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Maria's falling for murderer

How do you solve a problem like Maria? Aside from Carla and Jed, who have both moved on, she's the only one who suspected Tony could be a murderer - and now she's fallen for him.

Meanwhile, Gordon is being rather protective of the mum-tobe and on Friday warns Tom to leave her alone.

As good as that storyline is, arguably the best of the week is the love triangle between Dev, Tara and Lisa.You remember the night Tara stormed off in a huff because Dev covertly bought some of her paintings, then he fell into bed with Lisa after one too many tequila slammers? Well now that fling comes back to haunt him as Poppy, who saw the indiscretions, drops a bombshell.

When Dev comes into the Rovers with Lisa and Tara, Poppy tells the latter about his drunken liaison with the legal eagle.

Let's hope Tara drops Dev like a hotpot. It'll save him a fortune.


PUNCH-UP... Lee is in a rage and goes for Nathan

Nathan's chat riles poor Lee

Mick offers to give Lee a helping hand at Home Farm while he is still injured from falling into the hunting trap, feeling guilty that he is the one responsible.

However, things are soon much worse for Mick when Nathan makes it clear he knows he was the poacher and forces him to confess.

The old farmer agrees to fully reimburse him, hoping to keep the news from Lee, but Nathan makes things tough for them both - goading Lee about his feelings for Katie and accusing him of being involved in the poaching.

Lee loses his cool and takes a swing for Nathan, giving the devious businessman the chance he needed to give him the sack and reveal his grandfather was behind his accident.

The gamekeeper leaves Mick heartbroken when he refuses to forgive him, and resolves never to go back to work for the Wyldes - a though is forced to back down later in the week.

Meanwhile, Mark continues to deceive Natasha so he can meet with Faye, and is almost caught out until Jimmy covers for him.

Faye greets Mark with a slap when he finally catches up to her, though she also forces him to admit he once loved her.

Mark, in turn, accuses Faye of being a stalker, but promises to make up for a past misdeed.

Oh dear, it's all boiling up again in the Dales.


Zeke's friends and family hold a memor ial for the missing teen in Neighbours, convinced after all this time he won't be back.

Rachel takes her anger out on Libby after finding out that her stepsister holds herself responsible for his disappearance.


Sparks flying

Is anybody else growing frustrated by Elle and Lucas's on-off relationship? No? Ah well, it must just be us then.

The duo have spent months almost getting it together before backing off at the last minute.

Then they locked lips and it seemed all would, at last, go well for them. We should have known better! Lucas is the ideal foil for Elle - he never lets her get away with being pompous or spoilt, while she offers him a bit of class, something the rough-and-ready mechanic desperately needs.

Now they're off on a getaway courtesy of Paul.

There are clearly still sparks aplenty between them but their attention is taken by a possible sighting of Zeke.

A local artist seems to have drawn a portrait of the missing teen and Elle follows up on it.

But that means staying overnight with Lucas - something that doesn't bother him

Marianne on the case


Marianne now knows who killed Ben and she's not exactly thrilled.

So, what does she have up her sleeve for Ewan? A questionnaire, that's what.

She pays him a visit to find out who else was in the car with him. It doesn't take long for her to work out it was Amber - perhaps we should be calling her Sherlock from now on.

Marianne decides the best course of action is to confront Lydia but she's too smart for her. Lydia turns the tables by revealing that Daniel recently viciously attacked Lenny, breaking the conditions of his bail in the process.

Marianne is then left with a very difficult situation.

If she informs the police what Amber was up to, then Lydia won't hesitate to tell them about Daniel's naughty behaviour - which will result in him heading back to jail.

And that's the last thing anybody wants.


Painful addiction

Misery, thy name is Belle Taylor.Well, it is if you're on about the strung-out journalist.

She's spent the past weeks driving us up the wall with her whingeing, while at the same time gobbling any pills she can get her hands on.

Thank goodness she got the sack from her job at the paper otherwise who knows how long the storyline would have rumbled on for.

This week, the plotline takes a turn for the better as Aden discovers the truth about his girlfriend's drug habit.Oozing snot and bawling her eyes out,

Belle explains how she first got hooked on painkillers, before vowing to give them up.Yeah, right. At least Miles and Kirsty are on hand to inject a welcome ray of sunshine into proceedings.

The hapless pair finally admit how they feel about each other and the news is great - it's love! They kiss, make up and Kirsty and Olly swiftly move back into Summer Bay House.

Isn't it brilliant when things work out? But this is soapland and up pops creepy Trey with a nasty accusation




CORRIE: Tensions rise in the Platt household as Audrey gives Joe a piece of her mind, and David presents Tina (left) with an Easter surprise. Ken tells Ted he's tempted to see Martha again, and Kevin tries to prove he's not past it just yet by challenging Tyrone to a race.


NEIGHBOURS: Rachel (left) refuses to attend Zeke's memorial service unless Libby agrees to stay away.

EASTENDERS: Dot takes her granddaughter's side when Dotty falls out with Liam over a mobile phone.

