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Soap BOX.

EastEnders DIRTY Den is back from Spain, with a bad fake tan and a straw donkey. It'll take a lot more than that to win Chrissie round, so he sends a singing telegram and roses to his wife, which isn't much classier. He doesn't yet realise that he faces competition from Tommy - behind Chrissie's anger towards Vicki's boyfriend lies a strong attraction.

Stacey causes more trouble by blackmailing Spencer and selling tops from Zoe's stall for half price. An awkward Billy is left holding the baby, but at least he's elected manager of the new Walford football team.

Home And Away THE students stage a sit-in at the school to protest against bullying headteacher Mr Hyde. As the revolt spirals out of control, Kim makes a startling discovery on his father's computer - why does he have a photo of a baby?

Floss receives good news about her cancer, so it's just as well no-one helped her to end her life. Kane finds out that Kirsty's pregnant and Noah's plans for a romantic night go awry.

Neighbours STUART is warned not to let his romantic feelings for his partner get out of control, but when Olivia makes a move he is powerless to resist. A passionate encounter follows, but Olivia's double life is about to be exposed.

Lana arrives in Erinsborough and instantly bonds with Serena, especially as they discover they were both duped by sleazy photographer Chris, but her cousin Sky is less enthusiastic. Sindi feels neglected when the robot competition takes over Toadie's life and Stingray comes off his medication but struggles to overcome his manic symptoms.


HOME AGAIN: Den returns; PASSION: Olivia and Stuart
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Title Annotation:Fearures
Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Nov 7, 2004
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