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Soap stories Saturday,April 16, 2011.


MONDAY, STV, 7.30pm

Frank's brought to book

When Frank tried to rape Maria at his home a few weeks ago it marked one of the most disturbing and intriguing storylines in Corrie history.

It also shed new light on Carla, a woman whom it seems will turn a blind eye to anything if it means she can keep her company afloat.

This week it looks as though Frank will finally get his comeuppance as Chris gets wind of Maria's ordeal and decides to do something about it. The straw that breaks the camel's back seems to be Carla telling Maria it's time she accepted Frank's apology, so she gets in touch with the police. Frank is speechless when they turn up at Underworld and lay down the law.

Does this mean he'll finally be locked up or will he evade it due to a lack of evidence? Well, that remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, it seems that the pressure of keeping his misdeeds a secret has left John's sanity collapsing like a house of cards in a light breeze. So when he starts back at the bookie's it's not long before it all becomes too much and, to Fiz's concern, he does a runner.


Cuff luck for Dingle bad boy

Given Cain's reputation it's a wonder he hasn't been locked up for good several years ago, but Emmerdale's bad lad always seems to stay one step ahead of the law.

Until this week that is.

He and Ryan head for a night out, with the latter thinking it's going to be pretty event free.

However, Cain has other ideas. He heads to Holdgate where he helps himself to Charity's earrings and Jai's car keys.

As Charity walks in, Cain climbs out of the window. She's no fool and is well aware he's been there, but is powerless to stop him as she watches Jai's car racing out of the drive.

For Charity it's the last straw and she calls the police, who eventually turn up at Holdgate.

Meanwhile, Cain arrives home and acts as though he's been sitting there for hours when the law enforcers arrive. Debbie returns in time to hear Cameron vouch for him, but the police arrest Cain and take him up to the station, while Debbie makes her way up to Holdgate to confront her mum.

Will the authorities finally do the right thing and bang Cain up for good, or will he escape imprisonment yet again?

Well, that would be telling, but whatever happens it will, no doubt, result in more domestic fireworks than a Bonfire Night celebration.

She's to Also this week...

In Neighbours, it's looking very much like Callum could be close to uncovering the identity of his mother.

When he finds himself mysteriously drawn towards a particular toy and starts suffering from nightmares, Sophie suggests he try hypnosis, but will it finally unlock his mind and reveal any secrets?


Truth is out After weeks of lies, the extent of Natasha's deceit is finally revealed when Summer notices some strange watermarks on Tash's ultrasound photos and it becomes evident that they are fake.

With the truth exposed and Michael struggling to grasp how his daughter could possibly have done such a thing, Tash makes one final bid to get back at her former friend by exposing the affair at school.

Poor Summer yet again finds herself the target of ridicule and Andrew's attempt to stand up for her against Natasha only results in further upset for the guilt-ridden teen. Is it too late for Andrew and Summer to find happiness?

Meanwhile, a newly single Kate struggles to move on from Brennan, despite Jade's best efforts to cheer her up.

Afraid she has lost him for good, she leaves a message on his phone, only to regret it.

Bob's on cloud nine


Big Bob is a man in love, and he wants to shout it from the rooftops.

The only problem is, none of his friends believe that the mysterious and elusive Tatiana is the right woman for him. In fact, they suspect he's being led up the garden path.

Iona offers him a shoulder to cry on. She clearly has an ulterior motive, but is left shattered when Tatiana (or Tattie as, for some reason, she likes to be known) finally turns up at the house and shares a passionate embrace with her beloved.

Seeing the pair together at last changes the minds of Bob's friends, and they're genuinely happy for him - except for Iona, who mopes about something rotten and seems determined to drive a wedge between the couple.

Elsewhere, Leo manages to convince Hayley that he's turned over a new leaf so he can move into her flat - but it isn't long before he reveals his true colours.


Emotional unrest It's fair to say that Elijah doesn't exactly take the easiest of routes when it comes to his love life.

He was on and off with Leah for long enough, but he's found himself in a real mess with his latest relationship.

Immigration officers are now well and truly on to Elijah and wife Grace, but as they delve further and further into their lives, it becomes clear that someone has told them the truth - prompting Grace to make a decision.

And the news throws up a whole host of questions for Leah, who's still struggling to deal with her own feelings.

Meanwhile, the younger folk of the Bay are dealing with their own dramas, as everyone rallies around a bitter Romeo and Indi. If only he had the romantic talents of his famous namesake, he might actually have a chance of winning his ex-love back.

When he attends a party and spies Indi getting along with another man, he sinks to a new low and makes a decision that will radically alter his life.

Ruby and Casey grow ever closer, but Dex and April try to get a handle on her Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.




NEIGHBOURS: Kate tries to forget about Mark with a girls' night out, but ends up bumping into him.

EASTENDERS: The Square is in shock over Ronnie's actions, apart from the surprisingly glib Michael.

EMMERDALE: Hazel's worst fears are confirmed when Jackson says he's sick of trying to stay positive.

CORRIE: The judge delivers his verdict in the Websters' legal hearing - and it's not the result Sally was hoping for. However, Kevin then surprises her with a grand gesture.

