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Luke out, Tony two is about

Memo to Luke - if you want to avoid Maria going into labour early and alienating business colleagues, then it's probably not a good idea to wear a Tony Gordon mask as a gag.

However, that's just what he does on Monday, leaving Maria shocked and Tony fuming.

Given Gordon's track record, don't be too surprised if he starts thinking up fiendish ways to bump off his colleague.

Meanwhile, Steve and Becky are faced with a domestic dilemma - telling Amy that her mum is in prison for murder.

When Tracy was Amy's age, she went up to her room and came down about five years later with a different face.

So will this latest revelation force her daughter to do the same thing? And, in one of the most unusual pairings of the year, Jason and Julie get drunk, kiss... then go upstairs.



Jack and Rox cosy up again

Ronnie may have kept her distance from Amy over the past few months but now she's lost Danielle she's determined not to let her niece slip through her fingers too.

On Monday, the club owner shows how serious she is about being part of the little girl's life by planning a christening, and make herself godmother.

Unfortunately, she's not the only one who wants to spend time with the baby.

Jack is ready to start playing at being a daddy and, when Roxy tells him that he can't see his daughter in case it upsets Ronnie, he files for custody.

His business partner is all for telling him he'll never be part of Amy's life but he insists they can still sort out the situation like civilised adults, and asks to speak to Roxy alone.

It seems he has more than visiting rights on his mind though when they end up sharing a kiss. The mum is overcome with guilt about betraying her sister - again - but admits to Christian that she does enjoy being with Jack.

Does he feel the same way, or is he just trying to get closer to Amy? Elsewhere, Nick gives Dot her money back, saying he couldn't go through with selling his own child after all - but he and Dotty have their eyes on a much bigger pay out.


A cunning plotline develops in Corr ie as Tara and Dev go to a photography studio. She's planned a special surprise for her other half - to have their photo taken by Justin. So you can imagine Dev's shoc k when his beloved asks him to get his kit off!


On the brink

Life on Ramsay Street without Harold Bishop is almost unimaginable.

But that's on the cards after his massive heart attack.

The day begins routinely enough, with Harold working a shift at the store. Although several customers comment on how tired he looks, there seems to be little wrong with him.

In fact, he even spends time trying to cheer up Donna after her latest row with Ringo.While the duo are in the store's kitchen preparing an ice cream sundae he collapses with agonising chest pains.

He flatlines in hospital and imagines he's back with his beloved Madge. Karl ignores a 'do not resuscitate' order in Harold's notes, and brings him back to life. But how will his friend react when he realises what's happened?

Karl has other matters on his mind too when he discovers Susan has followed up Elle's investigation into Zeke.

Ruth hides the truth


Ruth's ex-boyfriend, Andy, turns up - and there's something not quite right about him.

All her friends think his behaviour is weird but the penny drops when they discover Ruth has told him some porkie pies.

Ruth and Andy bumped into each other at a recent school reunion but, instead of telling him what her life is really like, she claimed she was a high-flying businesswoman with the kind of career he could only dream about. Ruth decides the best course of action is to get Andy out of town before he learns the earth-shattering truth - but that proves to be easier said than done.

Elsewhere, Marianne is wondering where Daniel could have got to after their argument. But a bad day gets worse when Sammi reveals she'll tell cops about Ewan and Amber's involvement in a hit-and-run incident.


Trouble on menu

Actor Conrad Coleby could be forgiven for thinking the Home and Away powers-that-be don't much care for his sexy alter ego Roman.

Okay, so he's gorgeous, can cook and is a former SAS soldier - what's not to like?

However, since his arrival in 2007, he's had to cope with a pouting brat of a daughter, being attacked and left for dead by nutter Elliott (who just happened to be the brother of a dead former pal of Roman's), a failed romance with Charlie, and having his heart broken by widow Martha, who he also got pregnant, before she lost the baby. Phew!

In recent weeks, the chef got it together with colleague Leah after she snogged him at her party.

Alarm bells should have rung for Roman when her snotty son VJ announced he hated his mum for dating the man he considered 'his' friend. But worse is to come as Roman ends up in hospital after being injured in a car accident.




NEIGHBOURS: Elle (left) is convinced Zeke is alive. Steve is stunned by Miranda's confession.

EASTENDERS: Chelsea thinks she may have been a bit too harsh on Theo and agrees to hear him out.

EMMERDALE: Sandy moves into the Woolpack, interrupting a tender moment between Doug and Diane in the process. Belle wonders if was right to banish Zak from the family.

CORRIE: Darryl considers sacking his mother from the takeaway, and Tara persuades Dev to pose for a nude photo, saying she wants to preserve their relationship.

HOME & AWAY: Belle struggles with her decision to give up drugs as the withdrawal symptoms begin to kick in, but Aden is unmoved by her plight and refuses to help.


NEIGHBOURS: Elle and Lucas tell Susan they think they've found Zeke, and Simon does his best to stop Paul going on a date with Cass.

