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Pregnant pause for poor Nic

Jimmy and Nicola have always had a fiery relationship but when things get really bad he pack ups and moves out.

Carl and Lexi are horrified when they realise that Nicola has no intention of going anywhere and plots to get rid of her.

But when Lexi tells Laurel about Nicola's tempestuous emotional state, she worries for her friend, who confesses she thinks she might be pregnant with Jimmy's child.

After Nicola takes a test and confirms her suspicions, she is horrified and begins listing all the reasons why she would be a terrible mother.

Nevertheless, Laurel convinces Nicola to speak to Jimmy. But when he insults her in the pub she keeps her pregnancy a secret and decides to deal with the baby on her own. Meanwhile, Lexi is hurt when she believes Carl doesn't want to have children.



It's no act for Ken as he leaves

The thought of Ken with Martha filled viewers with dread early last week.

However, those episodes turned out to be among the best of the year, and suddenly the idea of him settling down with the am-dram culture vulture seems like the best idea in the world.

As Ms Fraser gave him an ultimatum, fans will be stunned on Monday when it looks like he's going to take the plunge and leave Deirdre - can you blame him? She's been about as much fun as a wet weekend on the Red Rec in recent weeks and he's finally realised they have as much in common as chalk and cheese.

But is this really the end for the couple? Last week's equally brilliant saga, in which we discovered that some of the Grimshaws and the

Carps were actually related, left millions wondering how Eileen would come to terms with the fact that she has a half sister (Julie) and her dad is lower than pond life.

This week, Ms Grimshaw is fuming when she comes home to find Jason showing Paula the family photos.

It's going to take more than a cuppa to recover from her bombshell.


In Emmer dale Debbie receives notice Andy is challenging her custody claim over Sarah.

While Natasha offers Deb bie any financial suppor t she need s, Cain is wary of her motiv es. He calls his solicitor and says he can afford to help her..


In good Nic

There's a whole lot of shaking going on - and it's got nothing to do with the ground.

After his break-up with Belle and her split from Geoff, it's no wonder Aden and Nicole are both in need of shoulders to cry on.

However, the bickering housemates start to see each other in a new light now they're single. With Roman out of their way, it seems there's little to stop the pair admitting they are at least attracted to each other.

Meanwhile, Charlie and Hugo end up in bed. Yes, we too would have staked the mortgage on the handsome diving instructor being the next man for Martha, who is baffled when she rumbles them the morning after.

And Joey stumbles across Charlie's earrings at Hugo's and the penny drops.



The path of true love never runs smoothly - particularly if you're a soapland resident.

So why Bob thinks his latest date will go well is anybody's guess. But he can hardly believe his luck when Fiona, a client at the garage, agrees to go on a double date - with her friend Cheryl and Deek as the other couple.

Sadly, any dreams he may have had of a fling with Fiona are dashed when she makes a move on Deek instead.

That leaves Bob trying to take care of a drunken Cheryl - as well as nursing a broken heart and rather bruised pride.

Love isn't blossoming elsewhere, either, as Sammi's decision to leave is ruining Ewan's plan to propose to her. However, he won't give up without a fight.


Wedding's a pain

Dan and Libby have spent months attempting to tie the knot, with various problems raising their ugly heads.

With his ex-wife Sam now out of the way, it seems the path is clear for love to triumph - until Libby suffers from abdominal pains on the eve of the big day.

Ever the trooper, she puts on a brave face and is determined to make it down the aisle. She does just that - then collapses in agony.

After insisting the guests enjoy themselves at the reception without her, she's whisked to hospital where a series of tests are done.

But what could be wrong with the blushing bride? Meanwhile, Declan and Rebecca are out on the streets having been shown the door by the Parkers.

They're left with only one option - to ask Paul for help. But when Cass answers his phone, Rebecca is hit by pangs of jealousy...




NEIGHBOURS: Miranda's offer to bring up Bridget's baby creates tension in the Parker household.

EASTENDERS: Heather writes a letter to the father of her baby, but has second thoughts about posting it.

EMMERDALE: Natasha enlists Debbie's (left) help as she tries to spy on Mark, and Pollard steals David's thunder at the protest.

CORRIE: Roy gives Anna his bank details so she can visit the cash and carry on cafe business. Sadly, while she may be trustworthy, her husband most definitely is not.

Tyrone worries Connie is getting a bit too at cosy at No 9.

HOME & AWAY: Charlie questions her sexuality after a confrontation with Brett, and Martha wonders why Hugo won't let his vulnerable side show more often.


NEIGHBOURS: Rebecca tries to ask Paul for help, but is thrown when Cass answers his phone.

EASTENDERS: Tanya attempts to convince Max it really is all over by asking the new doctor out on a date.

