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Soap stories: Smoothie starts love Warr; Nasty rep Warren arrives in Walford and spikes Carly's drink with date-rape drug EASTENDERS WED, BBC1,8pm.

The spotlight's been off Carly and Chelsea for a while but the two women are shoved firmly back into view this week.

Super-smooth salesman Warren (guest star Will Mellor) has his eye on the ladies of Walford.

Andwhile Preeti becomes his first conquest, mademoiselles Wicks and Fox both have their sights set on him - although for different reasons. Bad lad Sean Slater has been the object of both women's affections but Chelsea is seething when she sees her rival bantering with the bloke. She pushes Warren in Carly's direction, much to Preeti's horror, who reveals how disturbing her night out with him was.

The fast-talking rep is more than happy to wine and dine the Wicks sibling - and if he knew just how vulnerable she's feeling, his smile would probably break his jaw.

Her divorce from Nico has just come through, making her a target for unscrupulous chaps.

And they don't come much nastier than Warren, who resorts to spiking her drink with a date-rape drug.

Thankfully, Chelsea realises how sinister the newcomer is and joins forces with Sean to locate Carly - saving her from disaster.

But what will happen when everyone realises it was Chelsea who set the meeting up in the first place?

Meanwhile, the rest of the Fox-Wicks household is in uproar as Libby spots a condom on Darren's bed. She immediately jumps to the wrong conclusion, while he insists the item was from when Li made a fool of him.

Whether his new love believes him remains to be seen.

Over at the Branning residence, Dot is worrying herself silly - yet again.

This time it's over the looming smoking ban and how it's going to affect her.

However, it takes something a lot more dangerous for the long-term smoker to consider stubbing out her bad habit for good.


DANGEROUS... Warren makes a move on Carly; WORRIED... Bad boy Sean gets involved with Carly, top, while Dot, above, worries about how she'll cope with the smoking ban
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:May 26, 2007
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