EASTENDERS: Heather (left) gets an eyeful when she finds Phil in the flat. Denise asks Patrick to talk to Tommy.

RIVER CITY: Lenny announces he's going straight after hearing about an undercover raid.

EMMERDALE: Zak realises just how badly he has hurt Belle. Diane decides to take a break from the village after telling a disappointed Doug she only wants to be friends.

HOME& AWAY: Joey asks Charlie to tell her how she really feels. Ruby suspects Trey was to blame for the accident as Xavier urges Brendan not to say anything.


NEIGHBOURS: Cass is furious when Paul stands her up, and her mood doesn't improve when she later spots him with Sam. Bridget and Declan offer to babysit Callum.

EMMERDALE: Lexi (left) tries to keep up the pretence that she's a happy wife by telling Gennie she and Carl are trying for a baby. Zak makes amends with Belle.

CORRIE: Fiz is annoyed when Chesney neglects his homework, and Tara confides in Poppy about how much she's going to enjoy taking her expensive revenge on Dev.

HOME& AWAY: Charlie tries to get to the bottom of the accident by establishing everyone's whereabouts, and discovers that Trey has an alibi - he was with Kirsty.


NEIGHBOURS: Dan can't accept he's not the father of Sam's baby, and demands a DNA test, unaware how much he's hurting Libby by doing so.

EASTENDERS: Heather asks Shirley what's really going on with her and Phil, and Patrick visits Tommy.

EMMERDALE: Gennie envies Lexi's seemingly perfect life, but the newlywed is forced to accept the honeymoon may already be over when Carl makes it clear that a baby is the last thing on his mind.

HOME & AWAY: Belle (above) realises she's taken on too much after offering to help out at the Diner, while Aden is left to deal with a drug pusher who turns up at their door. Miles discovers he could be facing assault charges.


NEIGHBOURS: Miranda is upset to learn Bridget has tracked down her birth mother, forcing Steve to make a difficult decision to protect his wife.

EASTENDERS: Ronnie breaks up a fight between Max and Jack. Shirley confronts Phil's true feelings for her.

EMMERDALE: Andy goes back on a promise to let Debbie see Sarah. A romantic dinner makes Carl realise he needs to stop brooding over Chas and start concentrating on making a go of his marriage.

CORRIE: Fiz (above) uses Ches's schoolwork as an excuse to visit John. Kelly decides she needs a man to spice up her birthday celebrations - and Luke fits the bill.

HOME & AWAY: Rachel wonders if she should go ahead with the wedding while Roman is in hospital, but is touched by the effort Tony has put into the preparations. Nicole is jealous when Geoff makes a friend at the farm.

Couple'secret exposed

Daz is furious when he finds lover Victoria in his bed with Aaron


Though they're not biologically related, there's always been something weird about the attraction between Daz and Victoria.

The pair have been living as brother and sister, even if it's just through adoption-crossed family ties. That's not to mention, of course, the fact that Victoria has only just turned 16.

Unfortunately, the waters are about to get even more muddied when the news that the youngsters have had sex is made public. Daz and Scarlett are shocked to walk in on Victoria and Aaron in a post-coital embrace at Dale View.

Daz is furious and immediately tries to throw Aaron out of the door.

When Victoria questions his motives, pointing out he doesn't want her anymore, Scarlett and Aaron are horrified to realise the pair have slept together.

Daz chases after a devastated Scarlett, hoping to apologise. But when he arrives at Mill Cottage, the Kings aren't having any of it and quickly show him the exit. Terrified at the prospect of feeling Andy's wrath, Daz packs a bag and prepares to leave, but has a change of heart when Jake points out he'd be leaving Victoria to face the music alone.

The next day, Daz and Victoria agree to lie to Aaron to keep him quiet, but are shocked to discover he is already on his way to Butlers Farm.

They arrive just in time to see Andy about to send the cocky teenager on his way but fail to stop him as he tells the farmer their secret. Andy realises Aaron is telling the truth by the look on their faces and, struggling to hold his anger in check, he packs Daz's bag. Booted off the farm, Daz realises he has little choice but to leave the village.

Meanwhile, Lexi is heartbroken when Carl cancels their plans so that Jimmy can spend more time with Nicola. Already jealous of their relationship, she worries she is set to have a miserable marriage.


Being in a soap guarantees regular work, but it also means you usually can't work elsewhere. Nina Wadia has recently revealed had to turn down several movie roles because she's committed to EastEnders. Nevertheless, she does appear in recent big- screenrelease I Can't Think Straight.


INSIDE SECRET... Becky and Amy FIGHTING FOR LIFE... Harold TOUCH AND GO... Roman is in a coma after a car accident REKINDLING THEIR PASSION... Jack and Roxy GRIEF... Victoria and Aaron, left, kiss on Daz's bed as he and Scarlett walk in on the couple, top. Andy and Aaron, above, fall out over the romance TROUBLE... Andy and Ruth
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