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Battle for Sarah is all over

Andy collects Victoria when she is caught shop-lifting, after being left in the lurch by Aaron.

As things get worse, Andy fears he will lose the custody battle for Sarah and prepares to take the youngster and leave the village.

Debbie rushes to intercept him following a tip-off from Mick but is terrified when he becomes violent and smashes her phone.

However, the farmer is left a broken man later in the week after announcing he is withdrawing his custody application.

Debbie is both shocked and delighted as she tells the rest of the Dingle clan that Sarah is coming to live with her.Victoria does her best to comfort Andy, but he is devastated.

Meanwhile, sexual tension between Bob and Gennie finally reaches breaking point as the pair kiss. And Eric proves he is graceful in defeat.

Evil plan backfires on David

David isn't really the most sensible lad around - quite the opposite in fact.

He's intelligent and devious though, which is why he's come up with a plan which should put Gary behind bars - the ultimate revenge if ever there was one.

Unfortunately for David, he reckons without one key event occuring. As David sets up his alibi - which involves making dinner for Joe - Gary is forced to break into Audrey's home alone. Graeme's on hand to call the police, which should land Gary in hot water, but when Ted turns up, things go horribly wrong.

Gary hears the lovable pensioner enter the house and picks up a poker, ready to defend himself. Thankfully, instead of using the weapon, he makes a dash for safety - but it's too late, Ted has already recognised him.

He then contacts his grandson to tell him what has happened, and the police turn up. It seems that Gary is about to get his comeuppance.

Sadly, there's a twist in the tale - the strain and excitement of the burglary takes its toll on Ted and he has a heart attack. David is frozen in terror as he watches his granddad fight for life.

Meanwhile, Bill can't believe his luck when he meets a woman on a singles' night. You might know her - she's played by 70s star Gabrielle Drake.


In EastEnders, Shirley grows jealous of Dawn's p resence behind the bar - especially when Phil continues flirting with her.

So Shirley hits the bottle and gets abusiv e with everyone.

exactly the best way That' s not to win Phil's heart, is it?


In the frame

Sometimes, it would be nice if a bit of justice could be dealt to some soap characters.

For instance, it's about time Cass was run right out of town.

We know you need villains to spice the drama up a bit - but she's something else. Cass is manipulative, spiteful and downright nasty. In fact, she gives women a bad name.

After being humiliated by an April Fool's joke, she plots revenge on poor Rebecca - a bad move, seeing as everyone will stick up for the nicest woman in town.

Nevertheless, Cass frames her for selling alcohol to a minor and uses the situation to get Paul on side. To his eternal credit, he supports Rebecca - although that could be a bad move when, as a result, Cass decides to report the incident to the police. However, she needs evidence from Tegan to make the accusation stick.

Raging Roisin returns


Roisin McIntyre is back in Shieldinch - and is not a happy bunny.

It seems she's heard all about the devastating events of Raymond and Shona's wedding day, and is in town to lend younger sister Iona a shoulder to cry on. She needs one too.

Iona is hurt about having been kept in the dark over Shona's condition.

Unfortunately, Roisin and Raymond can't agree about how to deal with it, which only makes matters worse.

Elsewhere, poor Ruth is indecently assaulted while coming out of the subway.

She's distraught and is horrified when her family makes light of the situation.

How could they do such a terrible thing when she's scared out of her wits?

But what will she do when she discovers that a series of similar attacks on women in the area have been going on for some time?


Belle's star-struck

You have to admire Belle's stamina, don't you?

Last year she was puckering up to dishy Drew, before he left Summer Bay in search of pastures new.

That left the wannabe journalist at a loose end but it didn't take long for her to spot the possibilities of hooking up with wayward Aden.

Their romance faltered at first and sent her spinning into copper Angelo's arms, before she patched things up with Aden. They split up and, despite Belle trying to focus on her recovery from drug addiction, a new romance is on her horizon in the form of Liam. After knowing her for about five minutes, the rock star ditches his wife (who was about to file for divorce) and professes his love for Belle. She is, naturally, aghast and turns Liam down, but eventually (after perhaps 10 more minutes) he wears her down and she agrees to them becoming a couple.

Belle insists they take it slowly - but that probably just means she'll wait till tomorrow before declaring her undying love for him.




NEIGHBOURS: Elle and Lucas move in together, while Declan is let down after arranging a film marathon.

EASTENDERS: Garry surprises Dawn (left) with his plans for the future, while Whitney skips an exam.

EMMERDALE: Jimmy pleads with Nicola to consider a life with him and the baby, while Terry catches out Bob and Gennie.

CORRIE: Luke is stunned to learn Michelle spent the night with Peter, but decides to give her one last chance. Audrey and Gail make plans to visit Sarah, and Kevin wonders why Jason spending so much time with Molly.

HOME & AWAY: Gardy aims to restore Roman's sight by placing him in a dangerous situation, but his plan fails. Nicole tries to find out why Trey is avoiding her.


