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Soap & Glory: Corrie Lucy: Fans brand me a tart.


CORRIE stunner KATY CARMICHAEL has become the victim of her own success playing Peter Barlow's pregnant lover.

She's so convincing as foxy florist Lucy Richards that furious fans abuse her in the street for trying to steal the bonking bookie from fiancee Shelley Unwin.

Katy, 24, tells me: "It's scary. Angry grannies grab me and snarl things like 'How could you do that to a lovely girl like Shelley?' I try to explain that I'm only acting but they don't want to listen.

"It started getting really bad after Lucy fell pregnant with Peter's love-child. Even respectable looking housewives have called me a tart."

The sexy blonde, who also gets hate mail, fears the abuse will get WORSE as the love triangle takes centre stage after the sensational Richard Hillman saga.

Peter is set to marry Lucy on March 24 even though Rovers barmaid Shelley - played by SALLY LINDSAY - still believes he only has eyes for her. Katy says: "God knows what will happen if Peter breaks Shelley's heart.

"When I joined the cast six months ago it was great to be recognised by the public. I got asked for autographs all the time but now I don't get a single request."

My Street insider says: "Katy is a sensible girl but it would be hard for any young actress to deal with this level of hostility.

"Viewers love Shelley because she is so down-to-earth and easygoing. They are outraged at the thought of it all ending in tears for her. But I can't say which girl Peter will marry."

CHRIS GASCOYNE, 34, who plays Peter, also gets abuse. He reveals: "Builders shout out things like, 'Oi, you hurt Shelley and we'll hurt you'."

JOHN SAVIDENT, the Street's Fred Elliott, bumped into a pal from years ago who asked what he was up to now. "I own a chain of butchers' shops and run a pub," the actor replied.

PALS teased BRUNO LANGLEY for playing Corrie virgin Todd Grimshaw. "But they call me superstud since Todd slept with girlfriend Sarah-Louise," laughs Bruno.


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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Mar 16, 2003
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