EMMERDALE: Sam is asked to consider withdrawing his resignation.

CORRIE: Teresa causes chaos when she turns up to wish Darryl a belated happy birthday. Audrey and Ted witness an emotional exchange between Ken and Martha.

HOME & AWAY: Charlie is determined to ignore her feelings for Joey and turns down the offer of a dinner date.

Bartlett reveals Trey has made a shocking accusation.


NEIGHBOURS: Karl and Susan are concerned by Rachel's behaviour.

EASTENDERS: Shirley suspects Phil has started drinking again, and Dot learns Dotty does have a phone.

RIVER CITY: Scott is offered a job in London, but Ruth (left) makes it clear she wants him to turn it down.

EMMERDALE: Lexi tries to put the spark back into her two-week-old marriage, and Shadrach comes up with a plan to get Zak home in time for Belle's Easter reading.

HOME& AWAY: Charlie catches Robbo in the act of drowning Joey. Hugo and Xavier row about Brendan.


NEIGHBOURS: Ringo becomes convinced Donna cheated on him with Zeke. Cass learns Sam's secret.

EMMERDALE: Katie (left) considers going on a date with Nathan, and Andy receives a surprising invitation.

CORRIE: Peter's party goes with a swing as the birthday boy confronts Ken about his affair. Dev spies a way to get Darryl out of the flat, and Jack is upset when a pigeon goes missing.

HOME& AWAY: Leah and Roman try to keep their romance under wraps. Charlie decides to clear her head.


NEIGHBOURS: Callum fears Toadie isn't coping very well following Kelly's departure, and Sam considers saying goodbye to Erinsborough.

EASTENDERS: Tanya (left) tells Max not to get his hopes up as they won't be getting back together. Shirley catches Phil drunk behind the wheel.

EMMERDALE: Zak receives his sentence from the Dingle court, and Andy is a hit at the clay pigeon shoot - until Debbie makes an appearance.

HOME & AWAY: Geoff's plans for the farm leave Matha wondering if he is trying to cling on to the past.


NEIGHBOURS: Bridget's first ultrasound inspires her to keep up the search for her own biological mother.

EASTENDERS: Jack threatens Roxy with a custody battle after she goes back on a promise to let him see Amy, and Nick has a surprise for Dot.

EMMERDALE: Natasha continues to raise objections to Maisie and Andy's relationship.

CORRIE: Ted consoles Ken over losing Martha, but warns him not to let his marriage go the same way. Jack is pleased when fellow pigeon fancier Connie returns his missing bird, and Teresa spots a chance to con Eddie.

HOME & AWAY: Irene (above) announces she's leaving with Lou, but Belle is too busy worrying how she'll cope without her to wish her bon voyage. VJ makes a discovery.

Too much to bear for mum

Ronnie gets Danielle's teddy bear and takes it to the funeral of her daughter


On Peggy and Archie's wedding day, Ronnie finally found out the reason why Danielle had spent the past few months staring at her and asking leading questions about the baby she gave away - the naive teenager was her biological daughter.

Sadly, as the club owner ran across the Square to find her child, Janine was also tearing along the road in her car and collided with Danielle, who died in her mother's arms.

This week, Ronnie is still trying to come to terms with finding then losing a daughter in the same day, but faces a setback when she finds none of the Mitchell clan have been invited to Danielle's funeral.

She tries to put on a brave face in front of Roxy, saying she doesn't want to go anyway, but finds it hard to keep up the pretence after she finds the photo of Danielle with Amy.

Ronnie announces she is leaving Walford for a few days to clear her head, only to turn up at Danielle's burial.

She's spotted by an upset Stacey, who is wrestling with her own feelings of guilt over not supporting her friend in her hour of need.

The stallholder makes it clear the Mitchell isn't welcome and lets slip that she discovered her mate's secret weeks before the accident. However, the sight of Ronnie hiding behind a tree during the burial service is enough to melt even Stacey's heart and she ends up trying to comfort the grieving mum.

As Ronnie questions her obsessively about her friend, Stacey realises she's out of her depth and asks Danielle's dad Andy if he will speak to her, explaining that the Mitchell didn't know who his daughter really was until it was too late.

Andy relents and presents Ronnie with one of Danielle's old teddy bears. But as she breaks down at the graveside, it's clear that rather than helping her say goodbye to her baby, the funeral has opened up old wounds. Will a return to Walford and a concerned Roxy help Ronnie or is there more heartache to come?


Corrie star Michelle Keegan isn't just a great actress , she's also a budding DJ. M ichelle, better known for portraying Tina McIntyre, has landed a gig at Manchester club Relish, a regular haunt for younger members of the cast. She's also recently signed a new 1 2-monthcontract with the soap.


WOE... Maria falls for Tony, above TOGETHER... Lucas and Elle TROUBLED... Aden confronts Bellle about her drug addiction PLAYING COP... Marianne TEARFUL FAREWELL... Danielle's adopted dad gives Ronnie her teddy bear GRIEVING... Ronnie and Stacey attend the funeral
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