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THE world's favourite wizard is back this week, with the new J K Rowling book Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince released worldwide on Saturday. We asked readers to have a go at predicting the plot of the sixth book.

The entry judged the best and most entertaining from an under 16 will win the honour of opening WHSmith in West Orchards at midnight on Friday and receive the first copy of the new book from the shelves. They will also get paperback copies of all the other Harry Potter books, a pounds 10 WHSmith voucher and the DVD of A Series of Unfortunate Events based on the books by Lemony Snicket. Three runners-up will each receive a copy of the new Harry Potter book, a pounds 5 WHSmith voucher and the Unfortunate Events DVD. And one adult will win a family ticket to Drayton Manor theme park.

Here are some entries from Year Six youngsters at Keresley Newland Primary in Grove Lane, Keresley. Watch out for more in the Evening Telegraph this week.

Scott Tranter, aged 11: I THINK that Sirius Black is brought back to life by Lord Voldemort and he controls him and gives him the role of the Half-Blood Prince.

Voldemort tells Sirius if he kills Harry Potter he will be king.

Harry is terrified when he comes face to face with his godfather when Sirius realises Voldemort is betraying him. Voldemort leaps out of Sirius's body while Sirius makes an enthralling dive in front of Harry to save his life and reflect the spell back to Voldemort.

Brendon McNally, aged 11:

I THINK that there is a new Dark Arts professor called Professor Wulfhound who is the half-blood prince.

His father sets him a task, he has to kill Harry. If he does it he will be king, if he does not, he will not be king. Not many people like him so he poisons their minds.

Only two people do not get poisoned, Hermione and Hagrid. Hagrid has many fights with Wulfhound. Wulfhound sneaks up on Harry and kills him.

A week later Hermione and Ron make a spell to bring Harry to life.

Wulfhound, who is the king, gets a tingle in his mind and realises that Harry is alive.

He is just about to kill Harry again but Hermione jumps in the way and dies. Harry tries everything to bring her back but could not.

Jamal Tyler Nyanyo, aged 11:

I THINK the story is about Tom Marvolo Riddle's father coming back to life.

He died because he didn't look after Tom properly but even though he's dead he still has half a life left and so he comes back to life and becomes the new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher.

I think that Seamus Finigan dies but he wasn't supposed to die and I think that Wormtail/Petter Petigrew has a great-grandson in Harry's year and he tries to kill Harry, Ron and Hermione.

Voldemort possesses his grandson and makes him write in blood on the wall that innocent people are going to reunite and kill.

Sirius Black also dies and haunts the school.

Serena Williamson, aged 11:

I THINK that the half-blood prince is going to be a new person in the book or maybe it could be Mad-eye Moody's long-lost son.

The half-blood prince is going to be Voldemort's cousin, but he is not purely evil - that is what makes him the half-blood prince.

I think that Dumbledore will be the one who dies.

Harry's task is to defeat Voldemort and to bring the half-blood prince to full goodness. But when Dumbledore helps Harry fight Voldemort in a duel Dumbledore dies.

Harry then defeats Voldemort and saves the prince from evil.

Hannah Nicholson, aged 11:

I PREDICT that in this fantasy Harry Potter's mum and dad get bitten by a strange mystical animal.

The animal turned Harry's mum and dad into a half-blood prince.

Harry's mission is to keep his mum and dad away from each other to stop the prince from forming.

In this story Hermione Granger gets killed because she tries to put a spell to kill the prince and in the end Harry kills the prince.

Kerry McAuliffe, aged 11:

THIS is the book that will end all good and raise bad forever.

In this story I think that Ron Weasley will die defending Harry.

I think that Seamus is the half-blood prince because in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix it says that Seamus is half-blooded.

Everyone finds out that Seamus is the half-blood prince and Voldemort wants Seamus.

As soon as Harry finds out he sets off to defend Seamus and kill Voldemort. When they see each other they start fighting.

Harry sends out his most powerful spell but, of course, Voldemort lives.

As Harry turns his back, Voldemort fires a spell, Ron jumps out in front of Harry and saves him but gets killed.