RIVER CITY: Romance looks set to blossom when Eileen (left) makes a complaint to her councillor - and discovers he's attractive.

EMMERDALE: David challenges Pollard to a public debate over the fate of the footpath, and Cain offers to bankroll Debbie's battle for sole custody of her daughter.

HOME& AWAY: Roman comes home from hospital determined to prove he's still as independent as ever, and it's Aden and Nicole who bear the brunt of his frustration.


NEIGHBOURS: Miranda tries to reunite an unattended baby with its mother, only to find herself suspected of kidnap - and even Steve has grave doubts about his wife's innocence.

EMMERDALE: Brenda questions Terry's motives for asking her to move in with him, and Carl and Lexi are lumbered with an unwanted house guest - Jimmy.

CORRIE: Jason fills Julie in on the Grimshaws' family history. Darryl considers saving himself future heartache by breaking up with Amber before she leaves for university.

HOME& AWAY: Leah reconnects with Roman at Miles's barbecue, and Belle (above) struggles to be honest in rehab. Aden tells Nicole to forget the previous evening.


NEIGHBOURS: Cass is jealous of Rebecca's bond with Paul, and Lucas catches himself daydreaming about Elle wearing a wedding dress.

EASTENDERS: Syed's girlfriend Amira meets the Masoods. Mother-tobe Heather (left) looks after Summer.

EMMERDALE: Brenda halts the shop auction after finding the money to cover Bob's debts, only to learn she may have created a new set of problems.

Pollard hatches a scheme to drive David and Leyla apart.

HOME & AWAY: Jai tries to defend Kirsty's honour by challenging Trey to a fight at the caravan park. A fellow patient's example inspires Belle to start opening up during therapy, and Geoff receives an urgent text from Claudia.


NEIGHBOURS: Rebecca denies having feelings for Paul, but Elle is unconvinced. Ringo and Zeke fall out.

EASTENDERS: Nick demands Billy starts adding interest to his late blackmail payments. Peggy comes home to find Phil hitting the bottle.

EMMERDALE: Lexi tells Carl she wants to start a family, and is hurt when he insist it's too soon. Brenda vows to make a go of things with Terry.

CORRIE: Molly (above) thinks it's time to rename the garage to reflect Kevin and Tyrone's partnership, but will Sally agree? David plots his revenge on Gary, and Tara gives Dev one last chance to come clean about his fling.

HOME & AWAY: Jai and Trey agree to postpone their fight until after Pippa's farewell dinner, but then the gloves come off. Geoff also makes plans to be at the caravan park, but he's hoping to spend time with Claudia.

Who will Jack settle for?

Club owner has a big decision to make - does he love Ronnie or Roxy?


When even Max Branning thinks your love life is so complicated that it's bound to end in tears, you know you're in trouble.

Jack has been trying to woo Roxy, believing it's the only way he can get to spend time with his baby Amy, while he continues to carry a torch for Ronnie.

However, this week he's forced to finally decide which sister he wants to be with - and makes a grand romantic gesture to stop her walking away forever.

On Monday, it's Roxy who appears to be ahead in the running to win Jack's heart as he presents their baby daughter with a bracelet and says he couldn't have wished for a better mother for his child.

Unfortunately, the proud mum doesn't have long to play happy families as she tries to keep the rest of the Mitchells in line, which is no easy task when Phil spends most of his time in a drunken stupor and Ronnie breaks down after finding her precious locket has been broken. It's

Roxy's turn to finally snap on the day of Amy's christening as Peggy rings up to say her flight has been delayed, Phil passes out, Christian arrives late and Ronnie turns up drunk. Roxy is furious at her sister for ruining Amy's big day, and runs out of the church, followed by Jack who gives her a comforting hug.

The barmaid moves in for a kiss, only to realise Ronnie has witnessed the whole scene, and is about to storm off. Roxy tells Jack if he chases after her, rather than staying to see his daughter christened, he can forget being part of Amy's life.

He picks his child, but when the christening party arrives back at the Queen Vic to find Ronnie has trashed the decorations and left for the airport, he regrets his decision.

Despite Roxy's threats about what this means for his relationship with Amy, he chases after Ronnie and uses the airport tannoy to make a very public plea.


Kym V alentine, who plays Libby in Neighbours, claims she has no plans to leave the soap, despite spending two years away from Ramsay Street in a stage show of Dirty Dancing. "I've been so happy, and so long as I stay happy, I'll stay," she says.


TEST... Nicola reveals she's preggers TOGETHER... Aden and Nicole PAINFUL... Libby collapses in agony on her big day PLAYING COP... Marianne TEARFUL FAREWELL... Ronnie spots Jack and Roxy kissing, left, and runs off to the airport, top, but Jack has a very public message for her, above IT'S ALL OVER... Ken tells Peter he's leaving Deirdre
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