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So far, more than 120 kyanite mineral districts have been found.

So far, more than 120 kyanite mineral districts have been found, of which 23 have proven reserves of 75M mt grading 10-20% kyanite group minerals (kyanite, sillimanite, and andalusite). Except for small amounts of rich ores and large crystals that are easily separated by hand picking, most minerals must be concentrated. China has had an production capacity of more than 100K-mt/yr

kyanite-group minerals, of which kyanite is 50K mt, sillimanite 40K mt, and andalusite above 10K mt. Current output is less than 80K mt due to slack markets. Most production meets domestic demand, with some exported. The capacity of kyanite group minerals this year is expected to reach 200K mt/yr (of which sillimanite is 70K mt, kyanite 60K mt, and andalusite 70K mt).

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Date:Sep 1, 2000
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