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So, are you a cad?

HIS country has always had a rich tradition of cads and bounders.

Think James Bond and Terry Thomas as well as the modern day bounder par excellence, James Hewitt, who famously seduced Princess Di.

Now Country Life has come up with a useful 'cut-out-and-keep guide' for ladies who might be tempted to fall for their charms.

As its editor Mark Hedges wrote in The Times this week: "People like cads, even though they know they shouldn't.

"You don't hear a lot about them now but they still exist - you just need to know how to spot one.

"They are exciting, bad and dangerous to know, which is precisely why so many women fall for them."

Checking Life's 21 ways a cad, I was cad rating it used Robert " The line from him that I did particularly like was that: "They regard all men as rivals and all women as opportunities."

It is an exhausting business being a cad, constantly calculating the best form of attack, what line will work best and so on.

The golden age of the cad though has to be the 1950s and 1960s when Terry Thomas was making his many films.

Country to identify relieved my is not what to be.

Sutcliffe He was absolutely brilliant at portraying the most disreputable members of the upper classes, especially cads, toffs and bounders.

He had the full cad ensemble including his distinctive voice, as well as using a monocle, waistcoat and cigarette holder. And he deployed the memorable line: "Shall we take strong waters, my dear?" to devastating effect.

Checking Country Life's 21 ways to identify a cad, however, I was relieved to see my cad-rating is not what it used to be, scoring only a miserable two.

There are certainly some wonderful tell-tale points.

These include "brushing one's hair more than three times a day and buying petrol station flowers."

However, my favourite is: "Thinks foreplay is optional."

dangerous to know, is why many n e I like that: cad though 1950s Checking Country Life's 21 ways to identify a cad, I was relieved my cad rating is not what it used to be. Robert Sutcliffe

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Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Nov 19, 2016
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