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Soap stories: Nic's pout of order; HOME AND AWAY WEEKDAYS, FIVE, 6pm.

A night stranded on a desert island with no hair and beauty products whatsoever seems to have worked wonders for Nicole.

Shorn of her armour, it didn't take long for temptation to overcome handsome teenager Geoff - whose shorts were just about falling off throughout the entire adventure - and, gasp, the pair got physical.

However, nowthey're back, the cold light of day has put their relationship in a whole new sphere for the Biblecarrying lad. He refuses to get swept up in another saucy encounter with the seductive blonde, who puts on her very best pout for him. After chatting to Belle, Geoff thinks he's come up with the ideal solution - he and Nicole should get married. She's horrified at the notion and instead they decide to go for the platonic relationship route.

Meanwhile, their romance looks doomed fromthe start as Angelo tries to sweep Charlie off her feet. Although she dons her best bib and tucker, her fellow cop simply can't take her mind off handsome chef Roman.


TEMPTATION... Nicole falls for Geoff
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Oct 18, 2008
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