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Soap stories: Heather cops it from Scott; RIVER CITY BBC1, TUE, 8pm.

The River City mob must hate Tuesdays, because that's the day when all their woes come to the fore.

This week is no different, with Heather set for a spell in the dog house.

Clearly her personal problems are getting the better of her once again, although she does at least show remorse at having slept with DCI Whiteside. Not that this is any comfort to her flatmate Scott, who despises the copper with every fibre of his being.

Heather's continued attraction to Whiteside doesn't help matters, and before long she and Scott are having a barney ofmammoth proportions which ends with him moving out.

Meanwhile, at the Tall Ship, Liam's sick of Eileen hiding their relationship, so he issues her with an ultimatum: either she tells everyone, or they go their separate ways for good.


FEISTY GIRL... Heather
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Feb 23, 2008
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