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Stacey's going off the rails


When Stacey isn't shouting the odds in the Vic or having affairs she has a sideline in looking after friends and family.

However, this week it looks like the stallholder could be the one in need of help as her behaviour becomes increasingly erratic.

On Monday, Stacey pockets the money Charlie had given her to pay the Slaters' electric bill and tries to tempt Max into joining her on a night out.

She has more luck with a hunky builder, but it's clear he's done nothing to boost her selfesteem as she causes a scene in Booty after demanding Chelsea makes her look beautiful.

Stacey then hits a new low when she lets herself into Max's house to convince Tanya their affair is still going on.

Is Jean right to think there's more to her daughter's troubles than grief over Danielle?



After all those years of living in Weatherfield, Dev really should know there's no such thing as a secret affair.

Unfortunately, he's convinced Tara is still in the dark about his night of passion with Lisa - in fact, the businessman is so confident of her affections, he's about to pop the question.

What Dev doesn't know is that while he's out shopping for engagement rings, his girlfriend is plotting to get her revenge on him in the most public way possible.

She's ready to put her plan into action at the grand unveiling of her new art installation but the sight of the crowds and Dev's excitement make her realise the enormity of what she's about to do. Tara gets further food for thought when her boyfriend goes down on one knee but before she can give her answer, he sees the huge poster that's unfurling down one side of the Victoria Courts flat - and it's not a pretty sight.

At least now he knows why Tara was so keen for him to pose for those nude photos.


In Emmerdale, Chas becomes concerned that the newly-r etur ned Cain is leading Aaron further astray and takes her frustra tions out on Paddy.

However, against all the odds, the vet s tands up to Cain, who is impr essed and agr ees to back off.


It's Paul over

Now ladies, if you had to choose between the man who broke your heart - and is also a slimeball - and a solid, dependable, handsome bloke, which would you go for? Most people in their right mind would go for the latter so it shouldn't come as a surprise to find out that Rebecca finally comes to her senses this week and dumps Paul for good.

Well, that's how it seems anyway - who knows what's waiting just around the corner for this on-off couple? But for now she's pinning all her romantic hopes on Andrew Simpson. He's clearly smitten because within five minutes of their fledgling relationship, he's proposed - and she's said yes.

The pair of them can't help grinning like manic Cheshire cats, while Paul mopes about looking even more depressed than somebody who's lost pounds 100 and found a penny.

He's a new Kid in town


Kid Mullen - there's a name to conjure with.

He sounds as if he should be riding the prairies of the Wild West, taming the rugged countryside alongside John Wayne. Or something like that anyway.

He strides into Shieldinch this week to see his son Jimmy and soon makes an impression on the locals.

Unfortunately, it's not a good one. Despite turning on the charm with Eileen, she's not impressed. While drunk, he assaults Scarlett's boss Ewan.

It's all an accident - but it leaves a terrible mess.

However, it's Jimmy who bears the brunt of his dad's misbehaviour.

Shortly after Kid arrives, a surly looking man turns up demanding money from the newcomer - and he won't take no for an answer.

Later, Jimmy and Scarlett are horrified to find a large amount of their cash has gone missing - and there are no prizes for guessing where.


Flames of passion

What price a night of passion, eh Geoff? As fire rages around the caravan he and Claudia snuck into for some privacy, the Bible-thumping teen screams for help.

Luckily, rescue arrives in the nick of time and disaster is averted but Geoff seems to have leapt straight out of the fire and into the frying pan.

Lachie doesn't like the Summer Bay resident's relationship with the farmhand one bit and it doesn't take long for fists to start flying.

Meanwhile, girl of the moment, Claudia, simply stands back and watches. What's her game? Over at Roman's place, the dung's about to hit the windmill as the blind chef gets wind of what Aden and Nicole have been up to.

Roman chucks Aden out, leaving Nicole devastated. But there's worse to come as she seeks comfort from her former housemate. During an embrace, the pair are spotted. Things aren't a bed of roses for Joey either.

She's set to leave town - but can Ruby persuade the lass to stay?




NEIGHBOURS: Susan (left) tries to get to the bottom of Zeke's fight with Ringo, but they're reluctant to talk.

EASTENDERS: Phil ends up in hospital after a serious fall, and he blames Peggy for driving him to drink.

EMMERDALE: Brenda moves in with Terry, but Gennie decides to stay in the flat. Rodney is concerned for Nicola's health.

CORRIE: Peter and Luke both go out of their way to be nice to Ryan after realising he's the way to Michelle's heart.

Eileen begins to soften towards Julie following a chat with Paula, and Jason hopes she might also take pity on Colin.

HOME & AWAY: Joey finds it difficult to forgive Charlie's betrayal, despite Hugo insisting it was all his fault.

Jai and Ruby tackle the blaze together after Trey runs off..