NEIGHBOURS: Toadie and Steph fear that Libby and Dan aren't coping well following the miscarriage.

EASTENDERS: Dawn persuades Phil to give her a job at the Vic, while Max continues to pursue Tanya.

RIVER CITY: Jimmy (left) and Daniel ignore Malcolm's advice as they work on a gas supply, but soon wished they listened.

EMMERDALE: Carl is shocked when he learns Lexi has stopped taking the Pill, but agrees that they can try for a baby. Bob attempts to finish things with Gennie.

HOME & AWAY: Roman is delighted when his sight returns, but Nicole is taken aback when he credits Gardy with the miracle cure. Belle agrees to start seeing Liam.


NEIGHBOURS: Ben prompts Libby and Dan to face their grief. Ringo is accused of harassment.

EMMERDALE: Lexi (left) cooks a romantic meal for her and Carl in the hope it will help them to conceive, while Eric tires of the campaign trail in light of his health scare.

CORRIE: Kevin grows suspicious of Molly and Jason, while Julie tries to help Sean get back into shape.

HOME& AWAY: Angelo receives a hostile reception when he questions Hugo about the shark attack, so he threatens to impound his boat. The cop also questions Charlie's loyalties, forcing her to choose sides. Irene faces temptation when a bottle of gin is planted in her cell.


NEIGHBOURS: Zeke finds a new identity at a pirate radio station. Ringo tries to make up with Donna (left), and Cass causes chaos.

EASTENDERS: Max and Tanya visit Bradley in hospital, while Dot is plagued with guilt over the incident.

EMMERDALE: Eric finally reveals the truth about his heart attack to David after his son wins the election. Lexi takes Scarlett's advice and stops her constant baby talk when she is around Carl.

HOME & AWAY: Charlie tries to ease the tension between Angelo and Hugo and arranges another meeting, but Martha fears it will lead to a terrible outcome. Irene is haunted by the boat trip, and struggles to keep off booze.


NEIGHBOURS: Zeke's new identity is threatened when Dan and Libby's suspicions are aroused.

EASTENDERS: Bianca is furious when she discovers Whitney has been lying about her exams, but things get worse with the arrival of an uninvited guest at the Jackson household.

EMMERDALE: Eric breaks off his deal with Nathan and tries to make amends with David by offering to help him in his new role as local councillor.

CORRIE: Peter takes advice from Ken and attempts to beat his addiction once again - but fails at the first hurdle. David's plot to trap Gary goes awry when Ted turns up.

HOME & AWAY: The possibility of spending a night on the farm forces Hugo to admit his true feelings for Martha (above). Claudia receives some life-changing news and Liam saves the day when Jerry tries to blackmail Belle.

Dot turns on nasty Nick

Cotton gets his comeuppance in the Square - thanks to his daughter


There's never a dull moment when Nick Cotton is around.

That's something EastEnders' bosses are certainly aware of - and that's probably why, every so often, they bring him back for a big storyline they hope will boost the ratings.

His latest appearance has kept us on the edge of our seats.

Okay, so it's not the first time Nick's tried to kill his mother, but he seems more determined than ever to succeed, and even has a helper in the shape of his 'angelic' daughter, Dotty. Or does he? It seems this week that she may be a chip off her grandma's block, rather than her father's, when she turns the tables on him.

Nick orders his daughter to grind up some pills and put them in Dot's food. That should finish the poor woman off and make him the sole heir of her estate. But while he's at the Vic, establishing an alibi and convincing Bradley how worried he is about his mother, Dotty has a plan of her own instead - which involves putting the pills in Nick's beer.When he realises what's happened, Nick goes berserk, grabs Dotty, bundles her into his car and then crashes it into the flower stall.

He grabs his daughter and lurches into the 'caff', clearly feeling the effects of the drugs. Once inside, he terrorises the local children.Thankfully,Bradley andWhitney's mystery man manages to get everybody but Nick out of the cafe - which, amid the confusion, has been set alight. But there's worse to come when a gas pipe splits, causing a massive explosion. Nick and Bradley are still inside the building - but will either of them survive?

With the cafe a wreck, Bianca is jobless and hanging about at Pat's, making Whitney's life a misery in the process.The teenager isn't thrilled by the idea of studying but having her stepmother on her case makes matters worse. Especially when Bianca issues an ultimatum - study or get a job.


Darryl Mor ton (play ed by Jonathan Dixon) and Vicki Dank owska (W anda Opalinska) have, accor ding to a recent repor t, been axed from Coronation Street. Nikki Patel will also mak eappearances in the soap when her character, Amber Kalirai, goes to university later in the year.


RELIEVED... Andy and Victoria HEART ATTACK... David is shocked as Ted collapses UP TO NO GOOD... Cass SHE'S BACK... Roisin AN ITEM... Belle and Liam start a relationship EXPLOSIVE ENDING... After being drugged Nick staggers into the cafe which goes up in flames and explodes with him still inside
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