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Faye is driven a bit Wylde

Mark worries what Faye is up to when she arrives at Home Farm looking for a job again while he prepares to renew his wedding vows with Natasha.

Faye reacts badly to the news that the Wyldes plan to reaffirm their relationship, and Mark is furious that she keeps interfering in his life.

Angrily tearing up her CV in front of a confused Natasha, he later turns up at her flat, where she reveals that she wants him back.

Turning up on the Wyldes' second wedding day, Faye is hurt to see just how much the couple love one another.

Meanwhile, Jimmy proposes to Nicola, still pretending not to know she is pregnant.

As she accepts, and Laurel and Rodney urge her to tell him about the baby, careless words threaten to split them up again.

Oh what a silly Billy you are, Mr Mitchell.

Terry Bates' trial, for Jase's murder, is taking place and Billy is supposed to be the star witness.

But Terry sends his wife, Viv, to persuade Billy not to testify, and she's no shrinking violet. She tells him that unless he takes his name off the witness list, something hideous will happen to Jay.

Unable to tell anybody about it, Billy is shunned by his friends and family, who think he's bottling it - until Jay goes missing.

He is being held hostage by Terry's henchmen, who threaten to kill the lad unless Billy stays away from court.

But, surprisingly, Billy has an ace up his sleeve. After an attempt to free Jay with help from Garry, Phil, Minty and Dawn ends in disaster, Billy sets the villainous gangs up by calling the police before entering the fray alone.

He may end up battered and bruised, but Billy is still alive and kicking. However, will he make it to the court in time to testify? Meanwhile, concerns for Dot's mental health continue when she appears in the caff in her night clothes.

ALSO THISWEEK... Elle and Lucas finally get back together in Neighbours.

But Paul isn't pleased with the idea -especially after catching them enjo ying 'qualit y time' - and tries to put the kybosh on it.

But they are keen to makeagoofitand discuss mo ving in together .


It was obvious there was never going to be a street party when Angelo Rosetta breezed back into Summer Bay.

But the put-upon chap gets even more stick when he ends up arresting Irene.

She's clearly been to hell and back, the poor love, and Belle is the first person to leap to her defence.

Unfortunately, she also jumps all over Angelo as he tries to take the redhead into custody. Maybe there's more to Belle's fury? The former journalist finds herself in hot water too, after Aden walks in and finds Liam sleeping in her bed.

Sure enough, the hotheaded teen jumps to the wrong conclusion - but given how good-looking Liam is, who could blame Belle for being even the slightest bit attracted?


No soapland wedding can go ahead without some sort of major problem involving the bride and/or groom.

So you can guess that Raymond and Shona's big day isn't going to be a simple case of tying the knot, throwing a bit of confetti then going for a knees-up.

Nothing seems to go to plan. For a start, Raymond's mind is far away from putting on a morning suit and marrying the woman he loves.

He's more interested in finding out why his offer to buy The Tall Ship has fallen through.

Shona isn't exactly firing on all cylinders either. She's suffering from dizzy spells and as her friends and family gather for the wedding, she collapses in the street.


Dan's dilemma

Libby and Dan got married last week - but the bride collapsed almost immediately after saying "I do".

It turned out she was pregnant, and her husband was as pleased as punch - he's always wanted to be a father.

But their happiness proves to be short-lived. While supervising an exam at school, Libby suffers crippling pains and Dan rushes her to hospital.

For once, her father Karl isn't in attendance, so she is tended to by a female medic.

At first, all seems well, until Libby has a miscarriage.

She makes Dan promise they wll try again soon and he agrees - until Libby begins haemorrhaging and is rushed into surgery.

The doctor tells him Libby may need a hysterectomy. Dan isn't sure but realises, as his wife's nextof-kin, if he says no, Libby may die.


MONDAY NEIGHBOURS: Ringo makes a new friend and takes a big risk when he borrows Adam's car.

EASTENDERS: Phil reassures Ben that his drinking is firmly under control, while Syd moves in with Dot. EMMERDALE: Pollard resolves to continue with his election battle, and apologises to David for lying about his poor health. CORRIE: Norris has high hopes for the pub quiz, but is annoyed to find his plans ruined when Ramsay becomes involved, intensifying their sibling rivalry. Meanwhile, David asks Darryl to keep a close eye on Tina (above) for him. HOME & AWAY: Irene tries to explain her reasons behind the shooting to the police, while Liam apologises to a jealous Aden for taking up so much of Belle's time.

TUESDAY NEIGHBOURS: Ringo enjoys the attention he gets from his friends when he returns to school.

