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Soap Box.

CORONATION STREET: Maureen finally plucks up the courage to break the news about her and Fred to Maud - with startling consequences. Zoe spends a day drinking with Leanne, but the laughter soon turns to tears when Zoe goes into labour in the Battersby's back yard. Meanwhile, Samantha has some good news for Des. Sally confides in Gail that she wants to ask Kevin back, but are things really over between him and Natalie?

EASTENDERS: During this five-night special week, Grant, Tiffany, Kathy, Phil, Ricky and Bianca head for a holiday in Paris - with some disastrous consequences. Ricky catches up with his sister, Diane, while Tiffany gets into holiday mode with the help of Grant's credit card. Kathy's become a bit of a miserable old fishwife of late. Still, she's got a lot on her plate with alcoholic Phil and his bit on the side, Lorna.

BROOKSIDE: Ron is determined to be more than a sleeping partner in Bar Brookie. Jacqui and Katie are shocked by Rachel's reaction to their invitation, as she becomes more reclusive. Jacqui feels let down by the justice system when Leanne is sent to prison for just three years. Mick and Elaine are arrested for murder. Will Cassie be able to forgive herself?

EMMERDALE: The storyline featuring Rachel and her lover Jack Sugden is improbable, but gripping. When Ned Glover invites them to dinner, Jack has his own plans for dessert and persuades her to go back to his house. But Ned soon susses what's going on. Kim Tate has Steve Marchant on tenterhooks over his marriage proposals.

NEIGHBOURS: Tim worries that rumours will spread at school that he has a crush on Susan. Meanwhile, Lisa decides it would be best to change schools, but Susan refuses to accept her request to move. Toadfish and Lance hit on a devious idea to make themselves some serious cash.

HOME AND AWAY: Shannon is finally taken to meet Lachie's family, but soon realises that they think she's too unsophisticated for him. During the afternoon, Shannon discovers that his dad's a bisexual - which embarrasses Lachie no end. Irene doesn't realise how close she is to finding baby Paul, Rebecca and Travis find that privacy is elusive - and will the police get to Annie before she takes off with Paul forever?
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Title Annotation:Features
Author:Millar, John
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Aug 23, 1997
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