NEIGHBOURS: Zeke realises Ty is standing between Rachel and her scholarship - so he goes behind his sister's back to break the couple up.

EASTENDERS: Bradley is thrilled when Syd says she's still interested, but it seems she's hiding something. .

RIVER CITY: Amber (left) tells Ewan that Lenny is planning to sell the Tall Ship, while Shona and Raymond have good news to share with Iona.

EMMERDALE: Aaron and Eli's latest scam lands Cain in trouble with the police. Leyla's new job at Home Farm gets off to a bad start, so she walks straight out.

HOME& AWAY: Belle faces a moral dilemma when her former editor visits her in rehab with an assignment..


NEIGHBOURS: Declan puts Bridget's welfare before his football career. Rachel is angry with Zeke for interfering in her life, but decides to take up the offer in London anyway.

EMMERDALE: Paddy (left) stands up to Cain after Chas admits she's worried about him leading Aaron astray. Nicola considers telling Jimmy about the baby.

CORRIE: Jason invites Colin to move in with him, and David sets a trap for Gary. Norris joins Mary for dinner in the motor home, but there's more than food on the menu.

HOME& AWAY: Belle gets the blame when Liam's photo is splashed across the newspapers, but she insists she's innocent, and sets out to find the real snapper..


NEIGHBOURS: Elle turns to Donna for help when her jealousy gets the better of her, and Steve finds bachelor life difficult to cope with.

EASTENDERS: Ronnie (left) and Jack move in together. Syd has some very disappointing news for Bradley.

EMMERDALE: Nicola goes for her first scan, but tells Laurel she wants an abortion. David fails to boost his election chances by getting drunk in front of the voters, and Val hosts a lunchtime quiz in the pub.

HOME & AWAY: Miles takes in a homeless Aden, but still finds time to worry that Roman is in denial about his blindness. A row between Hugo and Brendan gets out of hand when the brothers start trading blows.


NEIGHBOURS: Miranda refuses to give Steve another chance. Cass gets Tegan into trouble at school.

EASTENDERS: Stacey loses her market stall, but is more concerned with what Max and Tanya are up to.

EMMERDALE: Maisie considers ending the rift with her family. Meanwhile, Rodney and Laurel are both relieved when Nicola decides she's unable to go through with the abortion.

CORRIE: Rita (above) starts to take pity on Colin, but Eileen still refuses to forgive her father. Connie invites Jack on a holiday to Spain, and Maria realises who has been giving Fiz all that advice on home schooling Chesney.

HOME & AWAY: Gina plans to surprise her sons by visiting the Bay unannounced, but she's the one who's in for a shock. Kirsty has mixed feelings about her divorce, and a strange phone call leaves Martha feeling on edge..

Custody fight for Sarah

Andy and Debbie are at war over their daughter as social workers arrive


It's never an easy thing deciding what is best for a child when their parents are separated and - in Sarah's case - neither Andy nor Debbie stand out as a better option.

Debbie originally wanted nothing to do with her daughter - and even had Emily take the youngster away and out of the village.

She's only just come to realise how much she cares for Sarah and wants to be a good mother.

Conversely, Andy has generally done his hardest to look after his daughter and provide her with everything she needs but his violent temper and history of domestic abuse make him suspect.

As Andy and Debbie are unable to get along amicably, it's finally reached the point where both parents are pursuing permanent custody - and this week sees them receiving visits from the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service.

With Maisie gone and Andy now struggling to cope following her departure, he asks Victoria to look after Sarah for a while so he can tidy up before the social worker arrives.

Unfortunately, Sarah wanders out of the shop by herself and, when Aaron finds her, he takes the youngster to Tug Ghyll where Debbie and Cain's concern makes a good impression on the social worker.

When she visits Butlers Farm, Andy faces tough questions about Sarah's disappearance and, although she is keen to play the incident down, the farmer worries thatVictoria's mistake could have cost him dearly in the custody battle.Things get even worse later in the week when, after Andy refuses to let Debbie see more of Sarah, Cain gives Aaron money to skip classes and take Victoria out for the day.

After the devious Dingle calls the school and lets themknowthatVictoria is skiving off, Andy gets a visit from the truancy officer and berates his sister for jeopardising his custody fight once again.


It's hard to imag ine Janine Butcher having avulnerable side - after all, she spends most of her time trying to rip p eople off.

However Charlie Brooks , who plays the EastEndersm inx, claims she'dliketo showadiffer ent aspect of her character - and suggested it's time Janine fell in love.


CRAZYGIRL... Stacey's losing it LOVE... Rebecca and Andrew SMOKING... Geoff tries to rouse Claudia as the fire rages UP AND DOWN WORLD... Aaron, top, tries to keep Victoria Sugden sweet while, above, Cain is taken away by the police
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