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So who is behind these.

Byline: THE SCRIBBLER Our man in the corridors of power reveals secret they want kept hidden

So, which mysterious politician runs the North East Lib Dem Twitter account, @ NELibDems? Scribbler hears it is a prominent Newcastle councillor who caters for the account's sizeable following (some 204 people), but whoever it is really needs to pick their battles.

The party's covert operative was slapped down by no less than Nick Clegg's former Parliamentary Secretary Jo Swinson after they (he? she? who knows?) waded in to the debate about dinosaur clothes.

Labour candidate for Newcastle Central Chi Onwurah called on people to join the Let Clothes Be Clothes campaign as she feels the range for boys excludes girls from science.

And Ms Swinson, a former Minister for Women and Equalities agrees.

Indeed, she has written a blog on the subject for Let Clothes Be Clothes.

All of this was apparently news to the ninja-like @NELibDems, who were quick to accuse Ms Onwurah of picking up the oh-so-trivial issue of boys'"pyjamas". "We think we can aim higher than pyjamas," he/she/they said, followed by: "equality of opportunity, pay, and status in the workplace are higher priorities." Tweets were fired back and forth between Ms Onwurah, the campaign and the elusive he/she/they @ NELibDems before Ms Swinson, whose phone must have been buzzing nonstop at this point, decided it was time to give he/she/they a dressing down. She pointed out she was passionate about achieving equality before adding the stinging comment: "I don't think @NELibDems is representative of Lib Dems generally!" Some minutes passed before he/she/ they @NELibDems replied "GPWM."

Scribbler has been working to decode this GPMW message from @NELibDems. It either denotes 'global partnership on waste management', or, and this is perhaps the most likely, 'good point well made'.

Was it something we said? There is a General Election on and where are all our politicians? Our heart leapt when an email landed in Scribbler's inbox on Monday from Byker Community Trust to inform us Labour big wig Lord Prescott was to visit.

Moments later, another email tells us the visit has been postponed.

Shadow Education Secretary Tristram Hunt was also due to grace the North East with his presence today. Apparently he has cancelled, too.

The big hitters that do grace us with their presence seem to be in Teesside. It's almost as if we have no marginal seats...


The Lib Dems' Jo Swinson - apparently she made a GPWM in one of her Tweets...

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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Apr 2, 2015
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