Paris Kinlan, aged 11:

I THINK that Ron will die because in the last Harry Potter he got bitten by a werewolf.

On the way to Hogwarts Ron starts to sweat, his eyes go red and his nails grow long. When they get to Hogwarts Ron passes out and becomes half-blooded.

Harry has to go into the Chamber of Secrets to find the Philosopher's Stone that can turn anyone immortal to mortal. Harry finds his worst enemy is in the chamber and he defeats the monster and finds the stone.

He gets the stone in time but it does not save Ron. Ron turns so dangerous that Dumbledore has to lock him up in a cage.

Harry and Hermione let him out and try the procedure again with the Philosopher's Stone but he ends up dying. Harry and Hermione get in trouble and the next day they both get expelled. Ron's mum lets Harry live with them.

Sian Asutaitis, aged 10:

I THINK Draco Malfoy gets a letter in the post saying that his father has died.

Draco knows that when his father dies he becomes a half-blood prince. So that means that his father was a king.

Then Albus Dumbledore could find out that Draco is the half-blood prince and he wants to kill Draco for all the pain and sorrow he put him through.

What could happen next is that Draco sees Ron and, threatened to kill Harry or be his slave, Ron says "I will find out everything for you".

Harry tells Albus about it, Albus tells Draco and Albus dies from a small stab to the arm.

Sean Dupin-Clegg, aged 11:

THIS book is the one where Albus Dumbledore will die when he tries to save Harry from the half-blood prince.

Harry, Ron and Hermione try to discover who the half-blood prince is and learn about his history.

Voldemort uses the killing curse. Harry and Dumbledore get away and land in the castle when Harry realises Dumbledore is dead.

Harry runs to Professor McGonagal to tell her the bad news.

Christopher Wilkins, aged 11:

HARRY POTTER is a wizard at Hogwarts staying in his cupboard at home for the summer.

I think Dobby will come and tell Harry not to go back to Hogwarts but Harry goes back. Dobby is the half-blood prince.

While Harry is on the train Dobby gets angry and turns mad. "Evil must get

revenge," Dobby chants.

Dobby tries to swipe Harry to kill him, but Ron gets in the way. Then the train goes though a tunnel and Dobby gets killed, but Ron dies too.

James Bell, aged 11:

I THINK Sirius Black is the king and he dies so Harry is the heir to the throne.

Harry is the prince and Voldemort and Draco link up with each other and try to trick Harry. They catch him but Ron tries to save Harry with his lousy magic. He blows up the cage but Voldemort and Draco hear it and run in.

Harry tells Ron to run but he does not listen and Ron shouts "run, Harry, run".

So Harry starts running and all Harry hears is Ron screaming and hitting the cold concrete floor.

Harry keeps on running. When he gets outside he flies away on his broomstick to Hagrids house.

Hagrid is not there, but the window is open and Harry climbs in and hides under the big chair that Hagrid sits in. Harry survives and that will be the best book in 500 years.

Draco could try to kill everyone Ashleigh Toone, aged 10:

I THINK the half-blood prince is going to be a new character in the book or maybe one of the bad people like Draco Malfoy.

I think that the ghost of Harry's mother starts warning Harry that there is an evil half-blood prince coming to kill him, but when Harry meets him face to face he finds out that it is Draco Malfoy with a powerful source and he wants to kill everyone.

Will Harry be joining the rest in heaven?

Jade Conroy, aged 10:

I THINK the half-blood prince might be Draco Malfoy because in the first book Draco tries to make Harry his friend but Harry disagrees with him.

I think Draco gets Harry on his side for a bit and takes most of Harry's powers. Draco with one of Harry's powers makes Albus Dumbledore his slave. Harry tells Hermione what has happened.

Hermione gets killed when Draco bursts all his power out of his wand and it's supposed to hit Harry but hits Hermione.

Stephanie Sears, aged 11:

HARRY gets on the train with Ron and Hermione and someone passes news down the train that there is a half-blood prince.

Harry is excited about the half-blood prince and asks everybody on the train and when he asks Draco Malfoy he is the one who started the rumour.

