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So proud of a nation spurred in to action.

HEARTBROKEN doesn't even begin to describe how I felt the week when THAT picture hit the headlines.

When babies wash up on the shores where we go on holiday you know something has gone hugely, tragically and horrifically wrong with the world.

Thankfully though, the image of the small Syrian child on that beach provoked a response beyond what most of us could have imagined.

Hundreds of thousands of people signed petitions urging the government to do more than the pitiful provision we had been offering displaced Syrians, and regular, everyday folk showed the world what really makes Britain great - its people!

One image circulating the internet designed to remind those less quick and keen to respond is a quote from Michael Bond's Paddington Bear.

It says this: "long ago, people of England sent their children by train with labels around their necks, so they could be taken care of by people in the countryside where it was safe. They will not have forgotten how to treat strangers."

Simplistic maybe but thought provoking enough to inspire a movement gaining momentum this week.

Project Paddington began with some families in Sheffield who decided to send their Paddington bear toys belonging to their children, to comfort young children in refugee camps. Now, with thousands on board the project is gaining recognition with many schools and churches now joining in too, with children sacrificially sending their own toy bears, with a hand-written letter, to kids enduring hell on earth.

The small gesture may not seem much but when some of the notes say "my gran gave me this teddy bear so I wouldn't be scared but now I want you to have it so you won't be scared either", you just know it's going to make a huge difference on the ground.

You can find out more by liking their Project Paddington Facebook page.

While my kids are contemplating which bears will be sent away, we have been deciding how we can help too. I mean, I'm not really moved if I don't actually move to take action, right? With that in mind we have signed up to look after unaccompanied refugee children though a fantastic organisation Called Home For Good.

Visit their website for more information on

We can't do everything but we MUST do something.


A paramilitary police officer carries the lifeless body of Aylan Kurdi, three, who died as his family crossed the sea from Turkey to Greece

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Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Sep 8, 2015
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