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So the bassets can enjoy the view.

So the bassets can enjoy the view

Chuncey and Mandalay like to watch the comings and goings on their street--discretly. In order to give the two low-slung basset hounds their view but retain backyard privacy, their owners designed and built a special fence for them.

Slatted panels in the 6-foot-high, 10-foot-wide redwood fence let the dogs see out on an angle but screen the yard from direct view. The modular panels make an attractive fencing system, even for people who don't have dogs.

Owner-builders Janie Bogner and Gary Goldstein of Vallejo, California, cut 3/4-inch-wide, 4-inch-long notches at a 40| angle in 1-by-4s. They nailed the 1-by-4s to 4-by-4 posts and 2-by-4 horizontal crosspieces, and slipped in 1-by-3 louver boards from the back side.

The fence's center two panels are mounted to the 2-by-4 framework of an inwardopening gate.

Photo: Peering through slats, bassets can see out. Louvered panels run in alternate directions

Photo: Angled slats slip into notches, are toenailed in place. Molding covers notch openings
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Date:Jan 1, 1985
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