HOME & AWAY: Sid does a little digging at the hospital to find out who reported Grace and Elijah to the authorities, but someone is about to make a confession.


NEIGHBOURS: Kate regrets leaving a message on Mark's phone and asks Jade to help her erase it.

EASTENDERS: Mo comes up with an ingenious method for getting rid of the reporters at the Queen Vic.

RIVER CITY: Stella is gutted that Bob has gone to Peru, but Deek is happy to lend her some support.

EMMERDALE: John tells Declan that he'll have the cash to buy the farm in a month's time, but Moira wants to know just where that kind of money is coming from.

HOME & AWAY: Bianca tries to help a stressed-out April deal with her schoolwork, but Angelo, Roo and Liam have found their own way of relaxing - a game of poker.


NEIGHBOURS: Andrew is angry when his fling with Summer replaces Tash's made-up pregnancy as the hottest piece of school-yard gossip. Sadly, Summer is unimpressed with his efforts to defend her honour.

EMMERDALE: Kelly's empty threats to leave have the desired effect on Jimmy as he races across the village to declare his love and beg her to stay. Leyla asks Andy to tell Alicia that she can come home, and Hazel worries that Jackson is going to open up to Jerry.

HOME & AWAY: Marilyn invites Roo over to dinner, but soon regrets her hospitality when the guest starts asking awkward questions about her relationship with Sid. Romeo makes a big decision following a student party.


NEIGHBOURS: Callum is drawn to a second-hand toy, and Paul fears Andrew is repeating his mistakes.

EASTENDERS: Janine is intrigued when Lydia gets a letter, and Ricky is furious about Whitney's interview.

EMMERDALE: Andy realises there's something Alicia isn't telling him about her relationship with Leyla. Zak admits he's not comfortable with Lisa's court case.

CORRIE: The Windasses receive some bad news about Faye's birth mother, and soft-hearted Hayley makes an impulsive decision concerning her mum-in-law Sylvia.

HOME & AWAY: Charlie is concerned regarding the budding romance between Ruby and Casey, but needs to get her daughter back on side before she can do anything.

FRIDAY NEIGHBOURS: Sophie suggests Callum gets his dreams analysed to see what's causing his nightmares.

EASTENDERS: The Masoods consider two different, but equally risky, solutions to their problems.

EMMERDALE: Kelly makes plans to get Nicola out of Jimmy's life before his memory comes back.

CORRIE: Anna is horrified when Eddie takes it upon himself to tell Faye the news about her mum. Can he make things right with a surprise proposal? Jeff offers to whisk Sally away, and Sean looks forward to seeing Dylan.

HOME & AWAY: Charlie reluctantly agrees to go to a Braxton barbecue for Ruby's sake, but gets her invitation withdrawn after she manages to insult the clan's matriarch.

Mum Kat over the Moon

Baby Tommy is finally reunited with his family as Ronnie finally sees sense


Ronnie has finally seen sense and handed little Tommy back to his real mum, so everything can go back to normal and we can forget that one of the soap's most controversial storylines ever happened, right?

Well, no, not quite. Ronnie still has a great deal of explaining to do as she tearfully tries to apologise for her actions at the police station, where the Forensic Medical Examiner concludes she's suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder.

However, that's unlikely to cut any ice with Kat, who is at the hospital and understandably struggling to get her head around the news that her son is alive, well and has been living across the Square under an assumed name.

When she's approached by a social worker, who wants to go through a standard checklist of questions before finally handing Tommy over, the pressure gets too much for the bewildered mum and she runs back to the Vic.

She discovers Jean hanging up bunting - and it's enough to finally convince the troubled landlady that she really should be celebrating. Clutching a bag of Tommy's things, Kat heads back to the hospital, ready to be reunited with her baby.

When Charlie then returns to meet his grandson, the Moons' happiness appears to be complete, but there is another victim in all this - Jack.

After trying to get some answers from Ronnie, he turns to Alfie for help, asking if they can change the name on Tommy's headstone to reflect the fact that it's James who is buried there. Meanwhile, Roxy worries about her sister, but she is also puzzled by Michael's strangely subdued attitude to the news about his son.

When she challenges him about it, he admits he's always disappointing people and suggests that it may be time to move on.

But while Michael may not seem that bothered, the press have got wind of the baby-swap story and descend on Walford in search of a scoop - but it's Whitney who ends up giving them the interview they were after.


Riley is hoping to return to Emmerdale as the outrageous Mandy Dingle. She even has a storyline idea - that a one-night stand with Paddy resulted in her having a baby who's yet to meet his or her daddy...Cliff Richard and Status Quo have appeared in Corrie, but now X Factor runner-up Mary Byrne (pictured) hopes to walk down the cobbles too.


RILED... Maria THROTTLED... Frank and Chris LAW UNTO HIMSELF...Cain is arrested EXPOSED...Natasha with Summer LOVEBIRD...Tatiana MIXED FEELINGS... Leah and Elijah FAMILY MATTERS... Kat greets Alfie with the baby, main. Jack says a heartfelt goodbye to little 'James', top, and Charlie hugs Kat to share their joy and relief, above
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