Draco would never tell Harry the truth. When they got to Hogwarts, Albus got hold of it and he told everyone there is no such person as

a half-blood prince.

Albus knew that there was and told Harry who it was - it was Ron, Harry's best mate.

Ron turns on Harry and Albus pushes Harry out of the way and Albus gets killed.

Leigha Griffin, aged 11:

THIS is the book were Ron Weasley gets killed. Ron gets a letter saying his mother has died and he is the prince but he does not know that he is the half-blood prince.

Ron went to class and he saw Voldemort and ran back to his bedroom. He went to sleep and was dreaming of Voldemort teaching him and everyone laughing at him.

The next morning Ron went to class. He got shouted at so he sat down and was wondering what it meant (me a prince you must be joking). How could he be a prince when his mum was not even a princess.

Kyle Edmands, aged 11:

I THINK that Harry Potter and Half-Blood Prince is about Harry, Ron and Hermione on a train coming back to Hogwarts when a strange man appeared and shouted I have been sent by Lord Voldemort to kill all three of you, I am the half-blood prince.

The half-blood prince chased Harry, Ron and Hermione but then Ron saw a door to their left. They ran into the room where all they could smell was rotten maggots. They wanted to get out but if they did the half-blood prince would find them.

Then the three of them have to fight the half-blood prince, but the prince goes to attack Harry, Harry moves out of the way and Ron gets killed.

Megan Pinner, aged 11:

RON WEASLEY gets muddled up with his wand again and he turns evil. He turns to go on Draco Malfoy's side.

Then Ron gets a letter from his dad which says that he is the half-blood king which makes Ron the half-blood prince. Ron gives a wicked laugh.

Although Harry Potter does not want to, he has to fight Ron and defeat him. Now Voldemort is getting involved with it he waves his wand at Ron and he casts a spell. Professor Snape jumps in front of the wand and the spell lands on him - he is out cold.

The resolution is Ron got the letter but it was not for him.

Ron goes back to his normal self and the school goes back to normal and everyone is fine.

Blake Cave, aged 11:

I THINK Ron is the half-blood prince and he could receive a letter to say he is.

Ron could die to protect his friends from Voldemort. Harry could fight Draco Malfoy. Voldemort could be a cat of the caretaker.

Harry gets another broomstick.

Harry's owl could be locked in a cage.

Sophie Farrell, aged 10:

I THINK this is the book where Ron Weasley will be killed.

In this book I think Seamus is the half-blood prince because in one of the books it says that Seamus is half blood.

I think everyone finds out that Seamus is a half-blood prince and Voldemort finds out that Seamus is a half-blood prince.

Harry is stopping Voldemort getting to Seamus. When Voldemort finds out about Harry stopping him getting to Seamus, Voldemort is going to try to kill Harry but he kills Ron Weasley.

Connor Robson, aged 11:

HARRY has a new teacher in his Dark Arts class.

He's not like the other teachers because he understands Harry.

Harry doesn't know how powerful Professor Leonardson goes for a walk around the forbidden forest. Harry doesn't know that Leonardson is the half-blood prince and that he plans to kill Harry.

Harry notices that Leonardson is acting weird so he disappears while he isn't looking. Harry and Leonardson meet in the corridor and Leonardson is furious.

He says to Harry: "My father is Voldemort and he has set me a task to kill you so I will be king of evil."

He says a spell and points his wand at Harry. Dumbledore jumps in the way and dies and Harry puts Leonardson in the dungeon and once again is the hero of the day.

Elizabeth Trippass, aged 11:

I THINK the story will be about Harry Potter's mum trying to kill Harry Potter.

Harry Potter was training when the half-blood prince tricked Harry. The prince had turned Harry's mum into a dragon.

The prince has got control and he ordered Harry's mum to fly down and attack Harry, but he was on a broomstick and swerved out of the way into the Shrieking Shack.

The teacher came out to see what was going on, the teacher got in Hermione's way when the dragon hit her. As she fell to the ground she hit her head with a heavy blow and died.

Harry goes after the dragon and puts a spell on it to be good. It becomes Harry's pet.


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