EASTENDERS: Zainab gets in trouble over her matchmaking efforts. RIVER CITY: Eileen vows to stop Daniel (left) opening a boxing club. EMMERDALE: Katie offers Lee a place to stay - much to Nathan's anger. Gennie comes to Bob's rescue when the sprinklers go off at a variety show. CORRIE: Peter tells Michelle he has feelings for her - even though she has embarked on a romance with Luke. Elsewhere, Sian tries to ensure she does not lose Ryan. HOME & AWAY: Charlie helps Tony keep his anger under control when it strains his relationship with Rachel.

NEIGHBOURS: Elle (left) tries to help Lucas deal with his brother Dan's loss and later declares her love for him. Bridget is inspired by Dan and rethinks her own situation. EMMERDALE: Jimmy is elated by the idea of becoming a father, but Rodney advises him not to let on that he knows Nicola is pregnant. Bob struggles with missing Viv while also developing a growing attraction for Gennie. HOME & AWAY: Hugo agrees to help Martha on the farm, but his feelings make the situation uncomfortable, while people begin to reveal doubts about the shark attack story. Nicole's attraction toward Trey intensifies, and an old army friend of Roman's turns up harbouring a dark secret.

WEDNESDAY NEIGHBOURS: Lucas tries to convince everyone that he doesn't care about Elle, but Rebecca sees right through his protestations. EASTENDERS: Zainab continues to play Cupid for Syed, while Bradley is shocked by Syd's concern for Dot. EMMERDALE: Bob learns that Gennie is looking for somewhere new to live, and feels awkward when she steps in to cover at the shop. Mark is worried when Cain mentions Faye to him. HOME & AWAY: Trey finds he can't handle Ruby's (above) teasing when she sees him topless, leaving Nicole upset. Meanwhile, a fight breaks out when Hugo discovers John had been spreading rumours about the shark attack.

THURSDAY NEIGHBOURS: Ty lends a hand to Mickey, Callum and Charlie, while Tegan rebels against her mother. EASTENDERS: Jack confronts Ronnie after she admits that she wants a baby, while Bradley defends Dot against accusations of dementia. EMMERDALE: Bob admits to Gennie that he doesn't want her to move out, while Terry has to hide his jealousy when Doug presents an injured Brenda (above) with a wheelchair to help her get around. CORRIE: Peter seizes the chance to play hero when Ryan is confronted by Sian's father Vinnie. David sets more bait for Gary as his plan gathers pace.


HOME & AWAY: Hugo tries to avoid Martha, who is upset about how he treated her at the Surf Club, and Nicole grows concerned when she discovers that Gardy has been encouraging Roman's anti-social behaviour.

17 Angry Sal left Fizzing mad

Mum can't control her anger after daughter Sophie reveals street secret


Eddie and Anna are shocked to find the missing Chesney hiding in their shed.

But he refuses to go home and tells Sophie that Fiz has been visiting John in prison.

Although Fiz convinces him to come back with her, he says he will never forgive her for what she has done.

Unfortunately, Fiz soon has more trouble to contend with when Sophie spills the beans to her family, leaving the Websters in uproar and prompting Sally to march straight round to see Fiz.As she lunges for her, Kevin is forced to hold his wife back to avoid an all-out brawl.

Chesney comes to his sister's defence but when the Websters have gone, he tells her that she must choose between him and John.

Fiz visits John in prison and breaks down as she tells him what has happened with Chesney and Sally.Realising that they must put an end to their relationship for her sake, John tells Fiz that it's over between them and she shouldn't visit him anymore.

He insists it's for the best - but will the heartbroken couple be able to say goodbye? Meanwhile, Luke pulls out all the stops to prove that Michelle can still enjoy a bit of holiday romance before she leaves.

Returning home, she is delighted to find that he has built her a makeshift beach in the back yard.

His chivalrous actions have the desired effect, and the pair soon head back to his flat for a little privacy.

Peter is clearly jealous the next day when he learns about their night of passion and decides it's time to make his own move. Confessing how much he cares for her, he begs her to stay in Weatherfield.

Michelle tells Maria it is Peter she wants, not Luke, and when she pays him a visit, the pair end up in a passionate embrace.

GOSSIPGOSSIP Watch out for comedian Tim Vine appear ing in Neighbours in the coming months .

star of sitcom Not Going Out, filmed his appearance while in Tim, left, Melbourne for the city's annual comedy contest.

So You Think You Can Dance A ustralia judge Jason Colema n will also appear as himselfsoon.


HURTING... Faye Lamb in church UNDER PRESSURE... Billy Mitchell with Viv Bates ARRESTING... Irene and Angelo DISTRACTED... Raymond CRUEL... Libby learns she can't have any more children CATFIGHT... Kevin holds Sally back as she lunges at Fiz STREET LIFE... Fiz tries to explain to Chesney why she has been seeing John, top, and Michelle enjoys a cocktail with Luke
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