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So pleased Cherie's only human after all; A PERSONAL VIEW.


SHE'S not super woman after all, Cherie admitted last night.

And that was the point where most of us - or at least most of us who juggle jobs, kids and the relationship - not only began to sympathise with the PM's wife but sighed our own sighs of relief.

So thanks, Cherie, for finally making the rest of us feel less guilty about being unable to measure up to your shining, impossible image.

You see, until this little difficulty over the fraudster, those flats and the lifestyle guru, the problem with the fabulous Mrs Blair was that us less talented women were made to feel fearfully inadequate.

I mean, there was Cherie Booth Blair QC - brilliant brain, devoted wife and mother to four kids, not only having it all but making the whole thing look a doddle.

There didn't appear to be anything she couldn't do - play with Leo, take the other kids to school, win a case in the High Court in the afternoon, then appear by Tony's side at some glittering do.

Maybe that is why we are so astonished at her being taken in by Peter Foster, why we couldn't quite grasp her friendship with Carole Caplin or her apparent need for new age mumbo-jumbo.

Now it's all beginning to make sense. Cherie wasn't coping quite as well as it appeared, nor was she anything like as self- confident.

Maybe it all started with that shot of her in her nightie on the morning after the General Election victory in 1997.

Suddenly she was public property, someone who would be constantly in the spot light and, yes, fair game for the likes of me.

We pounced on her sartorial mistakes, her hair, her teeth and the fixed smile while we compared her to everyone from Lady Macbeth to Cruella de Vil.

Cherie needed friends she could trust. It's not her fault that trust was betrayed.

She also needed her crutch. With some of us, it is chocolate or gin.

For Cherie it was a nice massage and advice from Carole, her best chum, someone who had nothing to do with the political side of her life.

But, if nothing else, the past few days events have brought Cherie down to earth.

She's not superhuman, just human. And, despite everything, all the better for it.
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Dec 11, 2002
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