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Soaking wet, but out of the rain.

A fabric top protects this Oregon spa from the elements

DOWNPOURS WON'T dampen the spirits of contented soakers enjoying the warm waters of this outdoor spa. Arching above it is a barrelvaulted cover that keeps off the frequent Portland rains.

The graceful pipe-and-cloth cover (fabricated at an awning shop) sits on a three-sided frame of 4-by-4 cedar posts and beams. The cover's 7-foot-diameter frame of welded steel pipe is mounted to the wood beams. At the back end, a sunburst pattern of welded pipe stiffens the metal frame. Stretched over the pipe is a sturdy, dark blue fabric made of an ultraviolet light-resistant acrylic.

The spa sits in the corner of a remodeled deck that extends from the second floor of John Trachtenberg's house. For load-bearing strength, the 2-by-10 joists beneath the spa were spaced closer than usual (12 inches on center). For privacy and to integrate the deck visually with the house, the deck's railings were covered with clapboard siding that matches the house's exterior. The spa was also clad with the same siding.
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Author:Whiteley, Peter O.
Date:May 1, 1992
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