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So, has the big-haired, charismatic [...].

Byline: IAN HYLAND'S TV DIARY He writes about telly.. weekly

So, has the big-haired, charismatic chancer with the six kids and the wandering eye done enough to convince the public he's worthy of a second run?

Or, given the current climate of uncertainty, will the people upstairs decide that even though his ratings have held up pretty well it would still be risky?

No, not Boris Johnson. I'm talking about a fictional joker, Pop Larkin.

Hopefully, ITV will give Bradley Walsh the green light to keep playing him.

Whatever its faults, The Larkins never failed to warm my Sunday evenings.

And fair play to young Victoria Larkin (Lola Shepelev, above), who shoved a thick sausage in each of her ears the second Bradders began to sing at the breakfast table in the series finale. I would have been tempted to stuff a couple of crumpets in his mouth as well though, Vicks.

It's best to stop these things at source.

I note Labour's Jess Phillips has been booked to host Have I Got News For You? early next month.

Good to see an MP getting a second job in while they still can.

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Author:IAN HYLAND'S TV DIARY He writes about telly.. weekly
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Nov 19, 2021
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