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So much the same.


I was born in a hospital, like most kids.

My mom tells me I looked a little different. I had a cleft lip. Usually, before you're born your upper lip grows together. Mine was in three pieces. It sounds scary.

When I was almost one, a wonderful doctor fixed my lip. Now I have a great smile. I do have two scars. So I guess I may look a little different from other kids.

Sometimes kids ask me what's wrong with my lip. This makes me sad. I tell them it was from my surgery. But sometimes they still stare. That makes me sadder.

Do you love ice cream? I do.

Are you afraid of snakes? I am sometimes.

Do you love to run fast? I did a biathlon at school this year.

Do you feel great when you get all the answers correct on your math test? I do, too.

Do you laugh hard when your friends make a joke? Sometimes my tummy hurts from all that laughing.

Do you feel safe when your mom or dad hugs you and tucks you into your warm bed? I do, for sure.

See? We really are so much the same.

Drew Steiner, Age 7

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Title Annotation:Your Own Stories; cleft lip
Author:Steiner, Drew
Publication:Highlights for Children
Article Type:Brief article
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Date:Jul 1, 2008
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