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Soap box; Love is in the air over London, Yorkshire, Manchester, Liverpool and Cwm Deri this week.

Byline: with Catrin Pascoe

Love is in the air over London, Yorkshire, Manchester, Liverpool and Cwm Deri this week. Love, no let's call them lust, triangles abound as summer drives up the temperature in our favourite soaps. Claws out at six paces for Peter, Shelley and Lucy; Sunita, Ciaran and Dev, Chris, Charity and Cain and Denzil, Eirwen and Darren to name but a few. It all makes for highly entertaining viewing and compulsive if anyone is to keep a grip on the characters' passionate renditions of Pythagoras's equation. But when Archie and Audrey get luvvy and even Phil Mitchell shot by, no, not a gangster, but Cupid's arrow, surely it's prime time for a cold shower!

CORONATION STREET It's the moment of truth -will Shelley go through with her fairytale wedding or become the runaway bride? My money's on the former. But she's still reeling from pathetic Peter's bombshell so it will take all the two-timer's skill if he is to persuade her in time. And when Lucy turns up at the church too... Across the street Sunita wakes to remember Ciaran's shock proposal. But was it done in the heat of the moment, or even as a dig at Dev? Dev's confident he's got nothing to worry about but it looks like he's in for a shock when Ciaran stands up to make an announcement in the Rovers. And Archie has a birthday surprise for Audrey. Can you guess what it is?

EASTENDERS A rattled Phil needs a distraction to take his mind off Dennis vs Dalton so he plans to ask Kate to become his wife.

Quick, someone warn her! Joanne offers to cook for the proposal meal but is it possible the timid nanny has ulterior motives?

And then DCI Marsden interrupts the romantic meal with perfect timing to accuse the East End hardman of murder. But surely he has nothing to fear when Sharon's fighting his corner?

Meanwhile, poor Kelly is distraught when her snog-a-thon relationship with Ronny comes to an abrupt end, seemingly at the hands of troublemaker Tariq. But someone closer to home is

guilty of causing the split.EMMERDALE Rumours of rape and neglect abound in the case of baby Jean.

Dear Uncle Chris Tate -never one to hold a grudge of course -schemes ways to get even with Chloe and Scott. And being turfed out of Pear Tree Cottage is just the start of the couple's woes. Scott finds his livelihood goes up in smoke but was the inferno arson? Chris' efforts to patch things up with Charity, however, prove fruitless as he spies his wife in the arms of conniving Cain.

This time he seeks revenge by offering Terry cash to beat Cain up. Will the henchman accept?

POBOL Y CWM It's a big week for Stacey as -Hurrah! -she progresses from bed to a wheelchair. She asks Hywel to keep away so she can surprise him with her good news. But the sly fox has a few surprises of his own... And there's a surprise in store for Denzil when he comes face to face with Eirwen and her husband at the Royal Welsh Showground.

Seeing rat Denzil sweating like a pig, Darren smells a rat and finds out there is more to Denzil and Eirwen's relationship than meets the eye. What a dark horse. Elsewhere Emma is full of summer loving now her teacher boyfriend Cai is off for six weeks, and at home all day to help her with toddler Hannah.

But things soon change when Cai pulls a hamstring during a training session and she's left holding the babies.

BROOKSIDE `Surprise, Surprise', fellow Scouser Cilla would cry; serial cheater Mike feels trapped and isolated so he walks out on Rachel and Beth and somehow finds himself in the company of Jan. As luck would have it, she just happens to have

walked out on her family after speculation about her past. Ooh, the coincidence. Sparks fly, they valiantly try to resist temptation and Mike returns home. But how long will he stay?

Marty remains defiant in Jan's absence, refusing to call her or answer her calls and Tony and Adele realise they will have to take matters into their own hands.

But is it too late as Mike and Jan discuss whether to throw caution to the wind?

SOAP TO MAKE YOU ... ... coo Garry becomes a proud dad much to Lynne's disgust.

... mutter `told you so' Debbie jumps ship and moves to the Dingles, driving a Berlin Wall between Chris and Charity.

... gross out Anorak Roy wakes up in the arms of merciless vamp Tracy after a night of passion.

... seek sun. Ron puts on a cold front when Rachel, who he hasn't seen since she stole from Max and Jacqui, is forced to ask him to look after Beth.

... quake in the corridors of power. Diane and Derek prepare for champagne breakfast with Wales's First M i

i s t e r.

SOAP on TELLY EastEnders, BBC 1 Monday and Friday 8pm, Tuesday and Thursday 7.20pm, Sunday omnibus at 1.15pm

Emmerdale, ITV1 Wales Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 7pm

Coronation Street, ITV 1 Wales Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7.30pmPobol Y Cwm, S4C Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9pm, Friday 9.30pm, Sunday omnibus at 5.35pm.


Coronation Street: The moment when Shelley (SALLY LINDSAY) and Lucy (KATY CARMICHAEL) find out what Peter (CHRIS GASCOYNE) is really like?
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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Jul 19, 2003
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