bedroom, Trey sees his mother being tied up by a masked Gardy.

The criminal restrains Trey but Nicole calls Roman for help. When Roman arrives, he wrestles the intruder to the ground - but when he realises it's Gardy he lets him go.

Backed into a corner, Roman agrees to help Gardy with the next robbery.

Centre plan backfires


Daniel has the lease for the boatyard and can't wait to tell Eileen about his plan to turn it into a community centre.

She's so impressed, she enlists local councillor Alex Judd's help in making Daniel's dream a reality.

However, there's a fly in the ointment in the shape of Lenny Murdoch.

Well, did you really expect anything else? Lenny has his own ideas for the site, and seeing as he's a good pal of Alex's, it's his plan that gets the greenlight.

Most people would do the same if they had Lenny breathing down their necks - but whether Eileen will see it that way is another matter.

Meanwhile, Ruth is worried at the news that her attacker keeps locks of hair from his victims as a trophy.

She is horrified by the thought of anybody touching her head - which makes a hair appointment tricky.


Return of bad Guy

When Guy Sykes was arrested after holding Katya, Steph, Charlie, Toadie and Zeke hostage, most of us thought that was the end of him.

After all, wouldn't the authorities lock him up and throw away the key? Seemingly not.

This being soapland, Sykes is out of jail in record time and returns to Erinsborough. He first bumps into Zeke at Harold's Store, and makes it clear he wants the money hidden by Katya, which recently turned up in the community garden. Zeke, of course, doesn't have it, but tries to raise enough cash to pay the villain.

When Toadie realises what's going on, he gets the police involved and Zeke tries to trap Guy.

Unfortunately, newshound Elle gets wind of what's happening and, in an attempt to get a scoop, she persuades Lucas to follow the teenager to the meeting point.

Sykes spots them, blowing the entire operation in the process and Elle promises not to run the story.




NEIGHBOURS: Ringo (left) asks for a job at Charlie's, and Sunny's obsession with Lost Boy is growing.

EASTENDERS: Amira tries to get into Zainab's good books. Bianca questions Darren's motives for letting Whitney spend time at the cab office.

EMMERDALE: Debbie decides to take Cain's advice and start concentrating on her future.

CORRIE: David realises he may have pushed Gail and Audrey too far when he sees how angry they are over his latest stunt. Chesney takes pity on Fiz, and Kevin thinks there's something going on between Molly and Jason.

HOME & AWAY: Annie is shocked when Geoff comes clean about the pregnancy, and Claudia's dad doesn't take the news much better.


NEIGHBOURS: Dan becomes principle of Erinsborough High as Libby makes Ben her first priority.

EASTENDERS: Lucas is raging after finding drugs in Chelsea's bag, while Ronnie and Jack join Minty and Manda for a game of strip poker.

RIVER CITY: Amber (left) dresses to impress Innes, but things don't go to plan.

EMMERDALE: Jimmy is devastated when Nicola says she wants to put their unborn baby up for adoption, and Nathan successfully woos Katie over a romantic picnic.

HOME & AWAY: Claudia admits she's considering having an abortion, but doesn't get the reaction she was expecting from Geoff. Angelo tries to clear Irene's name.


NEIGHBOURS: The school play brings out the rivalry between Cass and Donna, but it's the teen who has the upper hand when she auditions.

EMMERDALE: Jimmy (left) presents Nicola with a document spelling out his rights as a father, but what will it mean for their romance?

CORRIE: Tony sets about pampering Maria, and the Windasses make Gail a very tasty peace offering. Kevin admits he accused Jason of fancying Molly after she picks up on the strained atmosphere between them at the gym.

HOME & AWAY: Rachel can't understand why Tony is being so friendly to Angelo, and Belle feels overwhelmed. Ruby suspects Martha is attracted to Hugo.


NEIGHBOURS: Cass sabotages Donna's audition, while Paul is feeling unusually charitable when he offers to sponsor Rebecca's netball team.

EASTENDERS: Peggy and Sal find an engagement ring in Jack's flat, and Chelsea leaves Walford with Ellis.

EMMERDALE: Katie finally tires of being caught in the middle of Lee and Nathan's squabbles and takes action to sort it out. Nicola and Jimmy realise they still care about each other when they attend the scan.

HOME & AWAY: Angelo thinks he may have made a breakthrough as he searches for evidence to back up Irene's story. Aden (above) and Belle rekindle their relationship, and Martha is forced to confront her feelings.


NEIGHBOURS: Elle risks her romance with Lucas to help Donna, and Rebecca considers Paul's offer.

EASTENDERS: Whitney makes a shocking discovery when she visits Debra's house, and Christian has a very unexpected romantic encounter.

EMMERDALE: Katie feels Nathan is taking too much for granted when he assumes they'll get back together, and wonders if he let her horses out.

CORRIE: Becky's (above) old flame Slug turns up at the pub claiming to be a reformed character. Molly's performance in the fun run sets Kevin's' heart racing, and Eileen takes Amy to the community centre.

HOME & AWAY: Geoff gives Claudia an ultimatum. Rachel suspects Tony has an ulterior motive for being nice to Angelo - why else would he spend time with Jack's killer? Roman puts Miles in danger by confiding in him.

Luking for Rosie's windfall

Kidnapper John's inheritance is set to vanish into Underworld's coffers


There was a time when Rosie was a shy and retiring little girl.

However, that was back in the day when Fred was still at the butcher's shop and a pint of bitter didn't break the bank.

These days she's one of the Street's most controversial characters - a young woman who will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

On Monday, she gets the shock of her life when her kidnapper John gives her the pounds 150,000 he inherited from his grandmother.

Of course, she can't keep the news a secret for long, and by the middle of the week she's blurted out the news to her Underworld colleagues.

With Luke feeling the full force of the credit crunch, he tries to convince the minx to invest in his ailing company. And Rosie is more than keen to agree when he puts his hand on her leg.

Well, she's tried it on with just about every other male boss at Underworld, so why should Luke be any different?

Meanwhile, it looks like there's a ray of sunshine in Eileen's darkness, and heaven knows she needs it. After she found that her dad seduced her best friend when she was an underage teenager, and that annoying Julie was the result - not to mention his sudden death - it's little wonder her heart's all a flutter when Jesse Chadwick returns.

The last time they got together, Eileen helped the entertainer out, playing Hiawatha at Amy's birthday party.

So who know what will happen this time round?

Elsewhere, Steve has competition for Becky's affections. Her old flame Slug is back at the Rovers, but instead of the scruffy waste of space she remembers, this time he's clean shaven and smartly dressed. Could she dump her current lover like a scalding hotpot?

Tyrone is so busy sulking that Jack is meeting Connie again, he fails to notice his boss's feelings for Mrs Dobbs. When they finish the race, Kevin congratulates Molly and gets so caught up in the moment he nearly blurts out his feelings for her.


Been wondering what Liz Dawn has been doing since leaving Corrie? The actress, who played Vera Duckworth, has been devoting her time to charity work for such organisations as Breathe Fresh Air and The Lung Foundation. She also claims she'll be jealous if screen hubby Jack kisses his new ladyfriend!


WARNED OFF... Faye and Mark DEAL... Tanya wants a 'no-strings attached' relationship MASKED RAIDER... Gardy NEW LEASE... Daniel DANGER... Guy hassles Toadie STREET LIFE... Slug, top, returns to romance Becky and, above, Tyrone isn't happy that Jack is going to meet Connie again SUCKERED... Luke wants Rosie to invest her cash in his ailing company
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